The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 15


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 1998 on FOX

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  • Mulder hears a story about his father in the past.

    If this episode occured anywhere else in the show, I might've been a bit more intrigued. But this episode comes right after a better than usual two parter myth-arc episode and also comes in a season where we already went into the past to get a view of Mulder before he met Scully. Not only does this completely pull us out of the narrative of the show but it also takes away one of the best parts of the show: the Mulder/Scully interaction.

    This episode mostly takes place back in the 50's, when the X-Files was a name given to files that were unsolved, not cases with supernatural elements to them. Mulder, before he met Scully back in 1990, was a part of the Behavior Unit with the FBI and is intrigued by a man named Edward Skur who, before he died, muttered his name. Mulder learns that Skur as a man wanted for the mysterious murders of many people in the 50's, so he visits an old FBI agent who was responsible for going after Skur.

    What we get is a mysterious episode that takes Mulder's father and plants him square in the middle of an old conspiracy that's connected with the fight to stop communism. It appears that before the government was attempting to make connections with aliens and whatnot, they were trying to stop communism from spreading, even if it meant experimenting with soldiers and inserting odd creatures into them as a means of creating a new weapon.

    The episode certainly had it's fair share of thrills and had plenty of mysterious stuff going on, but it just fell flat on its face due to the fact that we were forced to follow a character we've never met and will never follow again. Mulder was in the episode, but only as an audience member to agent Dales' story. He actually was about as useful as we are to the show: an observer. The episode was just okay, but the followthrough was just lame.