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  • Season 8 Episode 9: Salvage

  • How can a shotgun shot throw Ray out the window, where a moving car didn't move him an inch ???

    The movie staple of people being thrown backward when shot with a gun is a myth - this fact also supports this users comment.

  • Season 8 Episode 8: Surekill

  • When the agents ask Dwight to identify a document a few inches from his face he tells them that he is legally blind and can't read it. But earlier in the show he tells Tammy that the message light is blinking on the answering machine which is several feet away from him.

    This can be explained as the definition of "legally blind" is "...central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with the use of a correcting lens...", so while he cannot read even with corrective lenses it is possible that he can perceive light, shadow, and motion sufficiently to recognize the blinking message light.

  • Scully states that they tracked the call Chase made to Surekill via his calling card. When he was shown making the call, he simply punched in the phone number.

  • 8:46 - as Dwight turns to walk away and lady gives her "Dwight" line, there is a visible boom-mic next to his ear.

  • In this episode Agent Doggett mentioned the name Clark Kent. This is the alias for Superman a DC Comics superhero who is an alien from a planet called Krypton. He came to earth in a spaceship.

  • Normal bullets don't usually travel through so much material as to be able to kill someone from through a room, much less several rooms. In the first murder, why would the bullet go through several floors of metal/concrete, etc. and just stop in the victims head?

    Comment: They mention that the first murder involved armour piercing rounds.

    Comment on comment: At best, a 9mm armour piercing round can only penetrate about 3mm of steel plate and would not have the power to penetrate the types of materials shown in the episode.

  • Season 8 Episode 7: Via Negativa

  • Andre Bormanis in real life was the Science Consultant for Star Trek: The Next Generation and most of the following ones, and also wrote some of the later episodes in the cannon.

    He has an entry in!

  • The scene following the lockup of Dr. Andre Bormanis, with John Doggett (Robert Patrick) in the hallway behind the gate, is eerily similar to the scene in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. I half expected him to walk through the chain-link gate!

  • Skinner refers to the car that one of the victims was in as having been "locked from the inside." I suppose I'm not familiar with every model of car ever made, but I am fairly certain that there is no way to tell whether a car was locked from the inside or if the door was locked while it was open and then shut by someone on the outside.

  • When Doggett and Skinner show their badges to Dr. Bormanis, Skinner's badge is upside-down.

  • Season 8 Episode 6: Redrum

  • When Martin is up for bail hearing, the prosecutor shows an evidence bag with the knife that is still bloody. Evidence would never be shown like that in a court room. Also, Martin is wearing hand cuffs and a corrections orange jump suit. Unless he provided a huge security threat he would be allowed to wearing proper clothes for trial.

  • At the end, when the killer has picked up the knife and has Vicky against his chest with the blade pressed against her throat, her head is very high up - towards the level of the killer's heart. Yet a moment later when he is shot in the back by Doggett and the bullets go straight through his chest, Vicky is much lower down. If Doggett had shot him in the original position he would have killed Vicky to! There is also the point that in an earlier episode Mulder is eaten up because he didn't take a shot quickly enough and because it's against FBI protocol to endanger a hostage. In this case, there's not even a warning given before shots are fired, and since the killer is shot in the back, they wouldn't have known in how much danger the hostage was in here.

  • When Martin takes out the nanny-cam from the bear, the lens-protection is on so the camera could not have recorded anything.

  • Season 8 Episode 5: Invocation

  • During the final scene where Billy's father is standing up from the grave with a look of utter despair on his face, you can see a police officer in the background laughing with his colleague. Fairly inappropriate for a time like this, and surely not intended to be visible in the final edit.

  • When Josh is reaching into the horse trailer to pet the pony, Cal grabs his hands and holds him from inside the trailer. How exactly then does Cal complete the abduction? At some point he has to get Josh in the hidden compartment in the trailer's floor, but he would have to let him go to then exit the trailer to grab him. Josh could then simply run away. Even if he somehow tied his hands to the inside of the trailer and walked around to him, he then has a, one would assume, screaming boy hanging on the outside of his trailer.

  • Season 8 Episode 4: Roadrunners

  • At the beginning of the episode, Scully tells Doggett that they have found the remains of a missing hiker and had contacted his family. Later, she states that the corpse had been beaten to such a degree that even identification via dental records was impossible. So which is it?

  • It seems like Scully underwent a lot more physical strain than a pregnant woman should... as in the previous episode. HOW did she not miscarry?

  • Given that the previous 'owners' of the slug thing became quite quickly unable to walk properly, and Scully's current pregnancy, how come having had a foot long slug up her spine, being pregnant and having an unplanned and not exactly hygienic surgical procedure involving a large and very bloody incision into the back of her neck (which in itself, given Doggett's lack of medical knowledge, could have paralyzed her at the very least) she's up and about in just a week, with nothing but a fairly small surgical dressing to show that she was ever attacked.

  • In the Season 4 episode 'Never Again', we see Scully getting a tattoo of a snake etched onto her back. However, when the townspeople lift up the back of Scully's shirt to put the parasite into her back the tattoo is not there.

  • Scully identifies Gulatarski's convulsions as a grand mal seizure; that term is obsolete. The current preferred term is tonic-clonic seizure, which is more descriptive of the sequence of convulsive events and more properly places it among a spectrum of seizure behavior.

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