The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 1998 on FOX

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  • The one with the flashback

    ‘Travellers’ is a very different and underrated episode. It deals with flashbacks of a man who met agent Mulder, Fox’s father.

    The teaser deals with a cop going into a house, he finds a corpse that has been completely drained out. Then someone attacks him and he shoots, it dies calling out Mulder’s name.

    Mulder is curious about that and goes to a man who worked on getting the dead guy. He worked together with his father. He tells about the past.

    The flashbacks were well done. The man in the past caught some guy and took him away from his family. In jail it looked as if he had committed suicide but the saw him outside again. So he didn’t kill himself or wasn’t dead. when he tries to arrest him the guy attacks him and something comes out of his mouth into the detective but someone else scares him away.

    The detective Bill files a report on the guy looking like he’s dead but isn’t. But then the higher detectives tell him to take back the file and lie for the greater good, because some things aren’t ready to come out yet.

    They keep finding bodies that are completely drained out, then Bill meets Mulder who tells him about the government and that Edward is trying to kill the ones that implanted the thing into him and it considers Bill and his partner to be part of that as well. That’s when Bill’s partner is attacked by Edward and killed.

    Edward was implanted with something that brings spiders into others and can’t help himself but to keep killing. When he goes to his wife he has no other choice than to do the same. Edward feels like he’s dead himself from the inside.

    When Bill finally caught Edward, Bill takes him but he lets him loose just because maybe one day the truth about that will be found out.
    Travellers was a very good attempt to focus on other characters. The flashbacks were well done and the story was well executed.