The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 19

The Truth (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2002 on FOX

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  • Here we are now, 9 years of fighting and hope...

    After catching up with the show for the last six or so months (9 seasons does take some time) I've finally reached the final episode.... sort of. At the time of the writing this we have new episodes, out after a decade of silence so I'm still keeping some things in mind. For the most part I'd like to think of this episode for what it did for the series back then. Let's get started.

    This episode despite not being a grand slam at the time, its actually very well done. It had my full attention which was hard for most of this season. I won't say I've changed my mind, the show could have had a tighter run, 7 seasons maybe but credit must be given to Chris Carter and company for making me care about it all in this episode. The court room set up (my mind thinks of Seinfeld) did seem like a way to bring back old characters but it sure as hell made the whole story a lot simpler to understand and the acting, dialogue was top notch.

    The directing was on point also, for example notice the scene when Doggett is on the phone hearing about Mulder's sentence. The camera stays on Scully's face as this news will hit her the most, they were very aware of making each scene count. The ending action scene is also proof of the commitment to this episode, the explosions and the angle set ups are above anything done in the show.

    So onto the story did it satisfy everything? Yes and no. There are some things that just weren't explained, gaps missing like where did Laurie Holden's character come from, Gibson's long absence... but at the same time those aren't important details. I didn't get everything answered but the episode didn't spend all day explaining things, they covered the important plots and moved ahead. Many would like a grander conclusion to the story but that isn't in X files style, we got a quieter ending with two characters reflecting on their changes that felt real, the future is uncertain but that's always been important to the series. As a younger teen I had hope for some ultimate conclusion but watching it again for the first time since it aired I was laying with appreciation.

    I can't get over some things that have happened in the show's run such as the handling of Mulder in the last two seasons but the last episode tried very hard to bring me back in and it worked. This episode had many of the reasons why this show was so special, I'll never forget it.


    Now with that out of the way how do I feel going forward with new episodes? I do feel like these new episodes are part of the wave in entertainment lately in which old shows and movies are coming back. It would be greater if we got new and exciting shows, people will take chances on them (like LOST, hello!). We could also have a great return though, there was still an ongoing alien cover up and an invasion is still looming so who knows, this may be the best thing.

  • Sad ending

    ending to one of the best shows ever. Its very good that David Duchovny showed up for it. An era was over.
  • The Truth (1)

    The Truth (1) was a perfect first half to the series finale of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because it was unclear at first what was happening as Mulder was going through Government facilities. It was crazy how he was tortured into claiming he was guilty and didn't find anything. The ensuing trial was drawn together quickly and left little room for escape. It was interesting to see Mulder seeing Krycek but no one else could and for Mulder's half brother through his mother's affair with C.S.M. to speak on his behalf. I liked how Mulder, Scully and a little boy Mulder helped in the past all testified in the trial. Skinner was doing a decent defense job himself in a Military Court. The ending was great and I look forward to finding out what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • This is an episode where I actually cried. It was touching, revealling, it just had everything.

    The series final unfortunatly. It had a lot of flashbacks in it, showing the previous episodes.

    The storyline was good and revealling. We got the answers on every question ever asked on the show.

    I actually cried during 2 scenes of this episode, namely the scene where Scully tells Mulder that she had to give up William for adoption. I really felt for her, it seemed like I could feel her pain, just by looking at her face, great acting. And then I cried during the final scene, in the motel. It was the way we first saw them really talk in the pilot aswell. This scene had so much love and I guess it was also because I realised that we would have to miss it, the x-files, Scully and Mulder, the little green men (although they are gray).

    Good thing about modern technology is that it gave us DVD-players.
  • Ends with a fizzle, instead of a bang.

    I have several problems with this episode. The first being the court senario. It was obviously set up very unprofessionally. Aside from Skinner moving to dismiss, the defense really doesn't make much of a protest. For a trial of such magnitude, neither side really makes any compelling arguments. Especially when Scully comes in with the evidence that the corpse wasn't the right guy. I mean, there's no way they could have dismissed that. I guess it was becauseDeputy Director Kersh was planning on helping him escape, the whole time. Still very unrealistic.

    That kid that could read minds, Gibson Praise, could have been of way more help. He really didn't serve any purpose, other than acute little cameo. Why the heck didn't they examine Toothpick Man (Alan Dale) when Gibson called him out on being an alien. Again, I guess that implied that all the men on the judging panel knew about this. Still, I don't buy it. When they break Mulder out of his cell, where there Hell are all the guards? I realize this isn't a hardcore prison, but surely there would have more security guarding a prisoner who was just received a death sentence. Especially when they lock down the whole facility, yet they just walk right out with the whole gang there to send Mulder and Scully off. Agent Doggett and Reyes have no send off at all. They just drive off in the middle of an action sequence, never to be seen again. Not even in the 2008 movie. Sure, this was a Mulder Scully episode, but Doggett and Reyes were still pretty big players in it, not to mention the last two seasons. They could have worked a little time in there for a farewell to those characters. Skinner, too. The whole Smoking Man, 2012 thing at the end was a waste of time. That whole part was just a set up to reveal the Smoking Man's cameo. Maybe in an attempt to make up for his lackluster falling-down-the-stairs death. The 2012 revelation was not very inventive or crucial to the plot. This time could have been better spent on some satisfying farewells to these characters we spend so long with. I really liked one aspect of this episode. It gave a summary of the series, and cleared a few things up for me. Unlike many people whole probably watched the series over the course of it's 9 year run, I watched the whole thing in succession on Netflix. there were a few pieces to Mulder's original story line that I didn't quite get until after seeing the finale. The cameos were cool, too. I would LOVE to see a final X-files movie in 2012. Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Doggett, and Reyes could all collaborate to stop the alien invasion. The finale totally leaves this option open, although as bad as the 2008 movie did, I don't see it happening. I want to believe!
  • A tearjerker, but definately worth watching over again!

