The X-Files

Season 6 Episode 8

The Rain King

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 10, 1999 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Strange weather phenomena in a small town leads Mulder to believe that a weatherman whose deep emotions and unspoken love toward his workmate are becoming real in the form of snow and tornadoes.

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  • The Rain King

    The Rain King was a really great episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the characters were phenomenal, the story was intriguing and the weather was a little crazy. It was fun to watch Mulder and Scully investigate. I liked how the Rain King leased office space and had a whole business. I liked the way every thing played out and found the unfolding story to be entertaining and interesting to watch. I liked the ending and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!moreless
  • Underrated

    Frankly, I was disappointed with some of the recent episodes. I thought Dreamland had a lot of potential but ultimately failed to be funny or suspenseful.

    This episode was a bit different, but I thought it was legitimately funny. Our rain king introduction (that was great acting BTW), scully's long silence after Mulder says he's giving dating advice, and even small lines like "unless you want to get hamburger all over you, I reckon you should step outside".

    Yes, the plot is cheesy. But it works because the episode is supposed to be cheesy, and everything is consistent with that. They also do a great job of teasing our appetite for Mulder and Scully getting together.moreless
  • Mulder and Scully meet The Rain King.

    From the beginning, this episode was somewhat doomed. I thought Season 6 started off promising, with a trio of unique and compelling episodes and a two-parter that was somewhat lame but different enough to keep me interested. However, the last few episodes have just been strange, sub-par installments.

    Here, we get Mulder and Scully visiting a town where a guy claims he can predict the weather. He has a little spiel that he does, and soon enough, rain follows. He uses it to make a profit, and Mulder is intrigued. The best X-Files episodes usually indicate that there's some sort of danger awaiting our lead actors, but from the very beginning, it's clear that there's no danger in sight. We have a guy who can make it rain, a woman who ends up falling in love with Mulder at first sight and a weatherman who, as it turns out, is the actual person controlling the weather. Except it follows his emotions.. if he gets mad, it'll thunderstorm, and if he's happy, the weather will be fantastic.

    Even when the weatherman, who happens to be in love with the woman who's in love with Mulder, finds out that the woman actually loves Mulder instead of him, there's still no sense that any drama will occur.. instead, we get half-hearted hints at the fact that Mulder and Scully may like each other and Mulder trying to give dating advice to people.. I like it when the show tries new things, but man, this was just plain dumb.moreless
  • This eppy is so great because it goes deeper then the case itself. It's about love.

    At first it seems like a normal case, later a "normal" x-file. What I loved about this episode is that it was mostly about love. It also implicates the love between Mulder and Scully, and more then once.

    When Scully is saying that the best relationships start from friendship, it's like she's analysing her relationship with Mulder. They have a great friendship, so...

    I also loved the phone scene were Mulder tells Scully that he has to give dating advice. Her reaction tells it all.

    It was not a typical x-files episode, but it contained other great parts.

    Could it be a hint for the future?moreless
  • Rain and Love and then some...

    What is going on with this series? The third boring episode in a row! After such a great start into the season - even harder to endure.

    Sure the plot was original and the acting was supposed to be goofy. One might want to argue its merits but I was more disappointed with the whole Scully/Mulder storyline (if you can call it that)

    Scully and Mulder are Partners. They trust each other, they risk and save their lives in numerous episodes. He is insanity, she is reason. A match made in Heaven. At the beginning of the series I was like: They are made for eachother! But then I realised that there are NO long term relationships between characters. Not a single one. It seems to bore people. And the writers made the right decision to keep them platonical. So why bother with hints and clues and stuff if you don't follow through? There will be no Scully/Mulder relationship, I am sure of it. That makes this just boring and painful to watch really. I love Scully and Mulder and above all I love that they are just Friends. Keep it that way and stop the nonsense!

