The X-Files

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 22, 1994 on FOX

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  • Excuse me. Could you help me find my dog?

    It didn't grab me as much as "squeeze" but the absolutely WICKED cocoon scene easily pushed my rating to an 8.
  • Eugene Tooms

    Tooms is back, and he wants his last victim so that he can og back into hibarnation for another 30 years. This time Things gets personal With Mulder, and he goes to Extremes to get this killer. He finally succeeds, there is no conspiracy in this episode either. I miss it, i remember watching these in the nineties, and i thiught there was lots more in the beginning, but i know it comes later now.
  • Tooms is back

    The episode was one of the best of the season and shows the return of Tooms after the last episode with Tooms in was left on a cliffhanger when he could possibly escape but even better for Tooms they have let him go because they don't believe he could have done it from 60 years ago.The episode was really entertaining when Mulder was following Tooms and tried to catch him trying to kill someone and this nearly got Mulder framed for beating him up.This episode is the first episode to show Skinner who will become a main character in further episodes.
  • Tooms

    Continued 1x03, marking the return of the mutant Eugene Tooms, soon after leaving the chair for good behavior. It is a dark episode, almost all the action takes place at night, and very tense in the possibility of a fresh onslaught. The visual effects (the victim is colored, the world would discolor) are great, and besides providing the aesthetic vision of the world from the eyes of Eugene, still gives a whole dynamic look very nice. Also contains a nice homage to the movie "The Fly ", with the protagonist screaming in horror at seeing a creature so hideous, it's hard to believe that a human being had been (or still is?). So spare some space for the first signs of love between Mulder and Scully, but nothing really relevant. CSM also gives the guys, but only speak two or three sentences is unimportant and smoking his cigarette, and discreet. In the end, the plot that was very satisfying gives a heavy forced "trash", breaking a little suspense that permeated the story so far. Anyway, another great episode of "The X-Files," which fulfills almost everything it promises.
  • Tooms

    Tooms was a perfect episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development, action, drama, intrigue and mystery. The scenes where the Dr.s' and Mulder testified for or against the release of Tooms was very entertaining especially as Mulder passionately made his case. I liked how Mulder followed Tooms and scared him off from that woman. It was interesting to see the Cigarette Smoking Man with Assistant Director Walter Skinner. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Ewww!

    Ewww! yellow eyed bendy boy is back! and in need of liver and a vomit + newspaper nest. Eugene Tooms, the genetic mutant, is released from the sanitarium and Mulder becomes personally involved to ensure that he is caught in the act of getting the last human liver he needs to go into hibernation for another 30 years. Mulder wants to catch him in the act and follows him around town trying to describe his pretend dog to the scary dog catcher aka tooms. Maybe the second worse x files epp i ve seen. only second to the first eugene tooms epp.
  • Sequel

    I knew "Squeeze" was too good to end like that. This is not as good as "Squeeze", but most sequels arn't. Anyway this episode is the triumphant return of Eugene Victor Tooms played by Doug Hutchison (The Green Mile) they also add Paul Ben-Victor (A Civil Action) that plays Dr. Aaron Monte who tries to help Eugene, because he truly believes he is sorry for what he has done.

    Mulder can't let this one go, because he knows Tooms will kill again. He is always where Tooms is. It kinda make you feel as annoyed as Eugene must be. You get to see a lot more of what makes him tick and it's a very enjoyable episode. In my opinion Tooms deserved more episodes, but maybe it would get boring. I'll settle for two. It's a great episode, but just don't expect the same as "Squeeze".
  • Return of the Tooms

    Tooms has the distinction of being the first sequel to a monster-of-the-week (MOTW) episode. It also has the distinction as being the first appearance of Assistant Director Walter Skinner. Also CSM speaks for the first time in this episode. This is a great episode. It's one of the better sequel episodes. It's not as creepy as Squeeze, but excels in a different way. I love the cinematography used to show Tooms point of view. When he sees a potential victim, he/she is dressed in bright blue and the surroundings turn to black and white. Mulder does his best Columbo impression in this episode. He hounds Tooms and doesn't allow him to kill like he wants. The ending was a bit unbelievable, but other than that, Tooms is another solid season one episode.

