The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 20

The Truth (2)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 19, 2002 on FOX

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  • The Truth (2)

    The Truth (2) was a perfect series finale for The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because the story finished up some plot lines and really went out with a bang. There was a lot of action as Skinner, Doggett, Reyes, Scully and seemingly Kersh all help Mulder escape. It was fun watching that part and when Mulder discovered "The Wise Man" in the south who told Mulder and Scully the truth. It was quite a scary truth with interesting ties to many conspiracy theories. It was interesting to see the helicopters blow those beautiful ruins to smithereens instead of sending in a surgical strike team. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was pretty good. I enjoyed watching the series and I'm satisfied with the ending. I look forward to watching some of these amazing episodes again in the future!!!!!!!!!
  • The end of an era, 9 years come to a shocking conclusion...

    I thought that this was a fantastic episode. Chris Carter included everything that was needed for the final. The nice thing about the final is it tie up some of the long running questions we have had for years. We finally find out the truth about the aline invasion date which is December 22nd 2012.

    I liked how they brought back the Lone gunmen for the dead to say goodbye to Mulder and i also liked the story that CSM is still alive. I felt that Doggett and Reyes were left a little out of the final. Season 9 had really been all about Doggett and Reyes and for some reason it seems that this episode was really not about them.

    The X Files office is cloed down, Skinner has no control the X Files is over... I hope that its not... Anyway Mulder and Scully say goodbye in a motel room. Mulder utters the worlds 'Maybe theres hope'. I loved this episode it was a great way to end the show.There was not much else that could have been done. I have loved every episode of all of the nine seasons. This show is very special to me and will remain forever in my mind as the greatest SCIFI TV show ever made. Come back with an X Files movie 2.... I miss the show already.
  • Mediocre at best.

    I really enjoyed the series up until S7. By then it was becoming clear to me that the writers were running out of ideas and that the cast was getting bored. It hit rock bottom with S9. There was nothing left of what got me started.

    I was looking forward to having Mulder back and expected Carter to deliver us with an ending that would live up to the great quality (originally) the show was known for. Unfortunately it turned out to be nothing more than a lot of flashbacks with some bits and pieces inbetween.

    We know that the "trial" is bogus from the second we see Mulder being "prepped" for his testimony. We know the allegations to be false, we know the witnesses have zero proof to offer, the DA (or whatever he is) is presenting no witnesses but only written statements on a first degree murder case? Without even a body?
    So there's nothing new at all here. Mulder is broken out by Skinner and Kersh? What good is it to make Kersh see the error of his ways if there are no more episodes for him to be in?

    Fine so he springs Mulder from this high security military jail and they need Rohrer to set off the alarm... Had the gunmen helped out I might have come to believe this, but the way things are...
    Okay so Mulder finally is out of Jail and with Scully whom he presumably loves and has not seen for a year. What does he do? Seek out a "wise man" in the middle of nowhere to tell him what he already knows. Fine. Not only is this man CBG he reveals he wanted to help Mulder so he could see him broken and fearful. uhu. After all the crap he pulled I so wished Scully would put a bullet between his eyes, but no. The Aliens come in helicopters to blow the place up and in case you didn't get it, you see CBG engulfed in flames.

    Doggett and Reyes get there just in time to not do anything. Mulder and Scully escape. The only scene I really enjoyed was the motel scene, taking us back to the pilot. Unfortunately it is a little overwritten. And how is it that Skinner, Reyes, Doggett and Kersh are not taken out by the Super Soldiers?

    Whatever... I was just hoping I'd get more closure than this. But well it's not the worst ending in TV history (that is and remains to this day the Angel Series finale) and should there ever be an XF3 movie this finale is all you need to watch to get back on track. (if you don't have the time to watch the whole series again ;) )
  • Sad this show had to come to an end. Who knows how long it would have lasted if FOX and David Duchovney didn't have the contract dispute and if they could have come up with better scripts?

    I was actually expecting more closure in the show.
    So Mulder and Sculley are now on the run?
    The last alien evasian is coming in Dec of 2012; so is Chris Carter planning a movie or TV movie then?
    I like how Mulder and Scully finally come together in front of everyone, even though I'm sure everyone knew how they felt for each other. I'm disappointed the show had to come to an end but you can tell that with out Sculley and Mulder together, it was lagging towards the end. Plus I think they were hurting for ideas as far as scripts. After the gay Brady Bunch episode, they were hurting.
  • The end of one of the greatest shows in television history, and it's got a happy ending too.

