The X-Files

Season 8 Episode 14

This Is Not Happening (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2001 on FOX

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  • Kill Your Sons

    This episode must have originally ran during sweeps because it has a certain self-importantness about it that is off-putting given how inconsequential the episode turns out to be. Sure, the big news is that they find Mulder, albeit seemingly dead in a field, but by now who really cares? After all, he's just going to go away again, folks. Duchovny manages to get top billing in the credits when all he does is play dead. Money for nothing, indeed...

    The real develoment here is the introduction of Monica Reyes, whose role in the series will boil down to absorbing some of the Doggett hatred. Her introduction is the very definition of pretension. For some reason, Scully has to meet her way out in the middle of the desert as Reyes strikes a pose gazing pensively out over the desert, the wind blowing her goth-black hair across her goth-white face as she rather dramatically crushes a cigarette out with her foot. It's not clear just why in the heck she has been called in by Doggett or even how such a straight-arrow as Doggett would even be associated with her, but there you go....

    Anyway, this episode is on the slow side, which is typical for two-parters. It has a warmed-over quality to it that is discouraging. With the Myth arc largely resolved and the Syndicate members all dead, the X-Files universe is feeling kinda empty at this point. It's nice to see alien spaceships again but one wonders to what purpose they are shown. After all, there is no more conspiracy between the aliens and the government and so the aliens are essentially free to do alien-type things outside the influence of man. In other words, the human interest in their actions has evaporated and it's hard to care so much about their antics.