    I give Tooms a 10 out of 10
  • The change is coming

    This episode marks the end of Eugene Tooms. We see Skinner for the first time. And doing what he does better, questioning an agent, in this case Scully, about the work their doing, about the methods they're using. But I like how Scully answered every question with such a serenity. Something I have to learn from her.
    Mulder... Poor Mulder. He sort of sounded like a lunatic when he was talking about the case in the trial. He got lucky he wasn't convicted for it. The look in Scully's face said it all. I guess she just wished he shut up and sat down. What I like is Mulder's determination and passion for everything he does, and he shows it here when he's trying to convince the judge Tooms is a serial killer and needs to go back to jail.
    The whole episode is exciting. Just when you think something is going to happen, something else suprises you. Good Tooms got what he deserved. And guess what? The case was closed, just to prove the boss that they do a good job.
    Skinner's conversation with Mulder in the end is good. He's just giving him an advice. And it is necessary for Mulder. It was good Skinner was their boss because he helped them a lot and put his life in danger for them. All because he also wanted the truth.
    Favorite moment has to be the classic shipper scene of the car. "Fox--" the first an only time (I guess) Scully mentioned Mulder's first name. He interrupts her and she follows with "I wouldn't put myself on the line for anybody but you". It gives you a clue of what their relationship would be along the series.
  • You can tell he's evil! He has glowy eyes!

    It is still a mystery to me how anyone could not be crept out my Eugene Tooms. It's great credit to Doug Hutchinson that every scene he's in he owns. It would have been easy for this seemingly self-effacing man to have sunk into the background. But creepy music or not, you know where you're looking. This episode avoids being a re-hash of Squeeze; it could easily have gone down the road of Tooms stalking Scully for her tasty liver. It's just a matter of time before he's munching someone's insides. Which of the kindly people who want to help him will be the main course?

    One problem I do have is making Tooms too rational. Having him plot and plan is at odds with the vision I have of him as a hungry monster. It makes him too human. Theoretically this should make him scarier, thinking that he is capable of reasoning and knows what he is doing. But I find it too much of a diversion. After all, we've all seen things on serial killers before. Skinner is a real high point of the episode. He does just seem to be a puppet of the CSM, but there's already hints that he really cares about Mulder and Scully. Referring to Mulder's friends in Capital Hill reminds us just how high these issues go. Suddenly it's not just a MOTW case.
  • Tooms's return, great episode and most certainly a classic to the series.

    This is definitely one of the series classic! I like how the episode starts where it left off, also it is never indicated that this episode didn't take place right after the end of the first part.

    I must say as a x-file fan or at least someone who admires the series for it's clever writings, I personally thought the ending was quite lame (let's say I expected more)... Also too bad they don't show the reaction of the old man at the end.

    I personally think this episode is definitely worth re-watching over and over again as it remains one of the series classics!
  • Eugene Victer Tooms...ahh, the name you'll never forget.

    This is one of those episode that you'll...or at least I know I, will never forget. It's one of those episode that sticks out among all X-Files episode.

    In the beginning, poor Scully, when that a**...what is it, Colton? Ugh! When he made fun of her, calling her Mrs. Spooky. I love when she defended Mulder. Damn straight! Don't ya just love when Mulder shook his hand in the beginning LOL. Of course, throughout the whole case, everyone thought he was nuts and look who turned out to be right! Ha Ha

    It was a trippy episode but I LOVE IT. Once again, I'm surprised that it was rated below at least a 9 something. I'm not sure why people don't like this episode. When you say the name, "Eugene Victor Tooms" you automatically know the episodes or at least remember what it was about.

    I felt that it was very well written and definitely clever. Fingers...that stretch? Way cool! Doug Hutchinson definitely played the part well. Very well done.

  • A classic if i ever saw one. the true meaning of X-files.

    Really brings out the unnatural, instead of the paranormal extraterrestrial. good watch. i recommend it. i this episode you really get to meat scull and fox. It is an episode that i like to go back and watch often (being is that i own a few of the seasons). Not that it is the best, But it is far from the worst. I only wish that i could watch it on my i pod at school to pass the long hours after midterms...(but will not pay for such commodities). I believe that in order to call yourself a true die hard fan you must see this classic episode. also, it was well made and the screenplay was fantastic.
  • It does not get much better than Tooms

    Tooms was a mutant that we first saw in episode three (Squeeze(, since the end of than episode Tooms was locked up in a facility, now one year on, Tooms is being released because the Doctors believe that he is no longer dangerous. Mulder protests but is unbelieved. Mulder realises that if Tooms kills one more victim then he has completeed his cycle and will go back into hybernation for another 30 years.

    Mulder does what he can to stop Tooms, but is accused of beating him up and is almost suspended. Toom finally gets his last victim. Mulder than realises that he will go back to his old spot for his sleep of 30 years, they find him there under a new shopping mall. Finally Tooms gets what he deserves death. This was a fantastic episode, they don't come much better than this one, this is probably one of my favourite episodes of the whole X Files series. It was so well written by Glen Morgan and James Wong.
  • Classic stuff

    OK, let’s talk templates here. If you want to define the quintessential X File, the perfect example, then “Tooms” is probably the one you want to use. It’s got everything. It’s got a terrific monster. We loved Tooms’ first appearance in “Squeeze” at the start of the season, and it’s great to see him again. In his first episode, Doug Hutchison played Tooms as a sinister creature with a degree of normalcy. In this episode the normalcy is gone and our villain is just out-and-out creepy.