    At first I was disappointed with this episode when I first watched it but after I thought about it a bit I came to the conclusion that it is actually one of my favorite episodes. The fact that Mulder is back was great and his lines throughout this episode were truly some of his best and I really enjoyed them, especially his courtroom speech, that was brilliant.

    The episode also gives a nice summary of what has been going on over the last 9 years, some people might frown upon this but I think it was necessary because it explains everything well and I know that some of my friends were completely confused by the X-Files timeline and watching this I was able to explain it to them.

    Also, if you are a shipper this is the episode for you. There is two count em TWO kisses between Mulder and Scully in this episode, one is VERY passionate. There is also lots of cuddling. I like how this episode ended because like most X-Files episodes, they give you some closure but not total closure. I think if everything was ok and everyone lived happily ever after it would be disappointing because that's just not X-Files. X-Files gives you the chance to use your imagination to make your own conclusions which is why I love this ending. Also the ending was great because it leaves it open for another movie so, here's rootin for XF2.
  • A very open ended ending to X-Files, gives the fans as much as they can give without ending the whole story.

    -Firstly, Ya it's cool to see Mr. X, the Lone gunman, and Alex Krychek ghosts magically show up and help Mulder, but it doesn't make sense. -After trying to seeing John Dogget carry the show for a season and a half(and barely being able to) it's nice to have Mulder back. As for Monica Reyeas, kick her to the curb, she's useless in my eyes. -Also CSM is back and not as a ghost either, which is awesome. We find out when the Aliens will colonize the planet, and then we see CSM get rocket launchered in the face. Somehow i bet he's still alive though, maybe he's some weird hybrid.
    - Also that Blonde girl with the long name who worked for the UN, and the kid with the ability to read minds is back, which is sweet.

    Mulder's trial takes up most of the episode, but i liked it, as you don't know what's going to happen. In the end Mulder is found guilty, and is given the death penalty. Then he escapes with Kersh's help, which is a nice surprise. At the end of the episode, Mulder is in a motel room with Skully, and Mulder looks like he is going to have to be on the run for a while. The super soldiers still control people in the government, the Aliens are still coming to takeover the planet in 2012. This episode is clearly not meant as the end, of the X-Files, as their is a movie coming out, and this episode is clearly in a position to blend nicely into a movie. I can see how people might be pissed at the episode because of all the questions left open, but it makes sense they did it this way, as it leaves room for the new movie, or maybe even a series of movies.
  • If it has to end it has to end.

    I've already written a review really for part 1, because watching on DVD, this isn't done in two parts, but as a whole.

    But I'm really amazed by some of the low scores. If a show has to end, I can't think of a better way to do it. The whole nine years is gone over, the conspiracy explained, Mulder and Scully are together, and all the characters (dead and alive) come back. What's not to like? Plus, they don't tie it all up a neat knot. Mulder and Scully become almost fugitives, William's gone, there's no clue what happens next...

    And I like the way Mulder and Scully's relationship has come full circle to a love. The best relationships are based on friendship that changes to love and they have done that. And despite Chris Carter's insistence that the two characters weren't love interests he's found a way to bring their relationship to a great close.

    The whole 9 seasons have been on the whole brilliant. Everything has to end and I think this is as good a way of doing it. I'd have loved to see more episodes and no doubt the writers would have found ways of entertaining us more, but this is a great way to finish - some stuff wound up, but lots still to imagine.
  • i loved it

    i personally loved the end of the x-files, but i can understand why there are some people that don't like it! i love it at the end because it shows Mulder and Scully together which is what everybody wants!! i was upset that they didn't get william back though!! in the end, whatever ending the show had, somebody, somewhere wouldn't have liked it because nobody likes the fact a fantastic show is going of air! anyway i here there's going to be another movie made sometime in the future, so for the people that didn't like it, maybe a film would sum everything up for them
  • Just saw this again, yesterday, on SCIFI Channel.

    And, it was just as riveting as the first time around.

    For one thing, the various flashback clips help to reacquaint long-time fans of the show with certain continuity facts they may have forgotten.

    There's also the re-introduction of certain characters for the same reason. I was especially glad to see young Gibson, the telepathic chess prodigy, from Season 4. I had always wondered what happened to him!
    Then, there was the re-appearance of the Lone Gunmen. Mulder was still hiding out at the time of their tragic-but-courageous deaths. So, he finally gets to say good-bye to their spirits. Which, btw, I like to think were the real thing (a fringe benefit of undergoing the Healing Way in Season 3), instead of hallucinations caused by survivor's guilt.
    As for the blowing up of Cancer Man? I like to think that those missiles killed him a little more permanently than that sniper's bullet. But, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if he had Highlander-style immortality.

