The X-Files

Season 6 Episode 0

The X-Files - Fight the Future (Feature Film)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 19, 1998 on FOX
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The X-Files - Fight the Future (Feature Film)
Blackwood, Texas: After falling through a hole in the ground, a young boy is infected by the alien Black Oil. One week later, in Dallas, a federal building is bombed by terrorists, killing five people, including the Blackwood boy. Mulder and Scully, now part of an FBI anti-terrorism unit, learn that the boy as well as three other victims were dead even before the bombing, cause of death: an alien virus. In the Texas desert, the agents find an agricultural complex that may hold the key to unlocking the government conspiracy surrounding the extraterrestrials and their lethal virus.moreless

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  • All is coming into the light.

    Ah yes, I remember this being a big deal at the time and hell why not, the aliens, the planetary cover ups, all that on a giant budget, bring it on. It doesn't let down. Yep at times it seems like its for show, like check out all these sweet special effect shots and stuff we couldn't do on the show but they really handled things well. The aliens are pretty damn ferocious and haunting, quite a bit actually for a PG-13 movie and all the sets, action are top notch and for the most part it all holds up.

    The story is pretty well handled, we are in the same story as before but its written in such a way that somebody who hasn't watched the show can still get down with it. It progresses well and the stakes can be felt, its epic and fitting with the rest of the series. There are only a few things I need to mention. Terry O'Quinn has played on this show before and in this film he plays another law enforcement person, they're totally different characters so that's a little strange, did they forget that they had him on the show before?

    While its kind of set in place that Fox and Dana are not working on the x files there's no mention of the fire, she says the x files have been closed but thats about it. Probably for the best to not bring in too much of the story from the show but still just a little something I noticed.

    This could have been the episode that could have ended it all and it would have been awesome but we still go forward with a smooth transition into the upcoming seasons which I assume will take everything that happened here into effect.

    Fox and Scully are both determined now and the investigation begins again.moreless
  • Nothing short of amazing

    Don't get me wrong, I like the X-Files. I enjoy watching the banter between Scully and Mulder while running around solving crazy stuff. But nearly every single episode there is this one scene or moment that is so annoying, ridiculous and/or unbelievable it just ticks me off. This first feature film had nothing of the kind. It left me stunned, wowed and thoroughly entertained all the way.

    I could've easily copied JaCkKbAuEr2424's review right here and it would refelect my opinion perfectly but I felt like writing. Although this is a movie it very much feels and watches like a regular X-Files episode. From the typical opening scene followed by a relatively slow build up while ending with a lot of action. However Fight the Future outshines every single main-arc episode because it feels so much more polished. There are a ton of memorable scene's and shots which you would not find in a regular episode. The dialogue is much better than most episodes and even the overly cliche scene's are brought with a certain flaire that is a lot of fun to watch.

    What really sets FTF apart from other X-files story arcs is that there is a sense of progress and epicness. We travel from DC to Texas to London to Antarctica to Tunisia and we finally get a clearer and more complete picture of the whole situation. Suprise, a notable character gets killed (!), like every other season finale, but this time it actually left a lasting impact. The writers gave this character a great last episode that portrayed his character perfectly while writing him off with a bang. (pun obviously intented) The ending was a little cliche but fits this show perfectly while more than ever before left me with a feeling of impending doom.

    I could probably go on and on about the great special effects or Mulder being drunk or the rather pointless but welcome appearance by the Lonely Gunmen. Long story short, this was the best damn X-files main-arc story yet.moreless
  • In the first X-Files movie, Mulder and Scully deal with an alien virus

    As the first X-Files movie opened, I couldn't help but feel everything was a bit anti-climatic. It didn't have a cinematic feel to it, and even as the movie came to an end and I realized that this truly was one of the better installments of the X-Files, I still felt like it was lacking something. But I stopped trying to search for something that clearly wasn't there; The X-Files is a TV show first and foremost, and the movie is basically an extended TV show episode with some major special effects, huge narrative jumps and an energy that might've been lacking some of the other myth-arc episodes.

