The X-Files

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 13, 1997 on FOX

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  • Synchrony

    Synchrony was a superb and pretty entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was intrigue, action and some mystery with time travel. I liked the story and it was interesting to see how it all played out. Watching Mulder and Scully investigate was awesome and it was nice to see their opposing views and for Mulder to call Scully out on a paper she wrote in the past. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Back To The Future

    Time travel stories are inherently problematic as it hard to resolve all the logical inconsistencies that are presented. If time travel were possible, wouldn't more people than just Jason come back, and if so, wouldn't our present be utter chaos as everyone and their grandmother travels back in time to rewrite history?

    I wasn't clear as to why the elder Jason felt the need to go postal and kill everyone involved after failing to save Lucas in the opening teaser. Surely, there would have been a less drastic way to ensure that his research was discredited. Perhaps by writing an anonymous letter, or destroying data or any one of a number of things short of murdering even himself. I know, not as dramatic, but it's these type of inconsistencies that bring me out of the story since I no longer trust where the writer is taking me.
  • Mulder and Scully look into someone who is somehow freezing people to death

    I was surprised with this episode; the ratings of it lead me to believe that it wouldn't be all that great, but it was actually pretty interesting. I think the show could've done a little more with the premise, but for a 43 minute episode, they did a good job.

    What I liked the most was how misleading it was. The episode starts off with an old man predicting the death of a researcher. There's some focus on this for a little while until Mulder and Scully find somebody who is completely frozen, despite the weather being nowhere near bad enough to freeze somebody. They come to the conclusion that the old man who predicted the death must be responsible. We then get some of the episode focused on the "freezing" aspect of the case. Things change yet again when a photograph is found of the people involved in the case of an event that hasn't happened. Finally, the episode opens up, and halfway through, we realize how close to their chest the writers were holding their cards.

    Time travel was the basic premise of the episode, and I think they could've focused a lot more on that. However, that's just a minor pet peeve. There were some good Mulder and Scully moments again, and the plot itself had enough twists and ridiuclous sci-fi stuff to keep me entertained from beginning to end. I was glad to see an episode with a lower rating actually end up being pretty good.
  • Not a bad episode... (spoilers)

    This episode, in my opinion was just OK. I liked the idea of time travel and the cryogenics aspect of it, but I still found myself almost a tad bored with it.

    I knew from the very beginning that the old man was Jason, but the reasons as to why were kept secret until about halfway through.

    I loved the spontaneous combustion of the doctor after being in the tub. It was a good twist added, and I found myself happy when Scully found out how to keep the woman alive in the end.

    Did anyone else notice that Mulder could have kept the Jasons alive? He's staring at them while their of fire while holding a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. I just thought that was pretty funny. :)
  • Back to the past

    Synchrony is all about time travel, you could compare it to Terminator in the fact that the killer is coming from the future to kill some one in the past, but thats the only likeness- no arnie, no robots. Its actually a pretty good episode were the futute killer comes back to kill himself and a couple of more people, in various ways. There are some really good special effects and make up as well as some grade A acting. Overall i would give this episode 8 out of 10 as its pretty good. Shame there was no "I'll be back".
  • The one with time travel

    ‘Synchrony’ is a fabulous episode that continues this great season and deals with time travel.

    It begins with an old man telling two young men who are fighting not to go to a street or else one of them will die but he does so anyway and a cop picks up the old man. The young man walk to a street and when the other tries to warn him anyway the one gets hit by a bus and killed, the bus driver thinks that the other one pushed him.

    The man is called Jason who is then accused of murder, also of the police man who had taken away the old man because he was frozen and had Jason’s hand prints on him *clue*.

    Then an Asian man is in town to meet Jason but the old guy picks him up and when he brings him to his apartment he puts something in his hand that makes him freeze. Mulder and Sculyl find the body and together with Jason’s girlfriend they try to defrost it and it works until the man is brought back but his temperature keeps going higher until he bursts into flames, that was one of the most impressive and painful deaths on the show.

    Then that old man follows the girlfriend and to a place he tries to kill her but wasn’t able and leaves her behind. She eventually goes over to his place again and finds out that he was Jason, then this time he makes her ice.

    The episode was about time travel, we learn from the old man that she, the Asian and Jason himself found out how to do that by freezing themselves, but with that there will be no future. He came back to stop that from happening and now is going after Jason. The young Jason finds the old Jason and then he tries to kill himself, Mulder sees it but cannot help it and the one old one begins to burn while holding the young one and in that way the die together.

    Meanwhile the were able to bring back the girlfriend and this time she doesn’t burst into flames, but her Jason’s didn’t survive. The data was deleted but the girl could bring it back at the end.
    The episode was fascinating, even though it was the first time that Scully really bothered me this season. The episode was well done and the death scenes were excellent. This is another great episode of the season.
  • A puzzle episode that really makes you think.

    'Synchrony' has all the makings of a great X-Files episode, it really gets your brain working and you'll be thinking about it hours after it's finished. It's a thoroughly enjoyable episode with many unexpected new twists throughout.

    It starts with Mulder and Scully investigating the death (which is thought to be a murder) of a highly-regarded college professor. As they dig deeper, however, they discover astonishing facts that could change the world forever.

    These facts are to do with time-travel, and it's information that one man will go to any lengths to prevent from being discovered. This man's desperation to stop time-travel from being discovered is truly touching, as he makes the ultimate sacrifice in the end.

    The step-by-step process of uncovering more information in this episode is gripping, and it's left on a cliff-hanger ending with us wondering 'what if?'. A truly remarkable episode.
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