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  • Season 9 Episode 13: Improbable

  • As Agent Reyes gets into lift near the start of the episode there are 7 passengers with her. They line up in the lift like an 8 in a deck of cards.

  • Even if the universe is run by numbers, it would have nothing to do with the way we humans decided to write them, i.e., 2, 5, 8 etc.

  • Season 9 Episode 12: Underneath

  • Goof: At the very end when Agent Doggett and Agent Reyes are talking in the sewer, there is no longer any evidence of the stab wound on agent Doggett's neck/shoulder.

  • So what exactly are the odds that Bob Fassel/Bearded Man would stash numerous bodies in a sewer that was underneath the home of the defense attorney who would not only get him out of jail 13 years later, but who would also allow him to stay at said home?

  • Season 9 Episode 10: Providence (2)

  • When giving the briefing on William's abduction, Fullmer says that the woman who took William is the same woman who ran down Doggett and put him in a coma. How could he know this if Doggett is in a coma?

  • This could be seen only in the DVD version. When in the hallway with Skinner, Scully says she's going to find William by herself, then turns on her heels and walks away. On the bottom left corner you can see a trouper crouching behind a trashcan, hiding to avoid being caught into the shot!

  • So how did the head cult guy get hold of Scully's cellphone number to call her and arrange the meeting?

  • Season 9 Episode 9: Provenance (1)

  • The location for Calgary is given as "Alberta Province," but this is incorrect usage. The correct usage of the word 'province' would be "Province of Alberta."

  • Season 9 Episode 8: Hellbound

  • Why did the guy who gave Scully "everything she wanted to know about skinning people" think that a case from the 1960s should have been excluded?

    Especially considering there were 3 others exactly like it at the same time.

  • Season 9 Episode 6: Trust No 1

  • When Scully is getting William out of the car around 8:30 mark, there are two things wrong with how William is placed in the car. 1) William should be placed in the middle of the backseat, 2) he should be facing the back of the car and not the front. This is a legal requirement and Scully being a law enforcement officer should know this.

  • When Scully is talking on the phone to the shadow man in front of the internet café, you can see Gillian's Sanskrit tattoo on the inside of her right wrist.

  • Near the end when Scully drives out to the mine and gets out and sees the super soldier slowly walking near her, why doesn't she just drive away instead of running away from him on foot?

  • Season 9 Episode 5: Lord of the Flies

  • While it is clear that Rocky held his breath in hopes that Scully would perform mouth-to-mouth on him, why is she also performing CPR? A medical doctor would know that performing CPR on a patient with a normal heartbeat is dangerous.

  • Winky tries to sell the tape to FOX Network. This is a slight at FOX who ran the X-Files show and at the time were showing programs entitled "Worlds Wildest/Dumbest/Dangerous/etc. Videos".

  • Although 'Rocky' thinks of himself as Scully's partner, he is actually just a scientist with specialist knowledge. When Scully and Rocky enter Dylan's house, having found the door open, in what appear to be all sorts of suspicious circumstances, it seems very odd that Scully would allow him to be responsible for looking around the ground floor whilst she takes the upstairs, especially when he's only armed with a pheromone tester! As an FBI agent, wouldn't she want to clear the house first before allowing civilians in? Or even call for backup since she's the only armed officer. Given that they know there is a definite possible danger. I know it's a funny scene, but procedurally it's more than a little suspect.

    It is also quite odd that they would not turn on any lights in the house!

  • How did Scully know that Dylan took Natalie to his house? She couldn't see them and it doesn't sound like something he would just pronounce....

  • It is a bit strange that Natalie's parents will let Reyes go up and talk to her by herself.

  • Season 9 Episode 4: 4-D

  • Just as Agent Reyes is about to lock the door while in Doggett's room, you can see the moving shadow of a boom mike just above her.

  • If Doggett entering the parallel Earth pushed out the other Doggett, then why didn't Reyes' gun, carried by Lukesh into the other parallel Earth, push out Reyes's real gun.

  • The alternate world Doggett's death should have brought real world Doggett back. It should not have sent Reyes back in time.

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