    It’s got the definitive look for “The X Files” – namely, darkness. This is probably one of the darker episodes of the season, and mainly it’s used to frame Tooms’ yellow glowing eyes. In other words, it’s used as it should be used – to create an atmosphere of menace and terror. It’s got some great Mulder and Scully byplay. The scene in the car during the stakeout springs to mind here, as Scully brings him some sustenance. This is probably one of the main starting points of the shipper movement. Whether or not it’s designed to showcase a lingering attraction between the 2 is probably by the by. What does matter is that it’s a funny scene and it’s sweetly played between our 2 leads. And let’s not forget Mulder’s search for his elkhound Heinrich.

    It’s got Mulder on a mission. A man invested and determined. A man undeterred that he was ridiculed in court, Mulder knows what’s at stake and will do anything to get there. It’s got Scully in formidable form. Does this woman look remotely shaken when she’s reeled in by the superiors and told to curb the unorthodox methods of The X Files? This is a very different Scully from the one that sat in Blevins’ office in the pilot episode. It’s got the first appearance of Mitch Pileggi as Walter Skinner. Here, he’s an authority figure reining in some of his maverick agents but already there’s some ambiguity to him. What is his relationship with the Cigarette Smoking Man (who gets his first line of dialogue in this episode)? It’s got a rattling good plot as Mulder relentlessly pursues the evil Tooms, culminating in a sweat-inducing climax under an escalator in a shopping centre.

    And it’s got the intimations of great change coming. Mulder has a hunch, nicely expressed as he regards a caterpillar chrysalis, that movements are in hand to bring about the end of the X Files as we move inexorably towards the season finale. Two quibbles: Tooms sure didn’t shed a lot of blood after being crushed by the escalator. And why bring him back so soon? Surely Morgan and Wong had plenty of other stories to tell instead of resorting to resurrecting one of their early successes. Fairly lightweight quibbles, seeing as there’s very little to fault in this sterling episode. 10/10
  • Questions and Answers

    This episode is a classic. Well-written, beautifully directed, and perfectly played by the actors. It had some real comedic gems interspersed throughout the general creepy mood, and it's the only episode so far that's actually made me jump and gasp out loud. The reason it only gets a "Great" and not "Superb" from me is because there are so many questions that I have - ones that I don't believe the writers intended us to focus on. For example, where the heck did Blevins go? Where did Skinner come from, and why are they suddenly answering to him? I also find it highly unrealistic that two federal agents could go traipsing about, killing their suspects with nary a genuine investigation into the charges. This was the most serious offense - Mulder basically kills Tooms. And yes, there is a complete justification in self defense - in that he was threatened with imminent use of unlawful physical force... but who's the corroborating witness? Scully, his partner. Not that I'm saying that Mulder wrongfully murdered Tooms, and I don't want to be one of those nit-picking fans that don't seem to understand that this is a television show. Suspension of disbelief, I know. But how much is too much? Where does Mulder sleep? From what I've seen of his apartment, he has a living room and a living room and in this episode, he sleeps on the couch. One last thing that I don't particularly like -- Mulder is purported to be highly intelligent, shrewd, top in the Academy, etc. Why is it then that he does not realize the benefit of speaking toward an audience? In the beginning, where Mulder testifies, he blindly shouts at the courtroom overriding the magistrate's banging gavel and shouts for order. Surely Mulder understands that the only way his Truth will be heard is not just by speaking at a loud volume, but delivering the message so people will HEAR it.

    It seems so counter-productive, and counter-intuitive, and all other sorts of words that start with "counter." Another plot hole that I couldn't get my mind off of (and submitted to the Trivia section) is how the old detective suddenly just "felt" that Tooms' victim was buried in that exact spot. Like I said in my submission, I understand the power of a healthy hunch, but is this guy supposed to be magical or something? How could he possibly pinpoint the exact location? That's really difficult to believe, and sort of a cheap shortcut used by the writers.

