The X-Files

Season 6 Episode 0

The X-Files - Fight the Future (Feature Film)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 19, 1998 on FOX

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  • All is coming into the light.

    Ah yes, I remember this being a big deal at the time and hell why not, the aliens, the planetary cover ups, all that on a giant budget, bring it on. It doesn't let down. Yep at times it seems like its for show, like check out all these sweet special effect shots and stuff we couldn't do on the show but they really handled things well. The aliens are pretty damn ferocious and haunting, quite a bit actually for a PG-13 movie and all the sets, action are top notch and for the most part it all holds up.

    The story is pretty well handled, we are in the same story as before but its written in such a way that somebody who hasn't watched the show can still get down with it. It progresses well and the stakes can be felt, its epic and fitting with the rest of the series. There are only a few things I need to mention. Terry O'Quinn has played on this show before and in this film he plays another law enforcement person, they're totally different characters so that's a little strange, did they forget that they had him on the show before?

    While its kind of set in place that Fox and Dana are not working on the x files there's no mention of the fire, she says the x files have been closed but thats about it. Probably for the best to not bring in too much of the story from the show but still just a little something I noticed.

    This could have been the episode that could have ended it all and it would have been awesome but we still go forward with a smooth transition into the upcoming seasons which I assume will take everything that happened here into effect.

    Fox and Scully are both determined now and the investigation begins again.
  • Nothing short of amazing

    Don't get me wrong, I like the X-Files. I enjoy watching the banter between Scully and Mulder while running around solving crazy stuff. But nearly every single episode there is this one scene or moment that is so annoying, ridiculous and/or unbelievable it just ticks me off. This first feature film had nothing of the kind. It left me stunned, wowed and thoroughly entertained all the way.

    I could've easily copied JaCkKbAuEr2424's review right here and it would refelect my opinion perfectly but I felt like writing. Although this is a movie it very much feels and watches like a regular X-Files episode. From the typical opening scene followed by a relatively slow build up while ending with a lot of action. However Fight the Future outshines every single main-arc episode because it feels so much more polished. There are a ton of memorable scene's and shots which you would not find in a regular episode. The dialogue is much better than most episodes and even the overly cliche scene's are brought with a certain flaire that is a lot of fun to watch.

    What really sets FTF apart from other X-files story arcs is that there is a sense of progress and epicness. We travel from DC to Texas to London to Antarctica to Tunisia and we finally get a clearer and more complete picture of the whole situation. Suprise, a notable character gets killed (!), like every other season finale, but this time it actually left a lasting impact. The writers gave this character a great last episode that portrayed his character perfectly while writing him off with a bang. (pun obviously intented) The ending was a little cliche but fits this show perfectly while more than ever before left me with a feeling of impending doom.

    I could probably go on and on about the great special effects or Mulder being drunk or the rather pointless but welcome appearance by the Lonely Gunmen. Long story short, this was the best damn X-files main-arc story yet.
  • In the first X-Files movie, Mulder and Scully deal with an alien virus

    As the first X-Files movie opened, I couldn't help but feel everything was a bit anti-climatic. It didn't have a cinematic feel to it, and even as the movie came to an end and I realized that this truly was one of the better installments of the X-Files, I still felt like it was lacking something. But I stopped trying to search for something that clearly wasn't there; The X-Files is a TV show first and foremost, and the movie is basically an extended TV show episode with some major special effects, huge narrative jumps and an energy that might've been lacking some of the other myth-arc episodes.

    We get the return of a lot of different plots from previous seasons and episodes: the black oil, which seems to be the blood or lifeforce of the aliens, return, as does the Cigarette Smoking Man, the Well Manicured Man and a number of the villains and good guys (especially Skinner) appear for roles, both small and large. What I particularly enjoyed was the way they included the Well Manicured Man. For the longest time, he's been just muttering random menacing things to characters, but this time, he not only explains everything that's going on (the black oil is mixing with human DNA and creating new alien life that is born out of humans) and before he leaves Mulder and is killed off for good, he seems to almost, or at least somewhat, redeem himself by letting Mulder know the truth and ignoring his orders to kill Mulder.