    Besides: Since when are Scully and Mulder back on the X-Files? Who gave them this assignment? Where was Spender? No explanation whatsoever as to why they are not questioned by Kersh...moreless
Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson

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Clayton Rohner

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David Manis

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • There were a lot of mountains surrounding the airport Mulder and Scully landed at considering they were in northeast Kansas.

    • Maybe they didn't think it was an X-File because the Mayor said the Rain King was scamming the people of the town.

    • This episode makes absolutely no sense in the order that it aired. First of all, the whole episode takes place six months after Valentine's Day (August) when the episode aired in January. Another thing wrong is that Mulder and Scully are on the case when they're currently off the X-Files. The Mayor even said that the FBI gave the case to them.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Holman: I've been envious of men like you my whole life. Based on your physical bearing, I'd assumed you were... More experienced. I mean... You spend every day with agent Scully a beautiful, enchanting woman. And you two never, uh...? I... confess I find that shocking. I... I've seen how you two gaze at one another.
      Mulder: This is about you, Holman. I'm here to help you. I'm perfectly happy with my friendship with Agent Scully.
      Holman: So according to your theory I walk in there, tell her I love her and the drought will end?
      Mulder: (straightens Holman's tie) Just tell her how you feel.
      Mulder: And Holman. I do not gaze at Scully.

    • Sheila: You love him, don't you?
      Scully: (softly) What?
      Sheila: You're jealous because Agent Mulder and I have a special connection and you're trying to divert me to Holman.
      Scully: What?

    • Scully: Holman?
      Mulder: Yeah... he wants advice. Dating advice.
      Scully: Dating advice? From whom?
      Mulder: Yours truly. Hello? Hey, Scully. Scully, you there?
      Scully: I heard you. Mulder, when was the last time you went on a date?
      Mulder: I will talk to you later (He hangs up)
      Scully: The blind leading the blind.

    • Hotel Manager: Oh, Miss, we moved your boyfriend's things into your room.
      Scully: He's my partner, and we prefer separate rooms.
      Hotel Manager: Oh, old-fashioned are you, huh? Well, we're booked solid with the high school reunion. You can take it or leave it.

    • Mayor: Agent Mulder, welcome to Kroner. I'm Jim Gilmore, the Mayor. We spoke on the phone.
      Mulder: Nice to meet you, sir.
      Mayor: If I'd have known you was bringing the missus, I would've arranged for fancier accommodations.
      (Mulder purses his lips, smiles, and looks away as if to say "I'm staying away from that one)
      Scully: I'm Agent Scully, Agent Mulder's partner. I'm... sure the accommodations will be just fine.
      Mayor: My apologies, ma'am. We appreciate your flying clear out here to help solve our crisis. I'd hoped for a bigger welcome, but, well... Okay, Rhonda that's enough. Go find your mama!

    • Scully: I think the most rewarding relationships, the ones that last, are born from friendship. One day you look at the person and see more than you did the night before, like a switch was flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is suddenly the only person you can imagine yourself with.

    • Mulder: I'll build the ark, you gather the animals.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Although Sheila stated every single weird weather accident that happened in her life, she never mentioned anything about the sky raining Ice Hearts on the Valentine's Day, it's not even mentioned in the newspapers like they mentioned the Flower Showers

    • This episode's title may be a reference to Saul Bellow's novel "Henderson The Rain King".


    • Movie Allusion: Wizard of Oz

      During the reunion scene at the end of the movie there is a statue of a scarecrow.

    • Someone out there loves their Wizard of Oz. Not only did we have Triangle that had numerous references to the film, we now have an episode set in Kansas that has tornadoes and even Judy Garland singing Over the Rainbow (could be a soundalike I suppose but it's meant to be her). And the final scene with the baby looks out on a farm that has a suspiciously similar looking barn and set up to the black and white opening of the film.

    • Mulder: I'll build the ark, you gather the animals.
      Said to Scully as the heavens have opened and rain and storms are threatening the reunion guests. An obvious, but very funny, reference to the biblical story of Noah, who was told by God to build an ark and take two of every animal with him as the floods rose.