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  • Season 0 Inside The X-Files

  • Trivia: Samantha Mulder's X-File number is X-40253.

  • Trivia: Mulder has a photographic memory and the uncanny ability to process information and leap ahead to logical conclusions. Source:

  • Trivia: Scully uses a Sig-Sauerp230 gun.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

  • According to Dana Scully, Mulder was nicknamed "Spooky Mulder" back when was in the FBI Academy, due to his strange and bizarre behaviour towards others.

  • BelleFleur (where this episode takes place) is French for "beautiful flower."

  • As CSM is leaving the Pentagon's evidence room, the camera pulls back through an open door, which CSM exits and then locks. While this is a neat shot, it brings a question to mind: Why was the door to this highly secured and top secret evidence room left open while CSM was inside?

  • Visible Prop: If you freeze the image just before Theresa's nose starts to bleed, you can see the tube that runs down the bridge of her nose to produce the effect.

  • When the car's radio and clock start acting crazy, the sun changes position between shots. The first angle shows the sun coming in from the left, then the sun is angling in on Scully from the right. In the next shot, it is back on Mulder's side of the car.

  • After the bright flash of light, Mulder claims that "time stopped," causing them to lose nine minutes. However, if Mulder's watch continued to work, is it really appropriate to say "time stopped?" It would be more accurate to say that he and Scully were "missing time."

  • Goof: When Scully is typing up the autopsy information on her laptop, a close up reveals to screen to be one for a desktop computer, not a laptop.

  • When the backhoe is lifting up Ray Soames' body, a close-up reveals that one of the coffin straps is badly frayed. That kind of equipment deficiency wouldn't be allowed to fly in the real world. Why did no one check the straps before they were used?

  • If the perpetrators behind the experiments could remove the marks from their victim's bodies (as seen at the end of the episode), why did they leave the marks on the bodies of those found in South Dakota, Texas, and Oregon?

  • Scully is asked to perform an autopsy on Ray Soames' body. This will become a recycled character name, because Ray's headstone will appear in later episodes, on the other side of the country.

  • Gillian Anderson has said that on many occasions, the shows' director would put her up on a box so they could film more serious scenes with a smaller difference in height between the actors. One instance of this can be noted in the graveyard scene - While Mulder and Scully speak closely, Scully's head is nearly level with Mulder's. She also stays rooted on exactly one spot during the entire conversation (because she was on a box)! Gillian Anderson has said that sometimes, the scene is so serious, she would topple off the box because she forgot about it.

  • X-File debunked: While Mulder and Scully are driving through Oregon at night, Mulder's compass is spinning around wildly. Oregon is known to have vast composites of lodestone, a mineral that has natural magnetic properties, underground. The compass in the episode behaves in the same manner as one would if a magnet was held directly above or below it.

  • Mulder and Scully first meet on March 6, 1992.

  • Many of the nameplates on the desks in the FBI bullpen bear the names of X-Files crew members.

  • Number: 1121
    The first 11:21 is on Scully's clock at the end of the episode. 11/21/48 is the birth date of Chris Carter's wife, Dori Pierson.

  • Revealing Mistakes: When Mulder and Scully get sent out of the woods by the Sheriff, Gillian Anderson runs into the front bumper of their rental car as she looks back at the sheriff. She does a good job of hiding it in her expression, but if you watch closely, you'll see her walk right into it and then step around it.

  • Plot Hole: When Mulder is first showing Scully stuff about the case, he shows her a molecule and asks if she has seen anything like it before. She says "Well, it's organic..." which would have been complete common knowledge had she been to med-school. Also, it has these "R" groups hanging off to the left. An "R" group is a symbol for "anything". So really, those R groups could be anything, and therefore it doesn't make the chemical unique at all. And Mulder is like, "have you seen this chemical before?" and they both seem bewildered to have never seen it before. There must be a million different chemicals in the world, just because they had never seen it before doesn't mean anything special!

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