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  • Season 5 Episode 20: The End

  • This episode was the last filmed in Vancouver prior to production moving to Los Angeles. The audience at the chess match was made up of local fans as a 'thank you' to the city for hosting the production during its first five years. The title of this episode and the first episode of the sixth season reference the move. The fire which destroys the X-Files office gave a credible explanation for any discontinuities between the Vancouver and LA sets.

  • When we see the Russian guy get shot and fall out of his chair, he clearly knocks the chessboard off the table. But when Jeffrey Spender shows his team the tape, the guy hits the board so that it spins around, instead of falling off completely. In fact, when they show the long shot of the stage (not on Spender's tape, but still in the opener just before the credits start), the board is clearly on the table.

  • While Vancouver was given a fitting send off in this episode as the location for the assassination, Chris Carter made a fatal mistake in that he failed to realize the FBI does not have jurisdiction in Canada! They have their own justice department which handles criminal investigations and it is very unlikely that they would have handed over a murder suspect to another country.

  • Season 5 Episode 19: Folie a Deux

  • At one point Mulder mentions Helsinki syndrome which is, in fact, an incorrect name for Stockholm syndrome.

  • 16:26 The wires for the explosive packs - "Squibs", is visible on the floor.

  • Season 5 Episode 18: The Pine Bluff Variant

  • At 25:34 when Scully and the scientist are in the lab analyzing the biological agent, the location stamp indicates Level 4 Hot Lab, Center for Disease Control. This is incorrect. The correct name is the Centers for Disease Control or CDC.

  • The "Pepsi Challenge" line was improvised by David Duchovny. According to John Shiban, David Duchovny has been responsible for a lot of "mulderisms" through similar improvisation.

  • The original script called for Mulder to wear a "Wolfman" mask during the bank robbery scene. However, David Duchovny called the writers and requested a Dracula mask because that was his favorite childhood monster character.

  • When the biological agent produces such extreme pain (as seen in the episode teaser), why would (nearly) all of the patrons of the movie theatre be sitting calmly in their seats as they died, as indicated by the placement of their bodies?

  • Why did the projectionist die? He didn't have a reason to touch or handle the money that August Bremer sprayed in the movie theater.

  • When Haley goes to the cinema (which is playing Die Hard - With A Vengeance) the usherette says that "the show's almost over", but when the two boys break in we can see that it is up to the scene on the train; less than half an hour into the film.

    Analysis of above: when the two boys break into the theatre, it is at night, when Haley went inside it was day.

  • Season 5 Episode 17: All Souls

  • The song "That Episode of the X-Files Where Mulder and Scully Find the Little Girls with Their Eyes Burnt Out Because of Angels" by experimental rock band Technology vs. Horse is named for this episode, though its lyrics contain no references to the episode or even the X-Files in general.

  • The seraphim are described as having four faces; those of a lion, ox, eagle, and man. This is incorrect, as cherubim have four faces; seraphim only have one, which is covered by a pair of wings.

  • If to look upon the saraphim is to give up one's soul then why didn't Scully die when she saw it?

  • When Scully is performing the autopsy (the one where she sees Emily) there's a close shot of the dead girl. You can actually see her hands and head shaking, perhaps it happened because she was lying nude on a steel table, and covered only by a sheet.

  • If the Kernoff's were really devout Catholics why would they have waited six years to have Dara baptized?

  • Season 5 Episode 16: Mind's Eye

  • Scully appears in every episode from this one onwards.

  • Since Marty sees through the eyes of a killer, then the image where she´s seeing herself being transferred is wrong. The killer is looking from above, so it is not possible that the image in her head was from someone who was watching from across.

  • Mulder: She passed on every question except one: did she see the murder?

    Actually she lied in two questions: if she had once seen Paco Ordonez and if she had seen the murder.

  • 16:26 The wires for the explosive packs - Squibs, are visible on the floor.

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