    Last, but not least: there's the long-sought revelation of when the Grays are supposed to invade. Three days before Christmas, 2012. Some critic at "TV Guide" (I think it was Matt Roush) said most people would forget this show had ever existed by that year. Uhm! Hello? Ever hear of "Star Trek?"

    All in all, this show is still among my top ten favorite SF series, of all time. And, viewers like me have Mr. Chris Carter to thank for that. Bravo, Mr. C!
  • After nine ends with a clip show.

    I remember watching the finale when it first aired, but it was only during a Sci-Fi reshowing the other day that I actually took the time to think it over.

    The first and second parts of this supposedly grand ending were nothing more than flashbacks and clips from older episodes. Heck, I was reminded quite a bit of Seinfeld's finale, which recieved less than stellar reviews.

    The other thing that bothered me, why spend two hours on this trial? All it did was "prove" what we had come to know over the last nine years. Yep, there's a government conspiracy...and yep there's nothing that can be done.

    How many times did they have to show that the trial was a sham? I think it was about the fourth or fifth time that there was some bogus supression of key facts that I finally just threw up my hands and said: "This is bad."

    The stuff surrounding the trial was interesting, and on it's own would've worked just as well for a finale. But as it stands, I really could've done without most of the finale. And that's unfortunate.
  • One word CRAP....

    What a dissapointment this episode was. i really had a big expectation from this shows ending. they bulit stuff up for nothing. Even people who dont like the show but watched this epsiode didn\'t like it. Its a shame when such a good show leaves in such a bad way. Leaving fans going what? thats it? But i must say it had good points too. It all didnt work out in the end though.
  • As has been with many other episodes of season nine, the finale is also disappointing and fails to make sense in certain aspects.

    (Since this is the second half of a two-part episode, I will obvious discuss the first half, as well as the second. This review will also contain spoilers, so beware if you haven't watched it already.)

    The opening sequence with Mulder breaking in to the high-security military base, and finding something "revealing" out on an unguarded computer, is despite its questionable details, quite exciting and entertaining to watch. It gave me and my sister an adrenaline kick to see Knowle Rohrer, and especially Alex Krycek return, but this kick wasn't much more intense than I have experienced in other, more cleverly written, episodes prior to this one.

    How then this double episode carries on, is both confusing and disappointing at parts, but still manages to give me those moments I'm reminded as to why I love this series so much. The return of Mulder is gripping, and then hilarious when he displays his usual quirky side, but at the same time I had expected the "reunion" to be much more emotional than what it turned out to be.

    Then that the writers decided to have the "truth revealed" in a long series of testimonies during the murder trial of Mulder... Sure, it's great for the viewer to have a sort of summary of the whole, tangled-up, conspiracy, but that could've easilly been done in a compact sort of re-telling during the opening, instead of taking up 40 minutes of the actual episode to do it. This is why I hesitantly wanted to mark this as a 'Flashback episode', but ended up giving it its proper 'Series finale', ultimately.

    Even 'series finale' is questionable, because this episode has no climactic or epic feeling whatsoever, leaving me with basically no questions answered, and with a great sense of "meh" buzzing in my head.

    What the heck is "the truth" Mulder found out, and that, apparently, CGB Spender told him and Scully near the end? I'm sorry, but I didn't catch what was so revealing and awesome about it. All I heard was a date: December 22, 2012 - that's when the final alien invasion will begin. So what?! Why is that so crazy and revealing? Why did that make Mulder want to keep it from Scully? What exactly did he find out anyway?

    In summary: This 'series finale' didn't teach me anything I didn't already know. It has many weird and questionable appearances, as well as so-called revelations, that leaves me wondering what the heck is going on with Chris Carter and his steadily declining abilities as a writer. Finally, I've never seen any series finale (or even season finale, for that matter) that has had such miniscule climactic and epic events, as 'The Truth' has. Nothing really happens. Nothing is revealed. Nothing is particularly dramatic, save the end-scene with Mulder and Scully. Bar that scene, this whole episode is ultimately awfully disappointing for a supposed ending of The X-Files.


    -Dennis Eriksson-Nyh
  • The end revealed

    Mulder and Scully flee as Mulder is falsely convicted of murder. Again the mythology of the series is laid out clearly and I sure appreciate it. Mulder has one last conversation with the Cigarette Smoking Man and CSM lets Mulder know the details the aliens plans that he didn't know. The ending with Mulder and Scully is sweet and the set up is there for any future movies.