The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 5

The Post-Modern Prometheus

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 1997 on FOX

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  • An eerie, goofy, sad and all-around great episode

    By the time this episode came to a close, with Mulder and Scully slow-dancing to a Cher song and the monster from the episode dancing with Cher as she sings the song, I honestly had no idea whether or no I had just watched a great episode of television or a complete trainwreck. Even thinking about it now, it reminds me of "Supernatural's" goofiest episodes, the ones that are stupid and annoying to watch. However, upon second thought, I'm extremely impressed with how Chris Carter basically took every element of this show that we've come to enjoy and mix it in one. It's an episode filled with several tones and plots, but boy.. it's a good one.

    The episode begins with a woman who loves watching the disfigured individuals on Jerry Springer sends a letter to Mulder, claiming she's twice been knocked up by some beast that knocks her out for a few days and leaves her pregnant when she wakes up. Scully expects it to be a hoax, but as usual, weird events begin happening and the duo find strange things in their investigation, including a Frankenstein-esque doctor who screws around with human and fly genetics and does things to them that no scientist should do. As a result, Mulder begins putting two and two together and realizes this individual knocking up women is a result of this doctor's experiments.

    That's perhaps the most basic way of explaining the episode. It's much more detailed and complex then I would lead you to believe. We have these strange moments where townsfolk admit that they heard about Mulder from the Jerry Springer show.. there's also these awkward and surreal moments when Mulder walks into a diner and gets these weird glares from everyone in the town, who seem to be about two steps back from reality. It felt like a Twilight Zone episode (which may have been what Carter was going for with the black and white and the music). And I'm saying this as if it's a bad thing.. but really, it was quite fun to watch everything resolve itself, even if the final moment nearly pulled me out of the show.

    Chris Carter definitely was able to create a unique episode of TV here, and I'm glad that they had Mulder, for once, doubting the existance of aliens (carrying on from the last myth-arc episodes). I truly hope that aliens do exist in this show, because otherwise, I'll feel as gyped as Mulder.
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