The X-Files

Season 8 Episode 8


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2001 on FOX

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  • I see you

    A pretty straight forward episode, I didn't have any issues with investing in these characters but at the same time nothing was amazing here. The kind of episode where everyone was fine, the story was alright, nothing to complain about but nothing noteworthy. Best thing going here was Randall, those soft almost sad puppy like eyes were a highlight. Its also worth nothing Michael Bowen is in this episode and that may have inspired Vince Gilligan to cast him in the last season of Breaking Bad as Uncle Jack. I don't know if thats the case but its an interesting connection nonetheless.
  • Surekill

    Surekill was a superb and very entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was interesting, the characters were intriguing and there was action, suspense and mystery. I liked how the story played out and it was interesting to watch the agents investigate. I liked how every thing played out. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • X-Ray vision aside, this is just like any pretty poor cop show you've ever seen.

    Doggett and Scully are called in for a supposedly impossible shooting, which turns out to have been done from the roof of a jailhouse, though several feet of contrete and goodness knows what else, directly into the top of the dead guy's head. So far, so menacing, so far, so X Filesy.

    From here though we descend into a story about twins, one of whom can't see very well and one of whom has X-ray vision so he can see through just about anything. There's a love triangle, a few random murders, a rip-off merchant and some kind of peeping tom stuff. Unfortunately, it's not put together well enough to make an X Files episode. It's not weird enough, it doesn't have the pace or the feel, Doggett and Scully are just cops in this one, and the unusual aspect (the X-ray vision) isn't profoundly explained or, as usually happens with unexplained phemonena of this ilk, dealt with in some way to combat it.

    Nobody is any particular danger, none of the characters have any redeeming features of any kind - we're talking drug dealers, adulterers, shady businessmen, a tart with an art (as opposed to a heart), killers - it just doesn't add up to a proper X file. And besides, how far can X rays take you anyway? When you go for an X-ray in hospital, it doesn't take a picture of your bones plus every other person on the floors below.

    I was very disappointed with this episode. I thought it was going to get better, but it just did more of the same. Using one of the main characters as the focus whilst the other is the 'help' is fine, but using both as almost ciphers is pretty bad, unless there's a much better storyline going on.

    Sorry - I just didn't like it.
  • Jealous Guy

    In Season Seven's "Trevor," we had a killer who could walk through walls. Here, our killer can merely see through them. Call this episode "Trevor Lite."

    There is so much wrong here that it is hard to know where to start. Scully and Doggett (hereinafter "Scoggett") continue to have as much chemistry together as oil and water. Scully has yet to find her role in the age of John Doggett and she continues her drift into irrelevance as the series descends into a formulaic police procedural with faint hints of the fantastic and macabre. Scully weakly tries to sell Doggett her x-ray theory then gives up and looks bored for the rest of the episode. She does look gorgeous, though, in her new tailored coat and high-heeled pumps (ever notice just how many close-ups of her shoes there are in this season?).

    Oh, and by the way, isn't Mulder still missing and shouldn't Scully maybe be doing something, anything, to locate him? Just asking...

    The biggest problem here is the utterly contrived storyline. Chase is killed at 8:30 pm and by 9:00 am the very next day there are Doggett and Scully on the case in Massachusetts. Doggett even has a profile on the murder victim already worked up. That's some fast police work! Laughably, Scoggett have to point out the bullet hole to the local police. Doh! Our bad, guess there isn't an X-File anyway. Thanks for coming....

    It gets worse. When Scoggett visit Chase's office, the very first thing that Scully notices are six invoices payable to the Surekill exterminators. OMG, she solved the case in less than an hour! And hey, let's turn out the lights in this file room so that we can see all the, tada!, bullet holes in the wall. Add in Doggett going all Columbo on Dwight when they pay a visit to the exterminators and it looks like our agents are going to be home in time for lunch.

    Being able to see through walls might be great for scoping out the ladies getting naked and such, but it isn't a particularly lethal power so the writer is forced to give our killer superhuman marksmanship. This guy must have driven many a carnival shooting gallery out of business as he can seemingly make any shot, no matter how impossible. Oh, and he can read lips perfectly. Yeah, it could happen.....
  • A cool premise and a great opening doesn't make up for this boring episode.

    Two brothers, one with X-ray vision are causing problems for drug lords as they rob them, that is, after shooting them from miles away behind walls. I'll admit that I liked the concept, and after a great opening involving a gory head-shot, I was really excited to see this promising episode. Unfortunately it didn't get all that interesting. I didn't care for the brothers or Tammi at all. And if you don't then you are screwed, because the majority of the episodes running time revolves around these three characters. Doggett and Scully gets very limited screentime. Now, a guy shooting people no matter where they're hidding should be great, but as I said, the focus shifted, especially to the Tammi character and her relationship with one of the brothers. The ending was very predictable and didn't make any impact whatsoever. I'm really taring this episode apart now, but there are a few good scenes here and there. I liked the build-up early on, which in the end led nowhere, but the first 10 minutes or so was pretty good. I'm giving this episode a 4.5 and that's me being really nice. There are worse episodes, but if you don't care that much for X-Files, and you're trying to get into the series, then I suggest you just skip this.
  • A brother uses his twins' x-ray vision to kill drug dealers and steal their money.

    Can't believe it took the show 8 years to do an x-ray vision story. Seems like such a natural concept for the series to explore. Anyway...
    Scully puts on the Mulder hat to figure out the improbable truth, which is a fun change.
    Another episode that focuses more on the persons with the unusual phenomena than on the FBI agents, but it works surprisingly well for it. The unrequited affection between the killer and his brother's girlfriend gives some humanity to what could have been an otherwise hollow gimmick.
  • A bit of a mix-n-match, the story doesn't quite gel but it has a certain charm.

    This certainly counts as a strange little episode - it's something of a mish-mash of murder, theft, unrequited obsession and brotherly love. The brothers' power is an unusual one – one brother is legally blind and his vision resides in and supplements his brother's, resulting in a kind of x-ray vision. I like the actress that plays Tammi, she shows up in the weirdest places but she's well cast here, that little girl innocence is what captured the brother's heart in the first place.

    It's far from a great episode but it still has a certain charm, perhaps because of the storyline and perhaps because of the actors, but it's still a quite good episode.
  • My Advice: Skip It

    My advice to you is to skip this episode. There's enough good episodes to watch, so you can just totally avoid this one. The acting's not the best and neither is the story. The best part of the whole episode occurs in the teaser (the part before the credits). After that, it's all downhill. Just avoid it and watch a better episode, this one's rather boring.
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