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  • Season 8 Episode 3: Patience

  • When Doggett pulls out his flashlight and asks "You ever carry one of these?", it is a reference to Mulder and Scully's frequent use of flashlights in the field, dark places being par for the course of X-files. Scully's lingering pause and response of "Never." is a bit of an in-joke with the audience but could also be related to her reluctance to trust Doggett with any extra information about her partnership with Mulder.

  • Season 8 Episode 2: Without (2)

  • When Doggett faces off Mulder on top of the cliff and Mulder starts to walk backwards, ready for his fall/jump, there is still a lot of clifftop to go. Yet in the very next shot, Mulder is falling from the edge.

  • 31:56 - Camera shadow visible to lower left, on Doggett's back

  • In response to the goof about the killing of the bounty hunter, X probably meant that a gunshot to the body wouldn't kill it, not a shot to the neck.

  • Skinner is seen to have damage to his eyes due to exposure to the alien blood which evaporates when released. However, later on when Scully shoots the bounty hunter the green blood escapes along with the gas and neither she nor Gibson has any damage to their eyes.

    Response: It does seem inconsistent. I'm wondering if it's because the kill shot had been delivered. If I'm remembering rightly, it's the green stuff that people suffer from when they've shot the aliens in the wrong place and the 'blood' is still alive as it were. In earlier episodes, it didn't seem to have the same corrosive effect when people were stabbed with the needle.

  • Scully saves herself and Gibson by shooting the Bounty Hunter through the neck and he dissolves into green fluid like we have seen before. However, in 'Talitha Cumi' when Mulder finds the metal spike, X tells him it is the only way to kill the aliens and that a "simple gunshot won't do".

  • When Thea goes down into her and Gibson's hideout, how does the trap door re-cover with dirt?

  • Season 8 Episode 1: Within (1)

  • In the intro to this episode, when the tube is pulled from Mulder's mouth, it appears the same as the one pulled from Scully in the The X Files movie.

  • When Doggett picks up the file on Gibson Praise you can see that part of the number that is shown when he looks at it is 1013 which is Chris Carter's birthday.

  • When Scully points out the location of the last time they saw Gibson Praise, she points to the (real) Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, which is west of Phoenix. In 'The Beginning' the plant shown was the (fictional) Rolling Hills Nuclear Plant, 60 miles east of Phoenix.

  • Season 7 Episode 22: Requiem

  • Once again we hear a dial tone when someone is talking on a cell phone. When CSM hangs up after talking to Krychek, we see Krychek holding his cell phone and we hear a dial tone.

  • At the beginning, when the sheriff hits the deputy's car and sees him with his eyes all burned, he turns to see the bounty hunter version of the deputy and he has three or four dripping green bullet wounds. Yet the sheriff just stands there staring at him for quite some time, looking perplexed. As far as the X-Files lore goes, the gas from the blood attacks people's eyes almost immediately. Why does it take so long with him?

  • Season 7 Episode 21: Je Souhaite

  • When Scully is doing the autopsy on Anson Stokes, she uses yellow dust to make him visible again. She begins with his face, after which we cut to where she has done the entire body. We can also see his hair, even though it's not made yellow, but is the original brown colour.

  • In this episode Mulder mentioned Mark Twain trailpark. Mark Twain was a very successful author. His books included, Huckleberry Fin and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

  • When Leslie wishes for his brother to come back; he comes back, "as is." Why doesn't he come back invisible?

  • Season 7 Episode 20: Fight Club

  • 31:57 - Angry man walks away from cell bars, but at 31:59 when shot changes to Scully his arms are back on the bars.

  • In one of the last scenes in the episode "Fight Club". The person that was fighting Bert Zupanic in the ring was WWE superstar Rob Van Dam.

  • Despite the fact it makes for a neat little ending, showing Mulder & Scully's battle scars - as soon as the first set of twins come into the auditorium, everyone in the place starts to fight with each other.
    Then when the second set arrive it gets worse, and yet during that scene there's no indication that either agent was affected. Mulder is surveying the scene and avoiding the violence going on around him. Scully is smiling to have introduced the second boxer guy. Surely if the effect of having these people in the same location was as automatic as we'd seen previously, everyone should have been fighting from the outset, including Mulder & Scully.

  • Why is Mr Saperstein in Mulder's office when Scully explains what has happened? Especially considering he doesn't have a visitors clip, and the fact he is smoking in the FBI headquarters.

  • Scully tells Burt that Betty lived in a blue house and later tells Mulder that she found Lulu, who lived in a pink house. Betty actually lived in the pink house and Lulu lived in the blue one.

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