    We get the return of a lot of different plots from previous seasons and episodes: the black oil, which seems to be the blood or lifeforce of the aliens, return, as does the Cigarette Smoking Man, the Well Manicured Man and a number of the villains and good guys (especially Skinner) appear for roles, both small and large. What I particularly enjoyed was the way they included the Well Manicured Man. For the longest time, he's been just muttering random menacing things to characters, but this time, he not only explains everything that's going on (the black oil is mixing with human DNA and creating new alien life that is born out of humans) and before he leaves Mulder and is killed off for good, he seems to almost, or at least somewhat, redeem himself by letting Mulder know the truth and ignoring his orders to kill Mulder.

    We also get a slew of great effects, particularly at the end of the movie, after Scully is kidnapped and brought all the way to Antarctica. It appears that one of the plans that this Syndicate has had is to breed humans and alien DNA with each other in order to colonize the world. They also seem to be storing any of these new alien races in a gigantic UFO underneath the ground. The scene where Mulder walks into the UFO is incredible; it shows exactly what the movie allowed Chris Carter to do.

    We also get a moment that seems incredibly close to putting Mulder and Scully together, their lips nearly touching, and of course, they're yanked away at the last second. I also have to give some props to Martin Landau; he does a great job in his limited role as a crazy scientist who helps Mulder figure out the conspiracy.

    The movie was certainly a nice break from the typical TV format, but I'm excited to see where the show goes for the final four seasons.moreless
  • I owe you everything, and Scully, you owe me nothing

    The first big screen adaptation of The X-Files series is a smart film that deepens furthermore the mythology of the series.

    With The X-Files shut down, Mulder and Scully are now part of an FBI anti-terrorism unit. After a bomb explodes in a federal building in Dallas, Mulder and Scully suspect that's a distraction for a bigger threat which leads them first to an agriculture complex in Texas and finally to a secret installation in Antarctica which holds the truth about the colonization of the planet by an alien race.

    Fight the Future is a fantastic film both for hard-core fans of the series and casual viewers. It successfully combines the action and the special effects of a summer movie with all the elements that made the series so popular. The writing, acting and directing are amazing, Mulder and Scully's chemistry is as strong as always and Mark Snow did a great job in the score. The hallway scene between Mulder and Scully is one of the most beautifully written scenes and I loved The Lone Gunmen and Skinner's brief appearance.moreless
  • X-Files Fight The Future

    The fist X-Files movie is slightly the better of the two.As Mulder and Scully are just getting over a bombing,Scully decides to leave and continue in medicine.As Mulder practically begs her to stay,they almost share a kiss but Scully is stung by a bee carrying a deadly virus.The Syndicates pose as EMT's and take Scully to Antarctica,where there is a base with alien technology.Mulder has to travel to Antarctia to save her."The Well Manicured Man" gives Mulder,Scully's location and the vaccine to cure her of the alien technology that had been put inside her.Mulder and Scully,by the end,return to DC safely.

    This movie was great.The adventureous nature is 10x better than that of XF2.Though Gillian/Scully has a small part,Mulder/David's performance is phenomanl to a point where it's Extraterrestrial.I give this movie 100 thumbs up.Though it was made in 1998 the picture quality is equal or surpasses those of the 21st century.The 10 year difference doesn't play a factor.It's as fresh as the day Chris Carter said,"That's A Wrap!"

    This movie is one of my personal favorites.

Martin Landau

Martin Landau

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • A lot of actors who appeared in this film have appeared throughout popular sci-fi/fantasy shows:

      T.W. King - FBI Agent on Roof - Andy Treadeau in Charmed.

      Gary Grubbs - Fire Captain - Roger Burkle in Angel (and a past X-Files episode).

      Steve Rankin - Field Agent - Tara McClay's Father in Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

      Lucas Black - Stevie - Caleb in American Gothic. One of Stevie friends in the film was played by Christopher Fennell, who also played Caleb's best friend Boone in American Gothic.

      Terry O'Quinn - Darius Michaud - John Locke in Lost. Terry O'Quinn is also famous for playing Peter Watts in Millennium, another Chris Carter-created TV show. Although Millennium was later proven to exist in the same universe as X-Files following a the season 7 crossover episode 'Millennium', the character he plays here is entirely separate.