    We also get a slew of great effects, particularly at the end of the movie, after Scully is kidnapped and brought all the way to Antarctica. It appears that one of the plans that this Syndicate has had is to breed humans and alien DNA with each other in order to colonize the world. They also seem to be storing any of these new alien races in a gigantic UFO underneath the ground. The scene where Mulder walks into the UFO is incredible; it shows exactly what the movie allowed Chris Carter to do.

    We also get a moment that seems incredibly close to putting Mulder and Scully together, their lips nearly touching, and of course, they're yanked away at the last second. I also have to give some props to Martin Landau; he does a great job in his limited role as a crazy scientist who helps Mulder figure out the conspiracy.

    The movie was certainly a nice break from the typical TV format, but I'm excited to see where the show goes for the final four seasons.
  • I owe you everything, and Scully, you owe me nothing

    The first big screen adaptation of The X-Files series is a smart film that deepens furthermore the mythology of the series.

    With The X-Files shut down, Mulder and Scully are now part of an FBI anti-terrorism unit. After a bomb explodes in a federal building in Dallas, Mulder and Scully suspect that's a distraction for a bigger threat which leads them first to an agriculture complex in Texas and finally to a secret installation in Antarctica which holds the truth about the colonization of the planet by an alien race.
    Fight the Future is a fantastic film both for hard-core fans of the series and casual viewers. It successfully combines the action and the special effects of a summer movie with all the elements that made the series so popular. The writing, acting and directing are amazing, Mulder and Scully's chemistry is as strong as always and Mark Snow did a great job in the score. The hallway scene between Mulder and Scully is one of the most beautifully written scenes and I loved The Lone Gunmen and Skinner's brief appearance.
  • X-Files Fight The Future

    The fist X-Files movie is slightly the better of the two.As Mulder and Scully are just getting over a bombing,Scully decides to leave and continue in medicine.As Mulder practically begs her to stay,they almost share a kiss but Scully is stung by a bee carrying a deadly virus.The Syndicates pose as EMT's and take Scully to Antarctica,where there is a base with alien technology.Mulder has to travel to Antarctia to save her."The Well Manicured Man" gives Mulder,Scully's location and the vaccine to cure her of the alien technology that had been put inside her.Mulder and Scully,by the end,return to DC safely.
    This movie was great.The adventureous nature is 10x better than that of XF2.Though Gillian/Scully has a small part,Mulder/David's performance is phenomanl to a point where it's Extraterrestrial.I give this movie 100 thumbs up.Though it was made in 1998 the picture quality is equal or surpasses those of the 21st century.The 10 year difference doesn't play a factor.It's as fresh as the day Chris Carter said,"That's A Wrap!"

    This movie is one of my personal favorites.
  • Mulder & Scully's first adventure on the big screen - I still love it!

    I was 14 when Fight The Future hit the theatres. I went to see it 4 times, if I remember correctly. I absolutely loved it. Ten years later it's still one of my favorite movies! I remember how disappointed people were in 1998. Much the same to what we got with the second movie now actually... I've never understood what's bad about FTF. The show couldn't have made a better movie appearance IMO. This film fits the show's atmosphere perfectly. FTF is mysterious, it's paranoid, it's deeply romantic, it's beautifully filmed...and Mark Snow delivered a score that's just brilliant. I still listen to that soundtrack. It's one of the best ever produced! And Gillian & David deliver quality acting as always. All of the actors are very good and fit their roles. The movie starts off quite creepy with some prehistoric aliens killing two hunters. The next scene of the boy falling into the cave is even better. I've always been fond of the black oil *g* The first scene that introduces Scully (and Mulder) is just too sweet. What could have been more fitting than making her first line "Mulder, it's me." ? The whole conversation with Mulder is so cute and funny. There is a lot of subtle humour in FTF, despite the creepy storyline, which adds to the typical X Files feeling. The following bomb sequence is great. Very exciting, loved the way Scully orders people around and yells at Mulder. I liked how the movie picked up on the character development. There's a lot happening between Mulder & Scully. Her decision to quit functions as the perfect situation to show how much they've come to need one other. And the interrupted kiss is a nice gift (although a bit of a mean one) to the fans. I think it's the first time the love between them is acknowledged so openly. I'm glad they saved it for the movie which makes it all the more special.
    The scenes with Kurtzweil are great. What would X Files be without some sort of informant? And in good X Files manner, the informant always dies. So does the Well-Manicured Man. That really made me sad. I liked him a lot. The car scene is excellent, though. Pure X Files conspiracy genius, if you ask me. So many great scenes in this movie... the cornfield chase, Mulder's nighttime visit to Scully, the last Arctic scene...even the spaceship looked pretty cool. I've always found the accompanying music theme strangely unfitting but that's only one minor thing I would have changed *g* If a third movie should actually be produced, I hope it will be as mysterious and atmospheric as FTF. Then again, if we get the invasion, we probably get something more in the line of War of the Worlds...which might not be ideal for The X Files.
  • This is awesome...

