The X-Files

Season 6 Episode 19

The Unnatural

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 25, 1999 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • [A ball comes to them and they hit it. It goes way foul.]
      Mulder: Ooh! That's good. All right, what you may find is you concentrate on hitting that little ball... The rest of the world just fades away-- all your everyday, nagging concerns.
      [Scully giggles. They hit the ball again.]
      Mulder: The ticking of your biological clock.
      [Another hit.]
      Mulder: How you probably couldn't afford that nice, new suede coat on a G-Woman's salary.
      [Another hit.]
      Mulder: How you threw away a promising career in medicine … to hunt aliens with a crackpot, albeit brilliant, partner... Getting into the heart of a global conspiracy. Your obscenely overdue triple-X bill. Oh, I... I'm sorry, Scully. Those last two problems are mine, not yours.
      [Another hit.]
      Scully: Shut up, Mulder. I'm playing baseball.

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