The X-Files

Season 3 Episode 24

Talitha Cumi (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 17, 1996 on FOX

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  • here we go again

    My thoughts and feelings of this episode are about the same from every episode that deals with the big alien mystery throughout the series. Once more I feel treated, watching this is reminds me of Lost and other shows that keep digging a greater hole of mystery for you, and its awesome. We get a balance of all sorts of great things, there's emotional scenes as well as physical confrontations we love seeing, we have a deeper backstory and of course the promise of an exciting future.
  • Talitha Cumi

    Talitha Cumi was a perfect season three finale episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, engaging and full of character and plot development. It was nice how every thing intertwined and to see how involved the Cigarette Smoking Man is with the larger picture. It was interesting to see the healing man and the assassin who is after him. The ending was a good cliff hanger and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • "Whoever can control a man's conscience can take away his freedom"~ Cigarette Smoking Man


    Talitha Cumi, possibly the most mystical X-File to date, opens with Mulder and Scully's search for a remarkable man who can calm a frenzied gunman, heal several people dying of gunshot wounds, and then vanish in the wink of an eye. This stranger, who goes by the name of Jeremiah Smith falls into the hands of the Cigarette-Smoking Man; their conversation makes it clear that "Smith" is not human. Meanwhile, Mulder's mother secretly meets the Cancer Man in a scene heavy with hair-raising implications, then suffers a stroke. Mulder's anguish over this event is balanced by his shock when he learns that she has known the Smoking Man for a long time, and by Mulder's own discovery of an alien weapon hidden -- as she told him it would be -- in their own family vacation home. X demands that Mulder hand over the device. When Mulder refuses, X tries to take it from him by force in a parking-garage brawl. "Let me be clear," Mulder asks him. "We're talking about colonization, aren't we? The date is set." This sets us up for a confrontation at an industrial site between the X-Files team and Jeremiah Smith, now spouting the same vague Promises to Reveal All that we have learned to ignore.

    The trouble with "Talitha Cumi" is the trouble with the series--it is beginning to eat its own tail. Vital story elements--the alien ice pick or the faces worn by Jeremiah Smith--could have no significance to a new viewer. There is too much here whose significance points backwards, to earlier episodes. I can forgive stunning leaps of logic (like Mulder linking the restaurant shooting to his mother's stroke--oh, come on!) for the sake of Scully and Mulder's little "Are you okay?" conversation--a classic Carter/Duchovny/Anderson scene that says much with little dialogue.

  • Mulder and Scully dig deeper into a conspiracy

    The season three finale of X-Files was surprisingly slow-moving and seemed to hold its cards very tight to its chest. Last season, the finale began at a rapid-fire pace and never let up, continuing all the way into the third season. However, this finale left me feeling confused at what was even going on. The sudden appearance of Jeremiah Smith and the way he seems to somehow know everything that's going on with the Cigarette Smoking Man makes me feel like I missed something along the way. However, there were some superb moments and the way the Cigarette Smoking Man has slowly come to the forefront, also bringing the hope of finding Mulder's sister, keeps me very interested.

    One thing I was a bit confused at was the constant mentioning of "colonization." Jeremiah Smith and the C.S.M seem to know something that we don't, and the way they keep mentioning it makes me wonder if we're going to find out anytime soon what in the world they're talking about. I'm sure that they will, but it's frustrating when it's referenced often and never explained.

    I would likely rate the episode much higher, but the cliffhanger heading into the Season 4 premiere was just forced and felt completely out of the blue. It was as if the writers decided near the end of filming that they didn't know where to end it exactly and decided to just end it at a random spot that was deemed somewhat exciting. That's not to say that I'm not intrigued at where it'll lead next, because it certainly is one hell of a cliffhanger. However, I just wasn't as blown away as I was last year, where Chris Carter and co. truly left everyone on the edge of their seats.

    Compared to other season finales, this one was sort of weak, but I'm willing to forgive it depending on how powerful the resolution of the plot is.
  • More mythology... more secrets

    Definitely the second, third time around is a lot better. Vulnerable Mulder episodes are very good for two reasons: it gives David Duchovny a chance to show his acting skills and it's good to see Mulder open to so many opinions to end up trusting the same person in the end.

    Boy, the CSM has so many secrets and he sure knows a lot of things. And I don't know why Mrs. Mulder never told Mulder he knew this man.

    Is the CSM afraid of what he has done? When Jeremiah Smith turned into Deep Throat in jail, there was a moment when I thought he was afraid.

    Mulder's reaction to the CSM being in the hospital is priceless.
  • Who's Your Daddy?

    Another great opening teaser as a strange man steps into the middle of a holdup to heal the dead and dying. The expected cliffhanger ending of this season finale, however, is strangely subdued and not at all effective as a cliffhanger.

