The X-Files

Season 6 Episode 20

Three of a Kind

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 02, 1999 on FOX

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  • Three of a Kind

    Three of a Kind was another very entertaining and perfect episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development as the Lone Gunmen encounter Susanne Modeski at a convention. I liked how the guys called Scully pretending to be Mulder. It was fun watching every one work together to figure out what was going on and to save Susanne. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The Lone Gunmen and Suzanne Modeski return.

    I actually liked the first full Lone Gunmen episode we got in Season 5, and just like Season 5, this episode brings the Lone Gunmen together with just one of our main stars, this time Scully.. however, despite the cast being pretty strong as usual, with their usual witty banter, something about the episode felt off. Maybe it's the fact that this season has been completely aimless, but it just added to a feeling of unease about the show that I've been getting with certain episodes lately.

    Suzanne Modeski, the woman from the "Unusual Suspects" episode, returns, this time with a fiancee and connections to a mysterious group of men who are responsible for mind control and other devious experiments. Byers, who is still enamored by her, attempts to figure out the truth behind her being involved with these people and ends up learning that she's come to love the man she's with and they're trying to escape the grasps of the bad men.

    As I said before, stuck in the middle of a weaker season, this episode doesn't do nearly enough to keep me engaged. I love the Lone Gunmen, and Scully under the influence of that drug was great, but there was just too much going on.. and what the heck was up with the random Morris Fletcher appearance? If you're going to bring him back, at least make it significant.
  • Another Lone Gunmen episode...

    You could say that this episode is a conclusion to the season 5 episode "Unusual Suspects" again this episode features The Lone Gunmen in a starring role. I think it's good every once and a while to have your supporting characters star in an episode. The Lone Gunmen are my favorite supporting characters so I really enjoy the episodes that they feature in. Like I said this is a conclusion and the gunmen meet Susan Modeski again after 10 years. I loved the humor in this episode, whenever we get the Gunmen together you know its going to be funny. Especially Scully in this episode it was so out of character for her, but still good to see a change. Of all the people Morris Fletcher turns up for a brief cameo, that was excellent. The only thing that disapointed me was tthat Mulder was no where to be seen. But, oh well.
  • This was an episode dedicated to the character development of the supporting cast as much as anything.

    This episode follows on from series 5 ep: Unusual Suspects and shows us how affected by Susanne Modeski's disappearance John F. Byres was. That was during a Def-Con meeting and here we have them again around 10 years later, tying up the loose ends. Byres has been attending these conventions every year since, to try and meet the woman who has haunted his dreams, and gets lucky this time. Scully appears in this episode but it would seem only to add some comedy sass to the plot. (When she is drugged up and looking seductively for a light for her cigarette at the bar). Mulder does not appear (though his voice is heard). This ep really centred on furthering the character development of the Lone Gunmen.
  • "I just can't decide who lights my fire!" (Scully)

    This is a soooo great episode!
    I love the ones with TLG... and Scully was so funny!
    She was totally drugged and said so funny things!
    Especially the scene, where she sits in the middle of about 15 man and is flirting with all of them at the same time! They all totally want her!
    I love to see her laughing! That brings me joy!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    So I can just say: watch it!
  • As a follow-up to last season's "Unusual Suspects," this episode provides a worthy conclusion.

    For the second episode in a row we get an episode without the usual Mulder/Scully format. This was a good point in the series to develop supporting characters and their ongoing role. Interestingly enough, neither this episode nor "The Unnatural" accomplished that, but they were both still quality entertainment. "3 of a Kind" tells a story largely separate from the x-files. It incorporates a glossed over government conspiracy but this is not the strength of this episode. J.F. Byers takes center stage and reveals his dreams. He is haunted by his meeting with Suzanne Modeski in 1990 at a DefCon. He is nearly as concerned about her fate as he is the fate of his country. But in the end he chooses the unfortunate fate of most heroes and resists the comforts of a family with Suzanne in order to continue his quest with Langley and Frohike. That plot was a little weak and I would have been interested in the role of X after Modeski's disappearance.
    The characterizations of the individual gunmen are intersting. Frohike seems more perceptive to Byers' internal conflict and Langley seems, especially in comparison, like a jerk. This is fairly consistent with their meetings in 1990 and their role on the x-files since.
    Scully's appearance is clearly meant as comic relief and it works to an extent. But I wonder why she is the only one affected by the "suggestibility" injection the way she is. It is probably because she was not accounted for by Timmy (was that his name?) in the first place and he is just trying to get her out of the way. The episode is a good conclusion the the lone gunmen's separate adventures as we know of them. It might be a little out of place in the course of the season but I'm not sure where it might have worked better. Maybe soon after Two Fathers/One Son? In the end, the episode suffered a little by the absence of Mulder entirely and any real "X-File" case. Writing 1/2 Directing 2/2 Acting 1/2 Character 2/2 Entertainment 1/2: 7/10
  • Laughing Gas Or Too Much Gas?

    Season Six limps toward its conclusion with this disposable remake of The Manchurian Candidate. Mulder is completely absent, save a few sound bites, and Scully appears in another comic role that is way out of character but that she seems to enjoy playing. It's fairly obvious that she too, like Duchovny, feels the need to break away from the confines of her usual character.

    As with Season Five's "Unnatural Suspects," the Lone Gunman carry this episode, which is a sequel of sorts to that episode since Susanne Medeski reappears. The actress playing her still can't act, which seems intentional so as to give the episode a kitschy noir feel. It's annoying, though, and she has zero chemistry with Byers, which again is supposed to be ironic and clever and all.

    Slickly done but ultimately stupid and facile. For those who claim the X-Files went "light" in Season Six, this episode should be Exhibit A to their argument.
  • Sequel to last season's "Usual Suspects", The Lone Gunmen take center stage.

    Scully and the Gunmen are a delightfully eccentric mix, and it's nice to see the payoff of the Susanne Modeski story. Byer's dream in the opening is somehow a completely oddball, out-of-left-field way to start the episode, and yet a very compelling and interesting way as well. Good insight into these helpful comic relief characters that never really got any depth before.
  • The idea of makin Scully work whith the Lone Gunmen is great... it's a very good history...

    But see Scully doing stupid things, is hilarious. Scully been stupid? If the idea of Scully and the Lone Gunmen are a little funny, Scully being stupid whit the Lone Gunmen is just funnier.

    I love the way the Lone Gunmen brougth her to Las Vegas, with Mulder's voice, is very good.

    All the episode, have a good storyline, it's funny, and show a Byers whit potential...and let me say this Gillian Anderson is great! in this episode...