The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 24

The Erlenmeyer Flask

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 13, 1994 on FOX

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  • Season finale

    The Erlenmeyer Flask:

    I have seen this episode about six times.

    High-speed chase! Woo!
    Green blood?
    Oh, "Trust No One" in the opening.

    Animal testing bites.
    Scully's doubt of Deep Throat is rubbing off on Mulder.

    "Working late tonight, doctor?" Is it just me, or did that dude sound like he was trying to be sexy?
    Guess not.

    Green blood dude not dead! Ah! How titillating!
    "...bungee jumping with medical gauze wrapped around his neck." [[laugh]]
    "If this is monkey pee, you're on your own."

    It burns! It burns!
    *reached new level of tired*

    Naked people. Looks uncomfortable.

    Scully admitting she's wrong, wow, admirable.

    Nice job protecting him, Mulder.
    "I'm a popular guy."

    Always loved the scene with Scully going in to see the baby alien.

    Scully looks scared. The exchange between her and Deep Throat is great.

    Deepy is shot! No!! NO!!!

    "Trust no one."

    Mulder is calling late.

    Old smokey in that Pentagon chamber. Love the shot!
    He's a veddy bad man!