    • Scully's exact address is:
      107 E. Cordova St. Apt. 35
      Georgetown, VA 24026

  • QUOTES (35)

    • Mulder: You told me you had answers!
      Kurtzweil: Yes, but I don't have them all.

    • (After shooting the driver the head)
      Well-Manicured Man: Get out of the car.
      Mulder: (expecting to be next) Why? The upholstery is already ruined.

    • Well-Manicured Man: Your aliens, Agent Mulder, your little green men arrived here millions of years ago.

    • Bronschweig: (On the phone) It's Bronschweig. Sir, the impossible scenario we never planned for? Well, we better come up with a plan.

    • Mulder: You know, one is the loneliest number.

    • Skinner: Agent Mulder, you and I both know that if it looks bad, it's bad for the FBI. Blame has to be assigned somewhere.

    • Scully: I saw your face Mulder. There was a definite moment of panic.
      Mulder: You've never seen me panic. When I panic, I make this face.
      (remains impassive)

    • Bronschweig: So much for little green men.
      Strughold: He is but one man. One man alone cannot fight the future.

    • Scully: (after tricking Mulder into the door being locked) I had you.
      Mulder: No, you didn't.
      Scully: Oh, yeah. I had you big time.

    • Mulder: (To Scully) Whaddya want? Coke, Pepsi, saline IV?

    • Cigarette Smoking Man: Everybody down below. We may have a security breach. If you're not armed, arm yourselves.

    • Mulder: What are we doing up here, Scully? It's hotter than hell.

    • Scully: Here I am in the middle of nowhere, Texas, chasing phantom tanker trucks.

    • Scully: Are you drunk, Mulder?
      Mulder: I was until about 20 minutes ago.
      Scully: Was that before or after you decided to come here?

    • Langly: What can we do?
      Mulder: You can strip Byers naked.
      Byers: What?
      Mulder: I need your clothes.

    • (Mulder wakes up and sees that he is in the hospital)
      Mulder: What am I doing here?
      Byers: The bullet grazed your brow and glaced off your temporal plate.
      Langley: Three centimeters to the left and we'd all be playing harps right now.

    • Fox Mulder (on the phone, looking at the bomb): Scully, you know that face I just showed you? I'm making it again.

    • Scully: Any thoughts as to why anybody would be growing corn in the middle of the desert?

    • Mulder: Those could be giant Jiffy-Pop poppers.

    • Mulder: Five years together Scully, how many times I been wrong? Never. Not driving, anyway.

    • Mulder: I owe you everything, and Scully, you owe me nothing.

    • Scully: I need this building evacuated and cleared out in ten minutes. I need you to get on the phone and tell the fire department to block off the city center in a one mile radius around the building. Don't think! Just pick up the phone and make it happen!

    • Mulder: Whatever happened to playing a hunch, Scully? The element of surprise, random acts of unpredictability? If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.

    • Mulder: Maybe we should call in a bomb threat to Houston. I think it's free beer night at the Astrodome.

    • Mulder: Awww, I woke you... Did I wake you?
      Scully: No.
      Mulder: Why not? It's three in the morning...

    • Scully: (After regaining consciousness, whispering in Mulder's ear) I had you big time.

    • Well-Manicured Man: Trust no one, Mr. Mulder.

    • Mulder: (to Byers, Langly and Frohike) Oh my God. Cowardly Lion. Scarecrow. Toto!

    • Scully: Why did they assign me to you in the first place, Mulder? To debunk your work, to rein you in, to shut you down.
      Mulder: But you saved me! As difficult and as frustrating as it's been sometimes, your goddamned strict rationalism and science have saved me a thousand times over! You've kept me honest, you've made me a whole person. I owe you everything, Scully, and you owe me nothing. I don't know if I wanna do this alone. I don't even know if I can and if I quit now, they win.

    • Scully: Well, we're FBI Agents.
      Kid: You're not FBI Agents.
      Mulder: How do you know?
      Kid: Cause ya'll look like door-to-door salesmen.