    For a season finale, I thought that this was an excellent episode. I was extremely pleased that they had Mulder and Scully reunite after all that time apart. They made sure that all the questions were answered and all the loose ends tied.
    I was happy to see that everyone was so willing to help out Mulder even though it meant a world of trouble for them. It just shows you how close everyone was.
    I was crying and happy at the same time. I was very saddened by the fact that this was the last episode but it ended so good that I couldn't help but be happy.
  • The best and only way to end the greatest show in TV history

    I'll admit that when I first saw this episode I was slightly disappointed. However, after I thought about it for a while I thought this episode was a very well done finale and it wraps up a lot of the show but still leaves enough for you to wonder. I mean come on it's X-Files, you can't have all the answers and I'm glad we didn't get them all. I liked the court scenes and how they summed up the 9 years of mythology. Mulder's speech near the end is probably the best part of this episode, his acting was just awesome and it was so well written. And again I, like many, love the interactions between Mulder and Scully and their love for each other. The ending is very fitting as well and Duchovny again has a nice speech. If you have the DVD the final deleted scene is pretty cool too. (The one with the president talking about the truth) I watched it a few more times later and have grown to love this episode. It's a great end to the series and X-Files will be greatly missed.
  • The final episode of the best show on earth.

    I actually really enjoyed this episode, it answered a few unanswered questions and the ending was beautiful. I didnt give it a ten as with it being the last episode ever i felt it was missing something i dont know what but something. Still it was great to see the lone gun men back even if they were dead and a few of our favourite charectors reapeard too, and loved agent reyes court speach. All in all this is an unmissable episode, which left me with more new questions which hopefully an xf2 movie will answer one day.................
  • The Last Episode...

    I am so proud to have been a fan of this amazing show and follow it from the first to the last episode.
    Though I don´t think it was the right way to end it, it was a good episode.
    I didn´t like the way they have Mulder run away the whole episode to escape jail. I didn´t like it either that we never saw Mulder hold William again. I didn´t like that the one passionate kiss between Mulder and Scully was barely clear.
    But I liked the tension, the Mulder and Scully reunion, the pain Mulder felt by Scully´s decision of giving up their son for adoption, the chase and that last scene full of faith.
    Can´t wait for the second film.
  • A very strange way to end the series, pretty much in limbo.

    I always thought they'd end the series with concrete answers, a solution to the alien invasion, it's the last episode after all. Instead nothing is actually accomplished, the invasion isn't stopped, not even slowed down, the new conspiracy is alive and well and despite killing a couple of super soldiers, everything goes on as if Mulder never interfered to begin with.

    Mulder keeps fighting, risking his and Scully's lives to 'find the truth' – what does the truth matter if you die getting it? What will finding the truth actually change – because if one thing is obvious, for all Mulder's efforts, everyone else's efforts, everything and everyone sacrificed, what did it accomplish? The answer? Very little. It's a very strange way to end the series.
  • The Ghosts of the Past.

    I have no idea why the appearance of Krycek and X as ghosts confuses so many people. For my money, a great idea on Carter's part to get some of the old great characters back on the finale. And on The X-Files, why not? There's a lot to love about the final episode: the ghosts, as I mentioned, coming back to aid Mulder in his darkest hour, not to mention the return of Gibson Praise and Marita and the Cancer Man. Incidentally, for those wondering how Mulder and company will defeat the alien invasion of 2012, the finale makes it quite clear what Carter has in mind: the supernatural elements of the Monster of the Week episodes will help save the day from the Aliens. For example, one can easily imagine a third film with Gibson Praise and William making a return to help turn the Aliens back.

    Really, considering the long history of The X-Files, and how confusing it is for those with short attention spans, I can't imagine a better finale for the TV years.
  • Mulders back

    What a beginning to the end of this series. Mulders back and accused of murder. We go back through the mythology of the series and I think it took an orderly recap of the what's and who's of the the past 9 seasons to finally figure out what the conspiracy entailed. Kudos for another Mulder Scully kiss.
  • Grand finale, but a sad goodbye...

    All things have to die - but in this case, one of the most remarkable TV series of all times died for reasons fans will never come to accept.

    Just as we started to accept Agent Reyes, just as we came to like stubborn brickhead Agent Doggett - they pulled the plug. A lot of friends and villains (villains?) briefly revisited this final episode, the f/x department was allowed to blow up some (quite impressive) ruins, D.D. Kersh finally had his moments of reason and humanity, and new questions arose that would have supplied enough material for at least another season.

