The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 12, 1993 on FOX

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  • Not a Crowd Favourite

    What can I say, Space, my least favorite episode of the X-Files. The Martian faced man/ghost was what turned me off in the episode. I don't know what CC and company were thinking when they created this MOTW. Maybe the limitations of technology for television shows is what to blame for the sad excuse of a Martian ghost. This episode reminded me alot of Apollo 13. If it could go wrong in this episode, it did. Multiple malfunctions of the shuttle, the entire episode was whether or not the crew would live or die.

    However, this episode did have two redeeming qualities. First, the Mulder-Belt relationship. If you want to divulge deep into a literary analysis of it, you could say they had a faux "father-son" relationship. Mulder idolized Belt from his childhood, Mulder learns of Belts treachery to that childhood dream, and Mulder sees Belt for what he is, a man. This \"rite of passage\" for Mulder could be interpreted as his first realization that he can't trust even those he thought he could. Second, the man vs. self concept. Belt is constantly struggling with the "Martian Ghost" throughout the episode. Is he really trying to fight his own inner demons; brought on by the knowledge of the defective equipment he himself ok for the mission?

    In conclusion, on the surface, Space royally sucked. The monster was terrible, the characters were out of place (a space mission in the middle of the X-Files), and I'm still confused regarding what exactly the storyline was in this episode. However, if you look just below the surface, there is some depth and reason to Chris Carter's madness in this episode. By using classic literary devices and struggles, Carter begins to mold his brilliant technique of story-telling. This episode was the foundation upon which the rest of the X-Files would flourish.

    Overall, I rate Space a 7