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  • Season 2 Episode 25: Anasazi (1)

  • Albert Hosteen's statements about the "Anasazi" are inaccurate. The name "Anasazi" is Navajo for "ancient enemies" -- it could loosely be interpreted as "aliens", in the sense of "not-like-us", but not in the X-Files sense. As to his assertion that "No evidence of their fate exists", the Hopis, who are Pueblo Indians, have a different name for the Anasazi. They call them "ancestral Puebloans".

  • As Scully stands up to leave at the Offices of the Navajo Nation, the reflection of a boom mike moving in one of the picture frames on the wall can be seen.

  • After Mulder wakes up in New Mexico, Scully says that they have just driven for two days and he has been unconscious for 36 hours, but he looked pretty clean shaven for a guy who had been out for that long. I doubt Scully or anyone else would have had the opportunity or inclination to do it.

  • After Mulder has his tantrum and goes to see Skinner he does not have or reach for his suit coat, but when he walks up to Skinner he has it on.

  • In Mulder's apartment building when the woman shoots her husband it takes exactly 10 seconds for the police to show up. Talk about service.

  • Season 2 Episode 24: Our Town

  • Although Scully says that Paula's brain tissue shows Creutzfeldt-Jakob, and that is what both she and Mulder look at in the microscope, there is no evidence that Paula's skull was opened during the autopsy.

  • When Mr. Chaco is placed in the head strap device prior to his decapitation, it is clear that the strap is placed around his neck, thus holding his head in place and immobilizing him. When Scully is placed in the same device, however, the strap is placed around the top of her head. This makes no sense given that all she would have to do is pull her head out to get out of the device.

  • Just as the truck is being pulled out of the water, from one angle the hood is broken off and to the side of the truck 21:00, but when angle changes to Mulder the hood is gone 21:06.

  • I'm assuming that, since it's the only new body available, the group having their human soup towards the end are drinking the unfortunate Mrs Kearns. What kind of microwaveable cauldron do they have to make the soup that quickly?

  • Just after Chako loses his head, Mulder is shown driving down a long straight road. However the position of the car's steering wheel indicates that it is turned to the left as one of the wheel's spokes can be seen over the dashboard.

  • Mulder says that the events occur near I-10, however, I-10 is nearly 200 miles south of Arkansas's border in southern Louisiana.

  • Up until the scene where Mulder and Scully visit the courthouse at night, they always drive in the same car together, but after this scene they suddenly appear to have two cars at their disposal, enabling Scully to drive to the Kearns' house, while Mulder goes to the Chaco mansion and then later drives by the field where the bonfire is.

  • The townspeople contracted Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) from the bodies they consumed and it showed up in the brain tissue within a matter of weeks. However, this extremely rare disease takes several years to even be detectable.
    Addition: It also usually takes up to a year to be fatal, and symptoms would have occurred earlier on. Dementia and the other degenerative diseases associated with CJD would have presented themselves for a while. Paula Gray's descent and her actions are not consistent with CJD's progression.

  • Season 2 Episode 23: Soft Light

  • When Dr. Banton is in the hall, pounding on Morris's door, he is heavily lit by the lamp. Yet when the man looks through the peephole there is little light, but again when the camera is in the hall, there is a lot of light.

  • About Dr. Banton's incident with the two police officers in the alleyway; both of the officers are, in fact, killed by Dr. Banton's shadow. However, when Dr. Banton's shadow kills the second officer it switches from the position it was in when it killed the first - the shadow changes from being projected behind Dr. Banton to being in front of him. This is impossible as Dr. Banton had not moved enough for his shadow to face a different way.

  • Actually in the show they say that he is composed of "dark matter" but then they mention "typical" known particles such as quarks, gluons, etc. which are all considered to our science as "normal" matter. If he really were composed of dark matter and it did have a devastating effect on normal matter, not only living beings would be affected, but everything.

  • Plot Hole: Why was there a funeral for Detective Ryan when her body was disintegrated. Scully and Mulder couldn't possibly have enough evidence to convince her superiors or family that she had been killed. More than likely she would have been listed as missing.

  • In the beginning of the episode Dr Banton walks backwards in the hallway and his shadow kills the man standing in the other room. How does his shadow go under the door?

  • After the meeting with Dr. Davey, we cut to Mulder sitting in the train station trying to figure out what Dr. Banton was doing in the video. We see an overhead shot of the station, which shows a column in the far distance. Watch carefully: the shot never loses sight of the column, and you can see random passerbys walk towards the column, but NO SCULLY. As the camera moves downwards to focus on Mulder in the foreground, Scully suddenly appears from behind the column, as if she had been walking towards it all this while! Obviously, she had been standing behind the column until her cue to come out, but we're not supposed to know that!

  • Season 2 Episode 22: F. Emasculata

  • In the scene where Scully bends down to retrieve the insect from the dead prisoner's facial wound, her surgical mask is around her neck. As she stands back up with the insect in her tweezers, she is wearing the surgical mask.

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