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  • Season 6 Episode 22: Biogenesis (1)

  • When Mulder and Scully are examining the artifact in his office, there are pencils hanging from the ceiling tile over Mulder's desk in the background. Presumably this is a habit that Mulder has had at least since the episode, "Chinga," although they cannot be the same pencils since the office burned down at the end of season 5.

  • The establishing outside shot of the Hospital Mulder went to was also used that same year as San Francisco Memorial Hospital on the show Charmed. In this episode, the hospital is supposed to be in Georgetown.

  • Season 6 Episode 21: Field Trip

  • Goof: Mulder's car is nowhere to be seen at the end when they are rescued.

  • When Scully approaches the area where Mulder's car was left, she is driving the coroner's pickup truck. And while the decal on the door of the truck clearly states Boone County Coroner, the truck has a US Government license plate on the front. In actuality it should have a county plate.

  • In one of the final scenes, Mulder discovers that they are still hallucinating, because their skins are unmarked even though they spent several days covered in digestive acids. Later, when they are really rescued from the acids, their skins still show little sign of being eaten at for several days.

  • In the scene just after the opening credits, Mulder is describing the Schiffs' bodies being found in the vicinity of Brown Mountain, NORTH Carolina; on the stand next to him is a giant map of SOUTH Carolina.

  • Not really a goof, but after Mulder shoots Skinner; Mulder strikes the James Bond pose.

  • Season 6 Episode 20: Three of a Kind

  • Just before Scully makes the Y-incision on James (Jimmy) Belmont, you can see the pulse in his neck beating.

  • On the DVD the credits for this episode is incorrect. It lists the character of Grant Ellis as Grant Snow

  • There is a slight tip of the hand in the episodes' surprise -- the blood splattering forward onto Langly is an indicator that Susanne is using squibs -- real gunshot wounds don't splatter forward.

  • Goof: When Frohike plays the slot machine, the first position on the reel shows a single bar. After Byers spots Susanne, the camera goes back to Frohike and the first position now is not a single bar. There wouldn't have been enough time between the shots for Frohike to have another pull of the machine.

  • Season 6 Episode 19: The Unnatural

  • The baseball scenes in the episode were filmed at Jay Littleton Ballpark in Ontario, California.

  • The name of the Black baseball team at the beginning of the episode is the "Grays", an obvious reference to the alien nickname.

    Also X's name is Josh, which references Josh Gibson who is the all time Negro-League Homerun King. Gibson played for the Homestead Grays.

  • The "Cozy Cactus" sign should have been reversed in the bus window, since it was a reflection.

  • It seemed strange that Mulder was surprised not to find the Arthur Dales he knew at his apartment when in 'Agua Mala' we (and Mulder) learned that he had moved to Florida.

  • Season 6 Episode 18: Milagro

  • The scene where Mulder runs after the hooded man in the cemetery had to be filmed on a motorcycle because David Duchovny runs so fast. According to Kim Manners, in a previous episode (Tunguska) David ran so fast that he outran two horses.

  • Season 6 Episode 17: Trevor

  • When Pinker is shot by Bo, he empties the magazine of his pistol, but then you hear the click, click, click of him pull the trigger several times. This would not happen as the pistol slide would have locked open upon the firing of the last round.

    Interestingly, when they find Bo's body the next morning, Scully mentions that the "slide is locked open".

  • Major Goof - When Jackie throws the soup at Pinker, it passes through his clothes as well as his body; but Pinker can only make his body pass through objects, nothing else. This is illustrated by the way his clothes slid down the wall as he passed through it later in the episode.

  • When Scully and Trevor are locked in the telephone booth, Scully whispers "shit" when Pinker grabs the rock. Guess it missed the censors.

  • When June drives the car through Pinker, he gets cut in half with the windshield and Pinker's body goes through the engine block. Mulder comes and turns off the car's engine a minute later. But since Pinker has passed through the engine, the material would've changed, and the engine would have crumbled under the combustion or inertia forces.

    Note to the above: Inertia would have kept the car going fast enough the kill Pinker. Also they never show us the engine so we can assume it did break down under the hood.

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