The X-Files

Season 2 Episode 21

The Calusari

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 14, 1995 on FOX

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  • The Calusari

    The Calusari was another perfect and very entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama, intrigue, supernatural happenings and more! There was a good amount of character and plot development as Mulder and Scully investigate some old world beliefs related to the death of a two year old. I liked how every thing played out and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious death of a little child

    For many, this might be an enjoyable enough episode of X-Files, but for me, it was just another one of the same old cases. Maybe I'm just watching the show ten years too late, but I feel as if I see these sort of cases and episodes everywhere, so it felt a little stale for me.

    Basically, a little boy is killed after chasing a balloon in front of an amusement park ride, but Mulder notices that there seemed to be a force pulling the balloon and luring the child in, a force that can't be seen on the camera. They look into the family and learn that the grandmother of the family is into some strange voodoo-type stuff, a part of the group (I believe) called the Calusari. I can't presume to know a single thing about the group, but it seemed to be more of the same strange cult stuff we've seen in other better episodes of the show.

    There were still some good jumpy moments, and the idea of the child doing this (even if it was simply the twin brother who had died) reminded me of other shows and movies that involve children who are insane. It was an effective enough episode, but nothing to write home about.
  • The worst X-Files episode i've seen so far.

    T H I S - E P I S O D E - I S - A B Y S M A L !
    Any and All X-Files lovers be warned !

    First of all let me say that all the background information this episode is based upon is totally wrong. "The Calusari" are romanian dancers that have nothing to do with religious and/or paranormal rituals. It is unbelievable how many facts are wrong in this episode, beside the obvious misinterpretation of romanian folclore the actors chosen to interpret the "romanians" are awful as their language skills, accents, grammar and pronunciation are horrible (i'm romanian and i could only understand half of what they were saying).
    This is a defacing of folclore and complete ignorance regarding an entire religion.
    Secondly this episode excels only in being the worst X-Files "child episodes" and i personally feel that this is just a low budget rip-off of "The Exorcist"
    In conclusion this episode offended me as a sci-fi fan, as a X-Files fan, and as a romanian.
    In my opinion this episode does not do justice to ANY sci-fi series and should not be watched by any person that would like a good viewing experience.
  • Mulder and Scully investigate when a poltergeist appears to have been involved in the death of a two-year-old boy. As the investigation continues, it is revealed that the poltergeist may be the deceased twin of the two-year-old's older brother.

    Okay, there are two big problems with this episode for me: First, the lore behind it is mostly made up and manipulated, called "Romanian" but obviously little more than an amalgam of American fears and stereotypes. Second--Mulder and Scully have seen a lot of weir supernatural stuff by this time. They've seen miracles, they've seen the work of Satan, they've seen voodoo, they've seen reincarnation, they've seen ghosts, they've seen physic/spiritual connections between twins or family members (Roland, Aubrey). How is they never, ever stop to *think* about all this? About the nature of their universe? This episode was just the straw that broke the camels back for me. Another supernatural excursion, another wrinkle in the nature of their very reality revealed, and all they can do is write case files and stare off into space. You'd think it was a bigger deal. Obviously at this point in the series the producers were merely exploiting sensationalist moments from various religions, with no regard for what kind of universe they made for their show and their characters, and with no regard for the religions themselves. I hate admitting that my favorite show has an episode that deserves such a low score, but it's the truth.
  • Posessed Boy, creepy episode!

    Personally i think this is one of the best episodes of the second series. Creepy children are always a plus in my opinion and they may not get much creepier than the boy in this ep! So basically an evil spirit or the devil (i'm not sure) has posessed a little boy and his twin who died at birth has come back to seek revenge and kill everyone. Well from the very beginning with the pink balloon luring the boy infront of the train this episode stood out as a very dark episode, and the exorcism scene is defietley the highlight along with Scully being thrown around a room by the spirit of the little boys dead twin!
    The x files at its creepy best, 10/10 for creep factor, 10/10 for the episode as a whole!
  • Awesome!!!


