The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 1993 on FOX

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  • Ooh, that Eugene Tooms! He'll come to no good!

    First, let's get the nit-picky annoyance out of the way. I was always happy to take Eugene Tooms as a monster. He needs livers to survive, and morality doesn't come into it. That's a description that works for me. So why does he take trophies? He lives in a cocoon so why does he need pretty things? This may fit with the serial killer profile, but Mulder acknowledges this doesn't work as it's not about the thrill of breaking security? I felt this was the weak link of the plot, especially as it was necessary to draw attention to Scully's temporary necklace. But moving on...

    Squeeze is a great episode. This is where the music and sound effects really come into gear. The sound of his joints lengthening is really sickening. And Toom's theme? Brilliant!

    There's some wonderful moments of suspense. Like when we know Tooms is coming down the chimney but - phew - the fire is lit. Too late, he's behind you. Eek! On the other hand, it's quite clear Scully will be the next victim. This is a woman who should NEVER run a bath as it always leads to trouble. It's almost a shame Tooms didn't make more effort to escape from the handcuffs, which logically would only slow him down for a moment.

    Tooms is so scary because he's generally under played. He seems to mild mannered and unassuming. But there's always an air of menace. X Files has taught me that if anyone gives you the creeps, you should run away very quickly. I lose a lot of friends that way, but I keep my liver intact.