The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 19

The Truth (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2002 on FOX

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  • Ends with a fizzle, instead of a bang.

    I have several problems with this episode. The first being the court senario. It was obviously set up very unprofessionally. Aside from Skinner moving to dismiss, the defense really doesn't make much of a protest. For a trial of such magnitude, neither side really makes any compelling arguments. Especially when Scully comes in with the evidence that the corpse wasn't the right guy. I mean, there's no way they could have dismissed that. I guess it was becauseDeputy Director Kersh was planning on helping him escape, the whole time. Still very unrealistic.

    That kid that could read minds, Gibson Praise, could have been of way more help. He really didn't serve any purpose, other than acute little cameo. Why the heck didn't they examine Toothpick Man (Alan Dale) when Gibson called him out on being an alien. Again, I guess that implied that all the men on the judging panel knew about this. Still, I don't buy it. When they break Mulder out of his cell, where there Hell are all the guards? I realize this isn't a hardcore prison, but surely there would have more security guarding a prisoner who was just received a death sentence. Especially when they lock down the whole facility, yet they just walk right out with the whole gang there to send Mulder and Scully off. Agent Doggett and Reyes have no send off at all. They just drive off in the middle of an action sequence, never to be seen again. Not even in the 2008 movie. Sure, this was a Mulder Scully episode, but Doggett and Reyes were still pretty big players in it, not to mention the last two seasons. They could have worked a little time in there for a farewell to those characters. Skinner, too. The whole Smoking Man, 2012 thing at the end was a waste of time. That whole part was just a set up to reveal the Smoking Man's cameo. Maybe in an attempt to make up for his lackluster falling-down-the-stairs death. The 2012 revelation was not very inventive or crucial to the plot. This time could have been better spent on some satisfying farewells to these characters we spend so long with. I really liked one aspect of this episode. It gave a summary of the series, and cleared a few things up for me. Unlike many people whole probably watched the series over the course of it's 9 year run, I watched the whole thing in succession on Netflix. there were a few pieces to Mulder's original story line that I didn't quite get until after seeing the finale. The cameos were cool, too. I would LOVE to see a final X-files movie in 2012. Mulder, Scully, Skinner, Doggett, and Reyes could all collaborate to stop the alien invasion. The finale totally leaves this option open, although as bad as the 2008 movie did, I don't see it happening. I want to believe!