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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Conduit

  • As Mulder and Scully drive past the "Sioux City Downtown" sign, their car is missing its interior mirror (but with a conspicuous black square on the window where it would mount). However, later, as they drive past the "Lake Okobogee" sign at night, the mirror is clearly present.

  • Goof: Mulder refers to the leader of a group of Girl Scouts as a Den Mother. Girl Scouts, and their junior affiliate, the Brownies, are organized in Troops, and the adults in charge are women called Troop Leaders. The Cub Scouts, the junior affiliate of the Boy Scouts, are organized into Packs, led by men called Pack Leaders; subunits of a Pack are called Dens, and it is the Dens that are led by women called Den Mothers. (The adult leader of a Boy Scout Troop is called a Scoutmaster.)

  • Goof: The road sign reads "Lake Okoboge." It is actually "Okoboji." Also, they depict it as being near Sioux City, which is actually 106 miles away.

  • Revealing Mistakes: The 77 pages of binary code that Mulder gets analyzed, could never contain so much information. The 3-D model of the DNA-helix alone would contain over 1 million binary digits.

  • Revealing Mistakes: In the teaser, Darlene Morris burns her hand on the metallic doorknob. If the doorknob was hot, wouldn't the metallic steps leading up to the caravan door be hot as well. Nevertheless, she runs across them with bare feet.

  • Revealing Mistakes: When Ruby is found, Scully tells Mulder that she is "alive but unconscious." However, at this point Scully is still administering CPR to the girl.

  • Continuity: In Mulder's hypnotic regression therapy tapes, he says that he and Samantha were asleep in their bedroom when she was abducted. However in "Little Green Men" we see that she and him were playing "Stratego" in the living room when it happened.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: The Jersey Devil

  • Principal setting: New Jersey.

  • When Mulder finds the NJ Park Service number in the phone book, you can see a seasonal number listed through "Labour Day".

    Since this episode was filmed in Canada, this prop was clearly made by someone who did not know that in the United States, Labor Day is spelled with an OR and not OUR.

  • Factual Error: When Mulder looks in the phone book, he finds the listing Parks Service - State of New Jersey. In the white pages, such a listing would normally appear as New Jersey, State of - Parks Service. This made it easier to find government offices arranged by administrative unit.

    By the 1990's, most white pages directories separated government listings into a color-coded special section (usually with blue pages) arranged by federal, state, county and municipal divisions.

  • Factual Error: Dr. Diamond, Scully's professor of anthropology, claims that since the beast-woman is a primate, she should have a natural fear of heights. This seems pretty unlikely, since monkeys and many other primates are constantly climbing through trees.

  • Revealing Mistake: According to the tag on the body of Roger Crockett, the date for this episode takes place on August 29, 1993. This was a Sunday. However, Mulder and Scully seem to be under the impression that it's Friday. If the toe tag refers to the date of Crockett's death or discovery, and the agents simply arrive four or five days afterward, why is Mulder wandering around the other homeless people claiming that Crockett died "two days ago?" It seems that the writers got their time and dates confused.

  • Revealing Mistakes: After the police kill the beast-woman, Mulder approaches, kneels down and use his hands to close her eyes. Mulder never touches her left eyelid but it closes nonetheless.

  • Factual Errors: The Jersey Devil was never said to live somewhere in Atlantic City. Actually, since it is said to live in a woodland area, this would be impossible, because Atlantic City is surrounded by highways and marshes (the episode was obviously not shot on location). The Jersey Devil is actually said to inhabit a place known as the Pine Barrens, a large and dense forest a lot further inland than Atlantic City. They probably only set the city as the episode's location because it is a well-known tourist attraction.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Shadows

  • Principal setting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • The FOX network starts to play up the horror aspect of the show as this episode's tag for next week's episode uses DON'T WATCH IT ALONE for the first time

  • Mulder's joke about Elvis is the first of many throughout the entire series. Apparently Mulder is something of an Elvis fan.

  • Revealing Mistakes: Howard Graves' tombstone states that he died on the 5th of October, but the opening scenes date stamp says the 22nd of September when it was supposed to be two weeks after Graves had died.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Ghost in the Machine

  • Episode Title: The Ghost in the Machine May also be derived from the title of the book The Ghost in the Machine by Arthur Koestler, which also inspired the album by the band the Police and the franchise and cyber-punk anime series Ghost in the Shell.

  • Scully uses her gun for the first time in this episode. She uses it to stop the fan blades in the vent shaft.

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