    Don't get me wrong. I love this episode. A lot. It's so creepy, and of course - character development galore. Scully attempts to call Mulder "Fox" and is corrected, gently. She tells Mulder that he is the only one that she would ever put herself on the line for, and later on puts her money where her mouth is. And forgive me, but there is something undeniably sexy about a man who takes off his jacket and tie in preparation to go after a hibernating genetic mutant.
  • Eugene Victor Tooms Returns

    Eugene Victor Tooms Returns!! This is like the “sequel” to “Squeeze". Series Ones best villain returns, and this time he’s released and he’s back to his old tricks. And again another brilliant episode, which I think is actually better than “Squeeze”, but sadly in this episode Tooms dies, which was a bummer, as he could have come back in the future, when the damn writers couldn’t think of anything to write. Anyhow this episode sees Mulder crusade against Tooms. This then leads to Mulder being framed for abuse, and Skinner gets mad. Just watch the damn episode right now (if you can)!
  • The perfect way to keep X-Files a TV Show with all the mistery and suspense it should! geniously well written

    This episode throw us back to episode 01x02 where Tooms is a mutant humanoid that only gets out of his state of hibernation for feeding: he kills 5 people just for using his liver, as base of sustaining.
    X-Files special agents Spooky and Red stoped him at episode 02, but, on this episode, he is released to society...

    This episode put us again in confrontation of \\\"realities\\\": scepticism, reality, \\\"other possibilities\\\"? Mulder makes his effort to support that the killings where made by Tooms, suporting in evidences that would suggest that Tooms is a mutant.
    Mulder fight is made at the FBI, at the court room, and in the street... in the end, we see that once again mulder was right, and something \\\"unesplained\\\" really existed in Tooms.

    An episode to shake our believes on why judge too soon? why to judge on what people make us to believe?

    PS: as I\'m portuguese, sorry about my english... greatings for all of you

  • The guy with the uncanny ability to stretch himself into very small places is back!

    Yes, it's Eugene Tooms. For some reason, psychiatrists believe he's able to be released into the community again (did they look at those eyes?) and lo and behold he's out and about and trying to choose his last foie gras feast.

    Mulder isn't about to let this happen. His testimony at Tooms's trial hasn't really helped him to have any kind of believability, even though we know he's right. And no, the grey suit wouldn't have helped!

    So Mulder becomes something of a stalker, with good reason, making sure that Tooms can't fulfil his quest and disappear for another 30 years. Then Tooms tries to frame Mulder for GBH - and Scully comes to Mulder's rescue. It's one of the first episodes where we learn that M & S's relationship, whilst not sexual in any way, is very close, and Scully reveals that she'd cover for no-one other than him.

    The ending underneath the escalator - all yellow bile and disgust - is great. And it must be one of the first, if not the only, deaths by moving stairs. Squish!

    A mention for the actor playing Tooms - another great casting. Ability to go from looking hard done by and innocent to complete and utter menace and someone you want to run from. Brilliant.
  • Tooms returns, to complete his murders... and to seek revenge.

    A nice sequal to "Squeeze", this episode not only brings back the creepy Victor Tooms, but shows the tension between Mulder and his superiors, putting Fox's job on the line in his pursuit of the killer. Nowhere near as "mysterious" as the other episodes, it none-the-less helps further the over-arching storyline and shows the conflict that can arise because of the X-Files and how they're solved. Tooms was always an interesting character, although it was a shame he only lasted two episodes; as a side note, this is probably one of the more graphic deaths in the series.
  • The one where Tooms comes back

    Tooms is a huge improvement from 'Squeeze'. But why do I still not quite care about the episode?

    - The killer, Tooms. I just couldn't feel anything for him. Sad, anger, fear. He looked like some street guy who doesn't have money and is ugly like hell. He looks retarded.
    - Plot is yawn able, it had so many plot holes. still it did, many things were unexplained at the end. Why did he hide that body? because he bit into it? It was just lame!
    - Why create another episode for 'Squeeze'? It's the same as they could have done for 'Space'.
    - Some stupid stuff, I cannot take this episode serious. First Tooms doesn't want anyone to find out that he is the killer, he tries to set Mulder up(rolls eyes) and he doesn't kill those old couple but instead he kills his lawyer? AHAHAHAHA! that's ridiculous! and just leaves the body of that man in his room. dumb writers.

    But I still enjoyed watching this episode, even though all those things above bothered me.
    - It was kinda creepy, it had a few cool moments unlike 'Squeeze'
    - It introduced Skinner and CSM
    - Some pretty cool effects like when he watched people, the way time went slowly and stuff.

    So the episode wasn't all bad, but I still can't understand the hype around it. My favorite part was when Tooms got killed by those stairways, that was neat-o.
  • An episode EVERYONE seems to remember!

    In my humble opinion ‘Tooms’ offers something to every X-Phile… UST for Shippers, a nice ‘Monster of the Week’, nerve-ruffling close calls and so on…. Being a sequel one would expect it to be worse than ‘Squeeze’, but all in all it turned out to be more successful, than its predecessor.
    It’s really strange, that even people who rarely watched the show remember this episode. When I mention ‘The X-Files’ they automatically say “Oh, I remember that guy who crawled up the toilet. I was afraid to use is for a week!” It’s just… Spooky. :)