    Unlike the permanent (permanent?) retirement of The Lone Gunmen in Episode 9x15, Fox (the network) decided to leave Mulders and Scullys fate open - one never knows, maybe there's a couple of quick bucks to be squeezed out from another feature.

    200 episodes filled with mystery, conspiracies, monsters, freaks and aliens. 200 times quality entertainment, 200 times a really good time with characters we all came to love and which we all will truly miss.

    Fox missed the opportunity to create a franchise that could have been as big as Star Trek. Maybe even bigger.
  • Last episode of The X Files forever! Very sad!

    This was the sadest day in TV history when Mulder and Scully said good bye to the X Files. I cried my freakin eyes out! I thougth that at least they would get William back but instead they run away to New Mexico or whatever and hunt down CSM instead of goind back to find their own son. I was shocked by that although they did go eight years without him, I still would have liked to see a family reunion. I watch the eigth and ninth season over and over then go back and watched the first to see how it all began. Sadest episode ever!!! I really didn\'t say much about the episode itself, but oh well, deal with it!
  • I may sound crazy, but I actually loved the finale.

    Okay, I know that I'll end up seeing, "100, 000 users disagree with this review," right next to this, but I really, really liked the series finale. It wasn't perfect, but it was close. Finally, Mulder is back! I missed the character so much during season nine. And although many people say that Gillian and David acted poorly on this two-parter, I'd have to say I whole-heartedly disagree. Although it wasn't their best performance, it wasn't bad.

    The jail-cell scenes were touching, especially when Mulder and Scully cry over William. So very sad! It was also nice to see The Lone Gunmen back for the finale, even though they were only ghosts.

    Even though there were more questions raised than answered, that's a good thing, because it leaves room for another movie (hopefully there will be one. I'm keepin' my hopes high!).

    Mulder and Scully are on the run, the date for alien colonization is set, there are some rumors goin' around that Da Skinman was killed in this episode (Nooo! Not Skinner! It can't be true!)... Lotsa drama in this little two parter!
  • A good ending, but it's a shame it's gone - Mulder & Scully will be sorely missed.

    Well it had to be called 'The Truth' didn't it? I'm not sure if we got the whole truth, but at least it wrapped up enough points to be a satisfying ending - it won't please everyone, but it could have been much worse.

    It's a strange episode in some ways - I wasn't expecting the trial element at all, and DD doesn't look good in orange. But it's a tour de force acting wise, with everyone getting the chance to shine - and it was good that they brought back all the old favourites (even the dead ones!)

    I also liked the fact that they did a full explanation of everything that had supposedly gone on over the 9 series, with the alien abductions etc. It was sometimes very difficult to follow the thread watching the separate episodes over the years (or maybe that's just me).

    All in all a fitting end to a great series that introduced us to some truly brilliant characters (good and bad), some very original horror moments in the stand-alones and some just as great comedy moments - all wrapped up in a conspiracy theory of frightening proportions. Certainly not every episode was a classic and some fell flat, but mostly they entertained, and they introduced us to DD & GA, two actors with very different styles and abilities, but who played off each other so well.

    And the ending - not everything tied up in a nice neat bow, but still some questions and wondering what the future might hold. And finally Mulder and Scully are together - something I know Chris Carter was adamant wouldn't happen when the series first started. It's good it took so long and it's good that they realised they're the only ones who could properly make it together. It felt much more like a proper, built relationship and not just a 'hey it's a boy and girl - they have to get together.

    It's a show I'll definitely miss, but I think it's probably the right time to close. Everything runs its course, and at least there are some gems to watch again on DVD!
  • Here it is: the curtain comes down.

    The finale gets crapped on alot, but really it's about what it should be in most respects. It's similar in set-up to the abyssmal Seinfeld finale (a trial posing as clip-show), but the flashbacks actually serve a purpose here, and the outcome doesn't fly in the face of the entire series like Seinfeld did. We bring in a host of old faces for one last bow. We sum up a very convoluted nine years worth of plot for those poor souls who came in late, and make sure all is clear for those who just got confused along the way. And we get a bittersweet finish. Mulder and Scully, reunited, but perpetually on the run. Knowing the final, awful truth (and I'm glad it's not a happy "Yay, we saved the day"). It closes the book on the past, yet leaves a bit of room for future stories. What are the duo going to do to fight the future that's, as I write this, a mere 6 1/2 years away?
    Really, my only complaints for "The Truth" are that Skinner, Doggett, and Reyes get no real proper send-off (maybe they decided it wasn't about them, when you've Mulder back, don't waste screen tiem on the B-Squad) and that Mulder's ghostly visitors (or Mister X, anyway) cross the line from mere apparitions with advice to actually handing Mulder pieces of paper. And that's...a bit much.
    But, all said and done, there are a million more disappointing ways that the series could have closed up shop. Maybe there are better ones, but I can't think of many improvements off the top of my head.
    See ya Mulder and Scully. Miss ya already. Don't be strangers.