    I'm just starting to watch X-Files by way of DVD. Calusari is the best episode that I have seen up to date. I know the Aliens is a big part of the show, but I love the Ghost stories much more. Charlie gave me the creeps from the first time I saw him. I thought he was a evil kid. The Grandmother was very creepy as well. The ritual to extract the dead from Charlie was very intense! I would have been like Mulder and couldn't have kept from looking at the Boy. Great Episode! I am enjoying the series and hope there is more episodes like Calusari! Creepy Kids scare the bejezus out of me!!!
  • X-Files-orcist

    This was the first X Files episode to be given an 18 certificate here in Britain due to its rather graphic nature. The father's death depicted here which involves an "Omen"-like freak accident with a garage door is all the more disturbing because a young child is watching it and screaming, while the killing of the 2 year old at the beginning is actually very callous. That of course is the point – evil doesn't care who or how many it claims, and it certainly seems to enjoy working its way through the beleaguered and extremely unlucky Holvey family – but that doesn't make it any easier to watch. Also this episode is very much The X Files' take on "The Exorcist", complete with a very creepy demon child, some mysterious men who are effectively Max von Sydow multiplied by four and an alarming exorcism at the end. And just to add a little more, there's an element of "Rosemary's Baby" thrown into the mix too with the old black magic rituals happily going off in deepest darkest suburbia.

    As it transpires, and this is one of the more interesting aspects of "The Calusari", the black magic from the instantly suspicious Romanian grandmother is one big red herring. We're all expecting her to be doing the devil's work, but it turns out that all her experiments with herbs and chicken guts are to protect her grandson from the devil's work. And when it's revealed that Charley is actually a demonic child – or to be more technically accurate, his ghost twin brother Michael is – it makes for some very creepy scenes both with a nurse in the hospital who gets attacked, and Scully and the boy's mother in his (very large) home. Interestingly, it's Scully who forges ahead with this case. She is the one who comes up with the mouthful theory of Munchausen by proxy, an entirely plausible conclusion given the evidence, while Mulder has little in the way of theories to add. It's only when the mother reveals that there was a twin who died does Mulder put two and two together, by which stage we're way ahead of him. So while Scully battles a demon child in the darkness of the family home, Mulder seems genuinely freaked out by having to help the Calusari in their exorcism. He is clearly rattled by the experience, and for once at the end of the episode, both agents are at a complete loss as to what to say. This one certainly defied easy categorisation. As it goes, "The Calusari" is an efficient episode in the X Files Season 2 canon. Because the standard has been raised so high throughout this excellent season, it somehow doesn't have quite the same impact as some of its predecessors. But it's well done, the science that Scully spouts and that the inherently likeable Chuck reveals in his lab, lends the demonic goings-on some kind of credence. Except you can't help but walk away from this one with a vaguely nasty taste in your mouth. Although the series has used killer kiddies before to great effect in Season 1's "Eve", the gratuitous death rate in this episode, and all of one family, makes it a slightly uncomfortable thing to bear. 7/10
  • Someone's been a bad boy!

    Another episode that seems like its getting a very mixed set of reviews, I guess season two is alot like that. Mulder and Scully are investigating an accident involving an infant at an amusement park. Images in pictures taken at the time of the accident suggest that some kind of poltergeist may be responsible.

    During questioning of the family, many strange events take place claiming the lives of the boys father and grandmother. Did I mention death by chicken? It turns out the infants brother had a twin that died, and isn't very happy about it. A group of men preform an exorcism and rid the boy of his evil twins spirit. Pretty good plot, decent acting by the background actors. I'd give this a B-
  • Without question the absolute worst episode of the X-Files I have ever seen.

    Ok to start let me first mention that I absolutely hate the "children episodes" of the X-Files, they are just so god awful it's not even funny. Kids aren't scary, their not interesting, their annoying and they come off as such. This one is no different.

    The episode starts off with some promise, but then it somehow ends up twisting itself into some kind of rip-off of The Exorcist. There is even an exorcism scene! Which, speaking of is just so painful to watch that I almost said "screw it" and skipped to the next episode. There isn't any real emotional depth to be found here either, as I could've cared less what happened to this family which is just being hit with ungodly amounts of suffering. That says quite a bit in itself, I usually grow to care about these characters, especially when they go through hardships like the ones found here. But in this case, well...

    By the end of the episode I was hoping that EVERYONE would just die already, I wanted NO survivors to this little opus, in fear of a *ugghhhh* sequel. And sure enough, what happens? They leave it open for just that. God help us indeed.
  • Hells Bells

    This one has a particularly brutal opening as a two year old child is run down by a steam train at an amusement park.

    Starts as a rip of "The Omen" (the evil kid is the son of a high government official, just like Damien, hmmmm)and ends up in "Exorcist" land. Despite the unoriginality, I give this episode a good rating since it is well done and packs a lot of material in 45 minutes. I laughed out loud at Mulder trying to hold the kid down during the exorcism. I also laughed at the number of bell hits in the soundtrack. Especially toward the end of the episode, it seemed that every plot revelation or reaction shot was signaled with the sharp clang of a synthesized bell. LOL!
  • High-Five!

