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  • Season 7 Episode 7: Orison

  • Singer John Hiatt recorded a cover version of the song "Don't Look Any Further" specifically for "Orison."

  • The song that plays often through out the episode is "Don't Look Any Further" by Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett.

  • When Pfaster tips off the police as to where to find Orison's body, Mulder remarks that the case is over - he's dead in a grave he dug himself. How would Mulder know who dug the grave?

    He was speaking figuratively. It was Mulder and Scully's theory that Orison brought the convicts out there to pass judgment on them and dig their own graves. Thus, in a way, Orison brought this upon himself and he "dug his own grave".

  • Continuity: As Scully puts on her pajamas, daylight streams in from the window. After the fight, the scene switches to Mulder, who holds up a clock that reads 10:00. Switch back to Scully's apartment, and Pfaster is preparing the bath and daylight is once again streaming in through the window.

  • Reguarding the comment about Donnie Pfaster being killed. He said to the Orison, "You can't kill me." He never said that to Scully.

  • Reply to goof referencing Orison digging the grave; Orison was caught off guard and when Pfaster transformed, he broke the restraints on his hands, grabbed the gun and killed him - you just didn't see that part - but that's what happened.

  • When the priest was digging Pfaster's grave, asking him to repent, Pfaster says he can't be killed because he is the Devil (in turn killing the priest without a gun and hands tied), but later on Scully's bullets seem to work perfectly well on him...

  • How does Mulder know that Donnie Pfaster escaped at exactly 6:06AM when no-one can remember him walking out of the prison?

  • Season 7 Episode 6: The Goldberg Variation

  • Goof: Maurice (the convenience store proprietor) twice claims Henry's discarded lottery ticket, the first time when he says that anything in the trash "belongs to the store" and again when Mulder reports that Maurice told him that the punk's dying wish was for Maurice to keep it. In any case, Illinois law prohibits employees of lottery vendors from profiting off tickets sold where they work.

    Furthermore, there should have been no need for Henry to discard the ticket. Scratch-off games, whatever the winnings, in both Illinois (when the episode takes place) and Wisconsin (where the lottery ticket was from) always pay in lump sums, not installments. (In Illinois' multi-state lottery that features multi-million dollar payoffs, winners have the option of collecting in installments or a lump sum).

  • Error in Geography: Although the entire episode took place in Chicago, the lottery tickets sold at the convenience store were from the Wisconsin lottery.

  • Season 7 Episode 5: Rush

  • Even though the man himself is moving at super speed. When he opened and closed the locker door and car door, you would still be able to hear them close or slam.

    _ _ _

    Even when moving at super speed, wouldn't it be difficult to co-ordinate your movements at that speed? Especially for a newly empowered Tony.

  • When the bullet is seen passing through Max and about to hit Chastity, it is perfectly formed just like it would be when still attached to the casing. In reality, bullets deform significantly when they enter an object such as a human body - typically looking more like a mushroom than a bullet.

  • In the scene from the CCTV footage, there should have been a longer pause while the flashlight was removed from the locker. Not just the kid rushing in and straight out again in 1/33rd of a second.

  • Max tells Scully she must have been a "Betty" back in the day, which is slang for a hot chick.

  • The dates on the academic discipline and progress forms for Max are not in accord with the order of the episode, coming after the Millennium episode. Supposedly the changes in his behavior and grades started a few months before, but the reports are from a few years ago.

  • If he is moving faster than the eye can see then so should whatever he is holding, therefore you shouldn't have been able to see the table or the chair etc,

    However, you would see the table and chair move if he threw or pushed it.

  • Season 7 Episode 4: Millennium

  • At the beginning of the episode, right before the agents meet Frank Black, they show the outside of Hartwell Psychiatric Hospital. The shot of the building shows that it is daytime. When they show Mulder and Scully walking down the hall, and speaking with Frank Black, it is very dark.

  • When Skinner hands Mulder and Scully the Millenium Groups symbol, we can see that it's a Ouroboros. This is the same symbol that Scully got tattooed on her back in Never Again.

  • Season 7 Episode 3: Hungry

  • The air date of this episode was November twenty-first, Chris Carter's wife's birthday.

  • Season 7 Episode 2: The Sixth Extinction II: ...

  • When Mulder is laying on top of the operating table, we clearly see that he is strapped down to it. When Scully comes and they have that brief conversation he goes to hug her and is no longer strapped down.

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