    • Well-Manicured Man: Kill Mulder, we take the risk of turning one man's quest into a crusade.
      Strughold: Then you must take away what he holds most valuable. That with which he can't live without.

    • Mulder: A plague?
      Kurtzweil: The plague to end all plagues, Agent Mulder. A silent weapon for a quiet war. The sytematic release of an indiscriminant organism for which the men who will bring it on still have no cure! They've been working on this for fifty years! While the rest of the world have been fighting gooks and commies, these men have been secretly negotiating a planned armageddon!
      Mulder: Negotiating with whom?
      Kutzweil: I think you know. The timetable has been set. It will happen on a holiday, when people are away from their homes. The president will declare a state of emergency, at which time all government, all federal agencies, will come under the power of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA, the secret government.
      Mulder: And they call me paranoid.

    • Detective: (about Dr. Kurtzweil) You looking for him for some other reason?
      Mulder: Yeah, I had an appointment for a pelvic examination.

    • Mulder: I'm the key figure in an on-going government charade, the plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extraterrestrials. It's a global conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest levels of power, that reaches down into the lives of every man, woman, and child on this planet. So, of course, no one believes me. I'm an annoyance to my superiors, a joke to my peers. They call me Spooky. Spooky Mulder, whose sister was abducted by aliens when he was just a kid and who now chases after little green men with a badge and a gun, shouting to the heavens or to anyone who will listen that the fix is in, that the sky is falling and when it hits it's gonna be the shit-storm of all time.

    • Mulder: Whatever you told them in there, Scully, you don't have to protect me.
      Scully: All I told them was the truth.
      Mulder: They're trying to divide us on this and we can't let them.
      Scully: Mulder, they have divided us. They're splitting us up.

  • NOTES (13)

    • Several actors who have appeared in previous and/or future episodes of the show guest starred in the feature movie: Terry O'Quinn (Aubrey, Trust No1) Steve Rankin (Orison), Gary Grubbs (Our Town) and Jason Beghe (Darkness Falls).

    • When Mulder is in the alleyway by the bar, there's a poster of the film "Independence Day" nearby. Chris Carter hated the film and deliberately wanted Mulder to relieve himself by it.

    • Exterior shots of the Well-Manicured Man's residence in London were shot at a house in Pasadena that was used as the exterior location of the Wayne Manor in the "Batman" television series.

    • Although there were nearly 300,000 bees used during the shooting of the dome scene, only a handful of crew members were stung.

    • When the crew was shooting the cornfield scenes, a teenager had managed to get past security and was hiding inside the cornfield. He was able to videotape the actors in the field and the huge white domes. He sold the footage to a local news station and thus revealed some of the key locations for the X-Files movie nearly a year before the movie was due to hit the big screen.

    • Of the three young actors playing Stevie's friends, only one had any previous acting experience.

    • When Gillian Anderson was filming the rooftop scene, she had an allergic reaction to the sunscreen used by the make-up department to simulate sweat.

    • During the first week of principal photography, the second-unit crew was stranded for 2 days on a glacier near Vancouver as bad weather conditions prevented the helicopter, which had taken them up there, to come and pick them up. They spent the night in the ice station set while the temperature outside dropped down to the low twenties.

    • The movie had a budget of just under $60 million.

    • The movie was shot during the hiatus between the the fourth and fifth season of "The X-Files".

    • In order to prevent the crew from making copies of the script and posting it on the Internet, the script was printed on red paper with the name of the owner placed diagonally over each page.

    • To protect the secrecy surrounding the movie, the project was given the 'code' title "Blackwood" during its production. However, the online X-Philes community quickly found out about the code title and started speculating about its possible meaning. Some ideas were even more out there than others as theories alluding to Edgar Allen Poe and MTV VJ Nina Blackwood were posted on the Internet. They were all wrong however, as "Blackwood" only refers to a fictional town in Dallas where some of the story is set.

    • The movie only had a preproduction period of 10 weeks. This is extremely short as a normal feature film of this scale would prep from eight months to a year.