    Now I like this one- it\'s creepy and mysterious and has you guessing until the end. I like the creative energy that it provides. This episode is a personal favorite and is in my top ten list. It has a lot of creepy elements to that keep my attention( which is difficult to do). I like the annoying kid episodes and find them to be more entertaining than the alien ones(SO SUE ME)! The child is frightening and keeps the episode alive. The Romanian grandmother adds a nice scary touch to the episode and gives the X Files some culture.
  • The Exorcist

    It's been a while since I've watched this episode, but I think I'll give the review a try on just plain old memory. The premise of this episode was very clearly The Exorcist, which is fine. The idea of demon possession is sufficiently spooky enough to allow for several remakes and such without distilling the horror. Sure enough, this episode was frightening particularly for those who are of faint heart when it comes to possessions and double-voices and little kids who are freaky. The whole exorcism scene was crazy and really well done, both on Mulder's side and Scully's side of it.
  • Mulder and Scully investigates the death of an infant.

    This episode was a little bit on the dull side. I admit that the Romanian exorcisim was cool. I have seen the Catholic's way of exorcisim, but never Romanian; but still it was a little vague. I noticed there was some plot holes in this episode which deals with...Charlie's evil twin brother? If he died when he was still born, how did he get to be so evil? I never understood this episode. It was probably a bit rushed so there probably wasn't any time to fix any plot-holes.

    Not their best work, but very unique.
  • another annoying child episode

    “The Calusari” is another annoying child episode which is similar to about four previous episodes. Basically, a young child dies and his older 10year old brother gets the blame, Mulder and Skully investigate to find a bizarre case involving voodoo, ghosts and twin brothers. And what gets me is that because the child has an evil secret twin brother they perform an exorcism on him. (The kid isn’t possessed and while he’s being exorcised his twin brother is beating people up- but some how the exorcism kills the evil twin- Wtf???) Apart from the flawed story and annoying child, they manage to find an annoying grandma, and another annoying group/ cult called The Calusari. So basically an annoying, average episode with flawed story.

  • The one with the exorcism

    This episode was awesome, it was a little too ‘dry’ and weird. But it was also very satanic and intense, specially the exorcism scene was the one who earned a lot a points.

    The teaser of the episode was very effective, it was in some play town with a family going out. They have two sons, one of them is a little baby of two years who gets all the attention while the older one is ignored. He becomes very angry and eventually leads the little boy on a train track and the little boy goes all *squish*

    Mulder and Scully have a photo of that event, they see a balloon going towards the train and a picture editor was able to add the picture in a way that a shadow comes in the picture. Mulder thinks it’s a poltergeist.

    When they go to the house, Scully noticed that an old woman is living with them, she’s a Romanian and she puts some marks on the kid’s hand. They find out some medical reports and they say that both kids were very sick since the day that woman moved into their house, the day the little kid was borne.

    The old lady says that the kids are the devil, and Scully noticed that she puts a weird stuff in the food. When the father takes the boy to the psychologist. The bar’s door doesn’t open so the father puts his head between some mechanism but is then stuck and as the door opens he is hanged up by his muffler.

    The old lady has also like a cult, they try to evoke the spirit out of the kid’s body. That costs her life eventually, when she’s alone with the boy she tries to cut his hand but he puts a spell on her and makes two dead chicken bite her to death.

    It turns out that it wasn’t the kid after all, it was his brother. Or in fact, his dead twin haunting him and the old lady was trying to destroy it.

    When Charlie is in the hospital, the mother takes the twin to her house and tries to evoke it out but he is too strong. Also Scully gets thrown across the room a couple of times.

    The old men are called by Mulder and they take the dead out of the kid in the hospital (which was a very cool and effective scene) It destroys Michael’s spirit.

    The episode was very effective, exorcism on shows never fails.
  • Mulder and Scully investigate a photograph ivolving the suspicious death of a toddler where a phantom image seems to be etched into the photograph, taken moments before the child died. It leads them to a family with several misfortunes, and a Romanian rit

    This one seemed like the Exorcist with a Romanian back-drop. The story was a little dry, although the ethnic background made was a nice change of pace from the norm. The episode itself was nothing pivitol to the series, although a Romanian ritualist tells Mulder that the devil (or evil in general I suppose...) now knows his face, and would be able to recognize him, which is a tad forboding.
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