    How do you know you have a great TV show? Thta's easy you can make a movie in the middle of the series run. This movie takes place between seasons 5 and 6 and it ddeals with the alien disease or the black oil as us fans call it. This movie had everything the tv show had and a little more. Mulder's humor, Scully's skeptisism and oh yeah- A UFO. I would recommend that you not watch this movie unless you have see the first 5 seasons because it can be a little confusing. Throughout the movie we get to see supporting characters ffrom the tv show like Skinner, The Lone Gunmen, and The cigarette smoking man. I loved the special effects at the end of the movie with the UFO. This movie is a must see for X-Files fans. Now I'm off to watch season 6.
  • A great continuation of an awesome series.

    This movie was excellent. Everyone involved in the making of the film did an outstanding job, and of course, the acting was amazing! This movie embodies everything that made me fall in love with the show. I first watched seasons one and two and then went to see the movie that just came out, and was disappointed. It was an okay movie, but not what I expected for the coming back of such a great show. So naturally, I was worried that this movie would be very similar, but I was very happily surprised at how great the movie was. Great job to everyone involved in the making of the film. It was much enjoyed and I am now ready to pick up on season 6 with much enthusiasm! X-philes young and old will love this one! Do enjoy, Dru.
  • OMG alien virius!

    I absolutely loved this movie it was amazing!! I loved Mulder's panic face and the fact that he and Scully were on the wrong building and happened to find the bomb! I loved Mulder finding the bomb in the soda machine and getting locked in there! Oh and Scully trying to make Mulder believe they were locked on the roof was hilarious! And Mulder saying they should call in a bomb scare to the Astrodome for free beer night was brilliant!!

    The bomb guy obviously had a hidden agenda though and I found that much to be obvious from the moment he told everyone to get out! The cover up though wasn't as obvious. And the soda machine seemed to just mysteriously open while Mulder was on the phone with Scully and banging on the door! I loved hearing Scully all commanding too it was hot!

    Mulder getting drunk and taking a cab to Scully's place after was funny. I enjoyed seeing him trying to take her back to Dallas at three in the morning.

    Scully trying to take the heat for Mulder in the professional evaluation was great they'd both cover for the other and it was sweet. Scully deciding that she was going to leave the bureau was so incredibly sad though, but I loved the fact that she came to tell Mulder about leaving to become a doctor. Their almost kiss was so cute and the bee sting was scary. Scully is infected!

    The car chase to find the direction the tanker when in was great! I loved Mulder's driving, Scully wanted to go right and he wanted to go left so he just drove straight instead. Mulder was willing to go to Antartica to find Scully and I loved when he actually found her and he had to break her out of that ice! I was terrified that something was going to happen to him when he fell down that hole in the snow! And I loved Scully trying to joke around when she was freezing to death.

    This entire movie was absolutely brilliant and funny and adorable!
  • The X-Files section has been closed. Mulder is losing interest in the work he is doing. He needs the X-Files to be re-open, and a terrorist attack in a building give him the chance to show the attack was not casual.

