The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 5

The Post-Modern Prometheus

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 1997 on FOX

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  • interesting concept, poor realization...

    I mean, the idea of shooting an unusual X-files episode sounds like a good idea, after all, repeating the same formula week after week gets a little tiring for the audience and the cast.

    But that's not an excuse for this bad episode. I can't believe in the number of good reviews that this episode got, and the number of emmys it was nominated for.

    First of all, the plot is a mess. We don't know who is the fater of whom, who is the son, who created whom. Clearly the production was rushed. The characterization is lame, and the intended comic tone just fails. The portrait of the small town city is also too weird and the black and white is annoying. And surprisingly nothing apparently happens to the great Mutato, who after all, raped that woman.

    It doesn't feel like a X-files episode at all. Chris tried to hard on the comic situations and it feels overdone and artificial. I felt almost offended by the final scene, as it was ridiculous over belief seeing Fox Mulder dancing to Cher. I mean, I was just "WTF???" And if they had kissed it would have been the most ridiculous scene in the history of the series, it was like a Mad About You moment!

    I love the X-files, so nobody can accuse me of being a hater, but for me this episode didn't work att all...