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  • Season 1 Episode 24: The Erlenmeyer Flask

  • Film: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

    The movie that Mulder is watching in his apartment is the 1959 movie Journey to the Centre of the Earth. The movie was directed by Henry Levin and based on the classic novel by Jules Verne.

  • Goof: Base pairs aren't made up of nucleotides, as the molecular biologist stated, they're as the name states a pair of bases either cytosine and guanine or adenine and thymine in DNA. A DNA nucleotide is a nitrogenous base connected to a sugar (deoxyribose in DNA), a phosphate group and one of the four bases.

  • Principal setting: Washington D.C.

  • In the establishing shot of the Fort Marlene facility it is clearly a 2-3 story building. Once Scully gains access and enters the elevator, however, she proceeds to the 7th floor.

  • Plot Hole: When explaining her findings about the bacteria found in the Purity Control Erlenmeyer, Scully says "they (the bacteria) also contain something that looks like chloroplasts, plant cells". That's not correct, chloroplast is an organelle found inside plant cells and eukaryotic algae that conducts photosynthesis.

  • Conspiracy Info: We learn the Conspiracy has alien tissue, and is seeking to create an alien/human hybrid.

  • Plot Hole: On analyzing the bacteria Scully provides, Dr. Carpenter describes the presence of two extra nucleotides and comes to the conclusion that the DNA in question must be extraterrestrial. She overlooks the possibility that it could be artificial.

  • Continuity: We see that Mulder's apartment has a buzzer to let people in. This buzzer would disappear in later seasons as everybody would just come knocking on agent Mulder's door.

  • Plot Hole: How did Scully smuggle the alien fetus out of Fort Marlene? The scene leading up to the discovery of the fetus clearly shows that this a very high security facility.

  • Continuity: In "Colony", we learn that the alien blood is poisonous and will kill the host unless he is chilled very quickly, but Dr. Berube's attic doesn't look very cold.

  • Season 1 Episode 23: Roland

  • Principal setting: Colson, Washington.

  • Plot Hole: If Arthur Grable was so desperate to complete his work and yet keep it a secret from his fellow scientists, whom he believed were taking his work from him, then why would he leave his equation up on the board for all the world to see?

  • Plot Hole: Dr. Surnow, who was killed in the opening segment, could have escaped his fate by lying on the floor under the fan. The airflow into the fan would have held him there.

  • Goof: At 41:21, when the scientist flies back toward the engine, the harness wires are visible.

  • Season 1 Episode 22: Born Again

  • Principal setting: Buffalo, New York.

  • Mulder: There was a documented case in the early seventies of a man from Porlock, Ohio, who could influence undeveloped film. He could create shapes on the negative from his mind.

    This won't be the only time we hear Mulder talking about this. In the fourth season's episode "Unruhe" the killer has this ability and leaves behind a picture with each of his victims even before killing them.

  • Towards the end of the episode, when Michelle, the little girl from hell, is wreaking her revenge, she explodes various things, the last being a very large, very full fish tank. It bursts, showering water everywhere, but in the very next scene as Scully goes over to remove the gun, there is hardly any evidence of water at all, just glass and a small damp patch. The guy who was cowering on the floor should have been soaked at least, but there's nothing. Where did all the water go?

  • Revealing mistake: While Scully is doing the autopsy, and tells the photographer to keep on working, she leaves the ruler over the chest of the corpse. If you watch carefully, you will see it moving, as the actor is breathing.

  • Factual Error: When the psychologist discusses the possibility of multiple personalities with Mulder, she doesn't refute his response of "As in Schizophrenia?". Schizophrenia is neither the same as, nor related to, Dissociative Identity Disorder (or "multiple personality disorder"). Schizophrenics suffer from altered perceptions and delusions, such as seeing and hearing things (including voices); those suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder create separate personalities to express themselves, but are otherwise "in touch" with reality.

  • Factual Errors: Buffalo, New York doesn't have a Chinatown.

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