    I remember that when this episode was launched on cinemas, I thought the Tv series had nothing more to show to us. After some very poor episodes, thay wanted to do something big for the big screen... and they achieved it.

    This episode, at the beginning seem to be more a policial one than a phenomenon series, as it used to be... but when the chapter begins to roll... you'll be caught to your screen and yo'ull have 2 hours of fun watching if Mulder and Scully get the information they are looking for. And in this episode you can see some alien appearing... and they don't seem to be good.
  • mulder and scully go after an alien virus.

    i loved this movie...the black ooze is back... i though the film was very well written and was a good placement between seasons 5 and 6. the characters are great and the story line is good as well....mulder and scully go after another gvmt. conspiracy and you learn a lil more about mulders father. the bee scene is one of my favorites. mulder and scully go into a giant unmarked dome which houses thousands of bees..they are then chased through cornfields by unmarked black is an exciting dramatic scene...i give this movie 2 thumbs up..any x files fan shuld c this film
  • A great continuation of the quest for the truth, super fun and clever.

    Well this is a relief, It's a good movie. Watch it, love it like I did. A mostly serious, but rather funny(in a good way) and well written movie. Mark Landau is an awesome actor in this movie and I really liked him as the Deep Throat character. This movie leaves you quite breathless at the start, it just flies for about 40 minutes and then slows down a bit but then CC throws in the Hallway scene, in my opinion one of the greatest moments of X-Files. The chemistry between Mulder and Scully is as strong as ever and their relationship greatly develops in this movie. Just watch the hallway scene, shippers, your hearts will melt. They are very sexy together. The special effects are very well done, especially the explosion. I hear a lot of people complaining about the end and how it looks totally fake but I thought it looked real enough and it gave off a great atmosphere. Going back to the pacing of the movie, after the hallway scene it really starts to pickup until the final conclusion of the movie. I loved the Well Manicured Man in this movie too, it's sad what happens to him thought.(Can't say Spoilers :D) Duchovny is absolutely hilarious in this movie and it brings some humor to a otherwise scary and dark movie. Take my advice and go watch this, even if your not into X-Files it explains enough that it will not confuse you and it is a great stand alone film. The pacing is non stop, fun, and occasionally very emotional.
  • the X-Files fight the furure, the X-Files feature film which took place between seasons 3 and 4.

    When a terrorist bomb is alowed to explode by a high authoritised FBI agent, special agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) uncover an ancient secret that could bring an end to all humanity. As the pair attempt to hunt down the truth behind an ancient extraterrestrial plague ("the plague to end all plagues..."), Having to fight against enemys and obsticles they have never encounterd before and an enemy who will be showing up again later in the series (did i say too much?). It's a race for agent Mulder to save the future of all humanity and his partners life.
  • The culmination of the original mythology arc

    I remember watching this film the night of the premiere. Despite having missed a number of episodes in the fourth and fifth seasons due to a fading interest in non-mythology episodes, I was drawn to the possibilities of a big-screen resolution to any number of questions. OK, so answers were few and far between, but that was easily my favorite film of 1998. Before I bought any of the episodes on video, I had the film. Ironically, this was the final addition to my franchise DVD collection!

    As an aside, as one might expect, "Fight the Future" was very important to my interpretation of the mythology. Even though I've been threading my ideas about the mythology throughout my reviews for the episodes, the intersection between the film and the mythology begs for a deeper analysis. So I touch on the tapestry of the mythology along the way. For those who have read my fan fiction (or may be interested), a lot of elements are outlined in the various sections for the film.

    Here's my review page for "X-Files: Fight the Future":

    Overall, the question is whether or not the film succeeded in what it tried to accomplish. The answer is a qualified “yes”. The film introduced the series and the characters to a much wider audience; the number of fans who cite the film as their first experience with “X-Files” is a testimony to that fact. It also marks the end of the series’ mythology as it was first conceived; none of the extensions to the mythology arc following the film seemed nearly as well-considered.