    A shadowy relationship between CSM and Mulder's mother is revealed with strong hints of a past romance. Could CSM be Mulder's daddy? Hmmmm. We will see.

    All in all, a good Mythology episode that seems a bit disjointed, perhaps even poorly or hastily written. Somewhat surprising given the strength of the Third Season, which was the strongest and most accomplished yet.
  • Another meaningful entry into the myth arc.

    I usually don't review the conspiracy episodes, just because I feel I'd basically be repeating my previous review of a conspiracy episode. I love them. The depth of intrigue, the mystery, and of course the quest for answers and information make the conspiracy episodes just that much more pivotal and exciting to watch than the MOTW episodes. This arc was particularly good because of the additional question about the CSM and Mulder's mom. There's hardly anything to say further about these episodes. You know it and I know it. They're important, they're riveting, they're well written and appropriately revealing at the same time as incredibly frustrating. I love Mulder's blinding conviction, and Scully's exasperation/concern. Tra la..
  • great episode


    “Talitha Cumi” see’s the end of the third season of the X- files. After a mad man shoots a few people a guy goes over to them and brings them back to life (this is probably where Roswell got its pilot episode from). Anyhow Mulder and Skully investigate and things turn out to not be as they seem. The rest of the story unfolds to have clones, bounty hunters, Deep Throat, Mulders family and the usual end of series cliff hanger. This is a great episode and is a return to the recurring storyline of colonisation ECT. Its one of those episodes where you are dying to see the next one. 8 out of 10

  • The one with the healer

    An awesome season final and the beginning of a two parter, true. Season finals are supposed to bring more or have more closure and this one didn’t, it seemed more like it was the first part of an episode during the season. It’s not one of the best of the season but still excellent and simply outstanding mostly.

    It begins with an upset man who wants to shoot some people, one of the hostages tries to calm him down but then he gets pissed off and starts shooting, then he’s shot as well but the strange man brings him back to life/ well cures him anyway and so does he do with the others.

    The mom of Mulder, Miss Mulder is back as well. She goes to a summer house and meets up with CSM. He wants something of hers and she gets upset and they have a fight, someone is watching them and making pictures.

    Mulder gets called by Skinner, his mother is in the hospital because she had a stroke, she writes down ‘PALM’ on a piece of paper that Mulder gives to her and when he goes to the summer house she turns Palm into Lamp and finds some strange machine thing, it’s something he has seen before.

    X is in that house too and shows him pictures of her with CSM, X steps up from a boring annoying character into an interesting annoying character. He has a fight with Mulder and they almost kill each other, he tells Mulder that he is a dead man because he didn’t want to give him that machine thing.

    Anyway, someone is after the curer and wants to kill him, it’s the same guy in Colony and End Game, he can change appearance and also changes into the man.

    When Mulder goes to the hospital he cries on his mother’s bed, outside he sees CSM and attacks him. CSM says that he knew his mom and only wants the best for her, he didn’t hurt her. He also says that he covers up for people because he wants to protect them and because they believe in science.

    When CSM talks to the curer who is held as prisoner, he says that CSM is just afraid and that he’s dying of Long Cancer. The guy is creeped out and lets the curer go who goes to Scully. She and the guy meet up with Mulder to talk about it but then the bounty hunter arrives and ready for the kill.

    To be continued…

    It was a great season finale but without any closure at all, it definitely felt like the first part of a two-parter that wasn’t THAT well developed.
  • Suspenseful and thrilling season finale.

    Mulder and Scully investigate a man who has the ability to heal people, which leads them to the conspiracy and Cancer Man. Meanwhile, Mulder's mother has a stroke and lays in limbo in the hospital. Mulder is torn between his duty to the X-Files crusade and his responsibility to his mother. An encounter with X, and the return of a certain bounty hunter, leads to a great cliff-hanger at the end of season three.

    Overall, this episode was slightly down from the season two finale, Anasazi, but is still a great contribution to the mythology episodes. We learn that CSM and Mulder's mother know each other, that there is some past between them; we learn that not all the aliens are evil, and some are rebelling against the Project; we learn that X is willing to fight Mulder; and we learn that CSM has lung cancer - big surprise. But this episode is not about the things we learn, but about how they are told. The teaser looks to be a regular X-File, with a man healing people who have been shot, but it soon becomes apparent that he is a shape-shifting alien (when he morphs into Deep Throat and Bill Mulder to scare CSM is rather cool). Mulder is told by X that his mother is hiding something at their summer home, leading him to find an alien stiletto. The bounty hunter reappears, for the first time since season two. This all leads up to the cliff-hanger when the bounty hunter catches up to Mulder, Scully, and the healing alien, with Mulder ready to use the stiletto.

    The episode as a whole was pivotal to the series, as most know that Jeremiah Smith would return later on. All in all, it is a suspenseful and thrilling addition to the mytharc, and a great way of developing Mulder's character.