The X-Files

Season 4 Episode 17

Tempus Fugit (1)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 16, 1997 on FOX

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  • Tempus Fugit

    Tempus Fugit was a pretty great episode of The X-Files and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development along with U.F.O. action, some drama and lots of intrigue. It was great to see Mulder and Scully investigate the plane crash and learn the fate of Max. I loved watching the scenes where a U.F.O. abducted Max and later his sister. There was a lot going on and many different characters functioning in different roles. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Mulder and Scully look into a mysterious plane crash

    It's about that time again when The X-Files interrupts the string of "Monster of the Week" episodes in order to give us a two part episode somewhat related to aliens, UFO's and government conspiracies. However, while I normally would've been really excited for episodes like this in the past, I've found myself growing less and less excited. They're still good, don't get me wrong, but it feels like it's falling into a too-familiar pattern. They give us an intriguing plot to start off, move forward at a rapid-fire pace and then leave us hanging with nothing to take from the episode. Mulder ends up being as close as he was to the truth as before, which is not close at all.

    This episode started off slow, seemed to be going nowhere and quickly turned into one of the more intriguing offerings the show has given this season. The final scene where Mulder is swimming underwater and sees the alien is chilling and is perhaps the closest he's been to the truth.

    The basic idea of the episode is that Max Fenig or something like that from the first season reappears with some type of documents that he wants to give to his sister. His place crashes though, and it's being covered up. Mulder and Scully take it upon themselves to try and figure out what really happened with the crashed plane and what it was Max wanted to give to his sister. I really hope that the show gets back to the Max plot.. the episode sort of veered from the point for awhile, but there's still hope.

    The final moment leaves me curious and intrigued, exactly what most X-Files episodes do. Now for ONCE, can Mulder somewhat find the truth? I'm worried the show is going to get into too comfortable of a pattern of witholding information.
  • X-Files as it should be

    Don't expect this mytharc two-parter to have anything substantial to do with the ongoing story arc and you'll love it!

    I made the aforementioned mistake before and came out of "Tempus Fugit" disappointed: No syndicate, no Black Oil, none of the usual suspects, no furthering of the dangling plot threads. But now I see that as a good thing. Not every X Files two-parter belongs to that category and thank heavens for that.

    Instead, "Tempus" is a very classic X Files story right out of the first season: Alien abductions, government cover-ups, secret technologies, close encounters. All the best ingredients, some of which have been sadly absent from the fourth season up to this point. Even visually, the episode is reminiscent of Season 1's "Deep Throat" and "Fallen Angel", classic UFO stories from early on. Like them, "Tempus" is vastly exciting, full of surprises and thrills, and above all it features some of the signature Mulder/Scully humor that recently, the Scully-has-cancer arc appeared to overshadow.

    Also a great cliffhanger...
  • Fly The Friendly Skies

    Visually, a gorgeous effort, but not a whole lot happens in this "light" version of a Mythology two-parter.

    The overview of the crash site was stunning. Very well done, especially on a television budget. The alien encounter with Mike Millar was also well done and effective. The lighting throughout this episode is top notch. And we even have an underwater scene, which is amazing given the amount of work spent on the rest of the sets. All in all, a very impressive episode from a technical and directorial point of view.

    I was a bit disappointed by the relative lack of story in this episode. There are no revelations offered and the episode does not advance the Myth arc in an appreciable way. I would have liked to have seen more of Max and I think it was a mistake to kill him off before he could explain what had happened to him. I suppose these answers will be supplied in the second part in other ways, possibly from his letters, but there would be more impact in hearing it from the horse's mouth, so to speak.
  • No snakes on this Plane

    Tempus fugit is part one of a two part story and features Max Fenig, from season one’s “Fallen Angel". While celebrating Scully's 33rd birthday, a strange woman informs Mulder that NICAP member Max Fenig has recently died in a plane crash. After a visit to the crash site and finding Max's body with radiation burns on it, Mulder suggests that the plane was intercepted by a UFO and is rapidly being covered up by the military. This is a good episode that has the audience on the end of their seat as we uncover the mystery with Mulder and Skully. We also see Mulder come in contact with aliens at the end of the episode even though they are dead.8 out of 10.
  • The one with Max back and gone again.

    This episode was great, it took a while until it really started but it got very exciting towards the end.

    Max is back on a plane but someone is going to kill him, then something happens and a white light shines into the plane which makes it crash. Only one guy survived, there was also someone else there who was going to kill Max but a guy puts acid on him making him burn away.

    Mulder thought that Max was abducted again but no, he’s very dead. His sister is there and she gets abducted to.
    Towards the end one of the men who was investigating the case sees a UFO and close to it he finds the girl back crying and confused.

    Mulder also noticed that those men are trying to cover everything up, the watches are gone even though Mulder had already seen one and knows that 9 minutes were lost on the plane. Two soldiers were also covering it up but one of them killed himself, the surviving one escaped and went to Scully. She and Mulder had to protect him and Mulder’s car almost gets hit by a plane and all.

    Meanwhile Mulder finds a place that he believes to contain something, when he takes a jump he finds dead aliens and something above is waiting and puts on light.
    While at a bar, Scully is a birthday girl and protecting Max, when a guy comes in he tries kill the soldier but accidentally shoots Pendrell who happened to be there.
    ‘Tempus Fugit’ was a decent episode that has a few slow moments but in the end turns out to be great.

    To Be Continued…
  • Tempus Fugit was one of the first episodes of The X-Files I watched whenever I got into the show. I thought the plane sequences were very realistic.

    The X-Files approached subjects never done before on television. The writing was clever and most importantly, believable. The key chain, talked about in more detail in 'Max' always makes me smile - to most other people, it would be a pretty bad gift. But in The X-Files, where anything goes, the significance was nice.
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