    The writing, as noted, is a matter of feast or famine. “Fight the Future” has some of the best character work for Mulder and Scully, because it is the logical extension of the best moments between them over the course of the first five seasons. But the Syndicate and the conspiracy scenes aren’t given enough context to make sense, and the third act is riddled with plot holes the size of the “mothership”.

    Afforded the opportunity to shine on a wider canvas, Duchovny and Anderson deliver iconic performances as Mulder and Scully. If the characters were somewhat less complicated to allow for fresh audience members, then the actors gave the performances the context necessary for the more experienced fans. One can watch the film simply for those two performances.

    With more money and time to spend on the production, the film looks like the idealized form of the series. While the plot doesn’t always allow for huge effects shots, there are some beautiful moments, enhanced by color and light textures that look like nothing else on film. Some shots are oddly underwhelming (the first shot of Cancer Man comes to mind), but those are rare moments.

    In terms of content, this film has something for everyone. The ‘shippers within fandom essentially got what they wanted, within reason: confirmation that Mulder and Scully had thought about taking their relationship to the next level. Mythology fans were given most of the major answers and enough room to maneuver to keep several theories alive and well.

    The biggest problem is the fact that the series couldn’t fully integrate the film into the continuity because the writers couldn’t assume that the television viewers had seen the film. Thus it seems extraneous, given that the series went on for four more seasons and dealt with all the issues raised in the film in some other (often redundant and inferior) fashion. The result is a good film for X-Philes that is, unfortunately, all too easy to overlook.
  • It's pretty much the culmination of the first 5 years of the show. After this, the mytharc was never going to be the same. Good movie, even if you are not an crazed X-Phile.

    During the first five years of The X-Files, it felt like there really was a master plan behind the so-called "mythology arc", even if we now know that was not really the case. Yet, for during the "Vancouver era", it seemed like there was some point behind all the Syndicate plotting and half-truths and half-lies being thrown at Mulder and Scully. In short, despite some minor contradictions (which could've been taken simply as misinformation campaings from the Syndicate camp) there was really some cohesiveness.

    A big deal was made from the movie before it was premiered and the fifth season was engeneered to lead directly to it. In theory, "Fight The Future" was going to reveal what happened to Samantha Mulder, or what was The Syndicate after, or if the aliens were real or not, maybe even all of the above.

    I think the movie delivered some answers, it had a significant character death, had cameos of several secondary characters, had it's romantic moments for a specific section of the X-Philes crowd, had mood, had action and was more clever than it is credited for. The only fault I can say is that I remember levaing the theater in 1998 thinking "wow, the mythology episodes are going to be tough to pull off from now on!"

    The sixth season began right where the movie ended, and even if the "new-born alien" was carried over (and NEVER shown again), most of what happened in the movie was immeditely dismissed by the writers (which is so odd,considering it was the same group of people!). The Well-Manicured Man was never mentioned again, Scully just "couldn't remember" what went on when she and Mulder were trying to get off a UFO in antartica, Scully backpedals on identifying the virus as extraterrestrial, etc, etc.

    It's a strange movie, because, if taken by itself it's very good, but at the same time it's too linked to the tv show, and at the same time it contradicts and is contradicted by the tv show.

    Other than that, the acting, direction, production values, SFX, everything is very solid. It borrows bits and pieces of other movies, from different genres, but that was usual in the show too.

    Surely one of the best mythology pieces in The X-Files history. Undoubtedly my favorite.
  • Why I loved Fight the Future!

    Some may not have liked the movie and thought that it may not have gone with the storyline. However, I thorougly enjoyed FTF. I thought it was a really good movie for not just Philes, but for everyone to watch. You didn\'t have be an obsessed fan to go see it and that is nice. Favorite part: well, the almost-kissing scene, of course! The first time you watch you fine yourself leaning forward in the chair as they lean in towards one another. And you find your self jumping as Scully is stung and even more enthralled as she is affected by the bee she is stung with. The best scene ever! So, anyway, I think it was a really good movie and, hopefully, the first of many! Keep your fingers crossed.