The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 18

Sunshine Days

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 12, 2002 on FOX

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  • Sunshine Days

    Sunshine Days was a perfect episode of The X-Files and I really enjoyed watching because the episode had a great story, felt a little campy but not too much, and had some great "whoa that just happened" moments. I liked the characters and watching the agents investigate this case was particularly fun to watch. It was cool in the end how Oliver made Skinner float. I liked how every thing played out and was glad to see a great, feel good, funny episode such as this before the series finale. I look forward to the last two episodes!!!!!!!!!
  • Probably my favorite Reyes and Doggett episode.

    I thought this episode was one of the more enjoyable plots of The X-Files. What I liked about it was the emotion Scully showed in the possibility of finally obtaining some evidence of the paranormal, and in finding such evidence, guaranteeing that The X-Files never gets shut down -- a wonderful metafictional reference to the creators wish that the show itself could carry on forever.

    If only it were so.

    Anyway, onto Monica and Doggett. I've enjoyed Doggett's presence on the show for the most part, but never really felt that Monica was fleshed out enough. This is one of the few episodes where I felt like I could possibly start liking her -- almost. Still, the problem with Reyes is twofold: Gish is rather goofy and wooden when acting "Spooky," and the character itself just doesn't add much to the show: "I have feelings about things." That kind of vague psychic ability just doesn't lend itself much to great dialogue or interesting investigation. This, in my opinion, was the single greatest miscalculation Carter and company made in the wake of Mulder's absence. The witty banter of the Mulder/Scully era could just simply not be replicated with Doggett and Reyes. A shame.

    But for Sunshine Says, the writers finally loosen these characters up a bit and let them act like two detectives that have some experience on X-Files. They even banter fairly well here, even Gish.
  • I liked this episode, It was great! I thought it was well written and fun to watch.

    This was the first episode of season nine I watched and as soon as I saw it I warmed up to Reyes and I liked the way her and Doggett worked together. Maybe they should make a spin off with them. All in all I think Season nine is a good season. This episode was a fine examlple of that. Also I thought it was funny and it was serious and dramatic. I almost wanted to cry at the end in a good way. And I like the way he found the man he lost that was like his father that made me very happy. A fantastic episode!
  • I don't know of any other show that could combine the Brady Bunch with murder and an X File

    It's a very odd episode, but then it is Vince Gilligan. It might be the proof the world needs of the paranormal, but of course it can't be. A man can make his surroundings change, and he chooses the Brady Bunch as his perfect family. Unfortunately, people who come into his world and challenge it end up shooting up through the roof and landing very uncomfortably (i.e. dead).

    The guy is actually very moving (brilliant acting) and his reasons are quite sad and almost banal. The ending is great, with him finding a 'father'. I don't know why his unconscious murders weren't followed up though. Or at least manslaughters. There doesn't seem to be any doubt that he caused those people to die whether he wanted to or not. But nothing really happens about that. The characters seem so caught up with his amazing ability that they seem to forgive the dead people!

    The episode also does what the X Files has always been able to do, and which is incredibly difficult: mixing humour with grossness with pathos. It should be just a funny episode, but it becomes this very disturbing story that at the end finds a way to be very human and real.

    There are some wonderful scenes - Mitch Pileggi being 'levitated', the changing interior etc. A really good watch - though coming just before the end of the whole series it seems a little misplaced.
  • Weird episode.

    This episode was really weird. This man somehow has the ability to make stuff happen. Like getting the Brady Bunch around his house. Doggett and Reyes try to get to the bottom of the case but soon realise that the man can do these things. Thye show Skinner what he can do and he is amazed. They think that this man could cause the X Files to remain open forever but he begins to get sick after a while and is unable to use his ability. Everyone is fustrated because yet again they have not prood. Really like dthis episode 200 episodes who would have thought? Its a shame it ended but this episode was a great send off before the big season final 'The Truth'.
  • A very sweet episode.

    Oliver's powers are impressive, not only telekinesis but the ability to create elaborate (and physical) illusions. It's easy to understand why everyone was salivating over the future glory of it. Selfishness to a disturbing degree, completely ignoring the fact that Oliver killed two people. He had a lifetime to learn control and instead used it to create a safe place for himself but didn't bother to learn how to stop it. Scully's gloryhounding was disappointing, I realize she's been repeatedly denied recognition for several years but she should be ashamed of her behaviour, she didn't care about Oliver, only wanted to use him. The person who surprisingly stands up for Oliver's wellbeing is Doggett who finds a solution to keep Oliver safe, rather than exploited.

    A very sweet episode and a sad comment how the prospect of fame and fortune can turn even the most noble people selfish.
  • It's a sunshine day!

    What can I say? Im not a fan of Seasons 8 or 9, but with shows comes exceptions. This episode was good. Not just because they ripped on The Brady Bunch but because Scully finally gets the proof she needs, even if it dies. I enjoyed this episode and I consider it the last good episode, since "The Truth" was a blow up.
  • What's the story with a Brady Bunch obsessed recluse?

    This should have been awful. Such an oddball idea, especially as the last episode before the finale. But damned if it isn't all right. Seeing Scully let the proof of all she's worked for get away to save a man's life just makes me realize that that is probably not the decision that Mulder would have made. Which is interesting in itself. They maybe should have switched this episode with Release in the run, but I won't hold that against the episode itself. Surprisingly decent.
  • Proof--proof finally that the X-files was worth the time the FBI was spending on them.

    This is a great episode about proof and what it entails. Starting off with a comic riff, the episode turns into one of the most thoughtful of season nine. Scully always wanted proof that what she was doing was justified, and she gets it, only to find it has a price. That price--one human life, is more than she is willing to spend. The bizarre, with a moral twist at the end is exactly why this show can be great at many times!