The X-Files

Season 4 Episode 8

Tunguska (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 24, 1996 on FOX

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  • Black Splatoon

    Now were back into the thick of things, really thick. It can be hard to find a balance with a story that has so much to say, you want to keep your viewers guessing and curious with this giant story that has so many half truths and lies but not to make it so overwhelming and dense that they can't keep up sometimes (think LOST).

    I'm rolling with the story so far and where it takes us but one detail that I've spotted so far seems to be kind of overlooked and that was what exactly happened to Krycek? Last seen he was vomiting up the black cancer on the alien artifact and then when he returned to his normal self he was screaming, down below. In this episode he mentioned he was found but it wasn't gone into a whole lot.

    Aside from that I enjoy the stakes we've been brought to here with Fox captured and then in the biggest thing to happen to him, he's subjected to the tests. It's almost as good as it can get and they're doing a fine job keeping me wanting. With 9 seasons of this show though how much can you do to a character, hell in the 2nd episode of the show he gets a portion of his memory erased. Just saying it makes going to a filler episode afterwords that much harder, you don't want it to stop.

  • Tunguska

    Tunguska was another perfectly entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character and plot development significant to the entire series. The story was compelling, engaging and intriguing. There was action, drama, mystery and suspense. The cast were amazing in their roles and the way every thing played out was fantastic. The Martian meteorite with living organisms was awesome. It was interesting to see Mulder in the field with Krycek while Scully and Skinner covered for him as best they could in their situations. I certainly look forward to watching how this all plays out in the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • "These guys, they make it all up as they go along."--Alex Krycek


    When a neglected billboard becomes weathered and forgotten, Part one of a two-parter, "Tunguska" leaps right off the television screen. It's a rip-roaring episode with the fast pace and wide-eyed wonder of earlier season classics. I was on the edge of my seat throughout most of the hour. Mulder forced to cooperate with the man he hates most on earth, and Skinner caught between two loyalties--what's not to like? The first half of this two-part story rocked, with the nearly complete family reunion including Agent Pendrell, the Well-Manicured Man, and the Cigarette-Smoking Man.

    The Oilien from "Piper Maru", one of the most innovative forms of alien life conceived so far on the X- Files, turns up again in a mysterious rock being smuggled into the USA in a diplomatic pouch. At the same time, Mulder and Scully orchestrate a raid on a bomb-making operation reminiscent of the Oklahoma City bomb plot, spurred on by information being leaked to Mulder from someone inside the plot. That insider turns out to be the hated Alex Krycek, supposedly rescued from his imprisonment in the missile silo by the conspirators he is betraying. He tells them of the diplomatic pouch, and winds up chained to Skinner's balcony for his pains. He is forced to kill the pouch carrier, who comes looking for him, even as the researchers cutting up the rock at NASA/Goddard unleash the deadly alien. Mulder consults Deep Blonde for a bit of help from the UN, and takes Krycek with him to Siberia looking for the origin of the rock. They are surprised and imprisoned, and Mulder is exposed to the alien being living in the rocks mined from a giant impact crater in the Tunguska wilderness. And this is only part one!

  • Black oil is back

    And so is Alex Krycek. He leads Mulder to a man who is carrying into US territory and the troubles begin.

    Easy how Mulder fell under Krycek's spell once again for the truth. I liked how Skinner supported Mulder but I loved it even more Scully supporting Mulder and asking how far she would follow him. Also, her silence about Mulder's whereabouts before the committee was perfect for two reasons: it had nothing to do with the real reason and the loyalty in their more than amazing relationship.

    Mulder is exposed to the black oil - and betrayed by Krycek once again - and I wonder if him and Scully getting exposed to the black oil made William a special boy.
  • Mulder and Scully find a rock.

    Okay, perhaps my summary of the episode was an awful description of what the episode is about, but that will make it all the more surprising when you see it. I didn't read the summary and was surprised at where the episode went.. and the fact that it's a two part episode with a cliffhanger is awesome.

    I like that Krycek came back, but I'm not 100% sure I understand how he escaped that missile silo. I'm sure they mentioned it.. or maybe they didn't. Either way, I didn't catch the reasoning, but I was willing to overlook it because his presence in the episode made everything more interesting. Also, Laurie Holden guest starred again as Mulder's mysterious friend in the government and Skinner continues to prove to be a close ally. There was a time when Skinner would be an enemy to Mulder, but over time, he's become a great supporting character.

    We're left, once again, with two parallel plots: Mulder in one area and Scully in another. Mulder is captured in Russia while investigating possible alien bacteria with Krycek and is subjected to torture via the black liquid that overtakes your body, while Scully is being questioned in front of a Senate who wants Mulder to be brought to justice for what he's done. It's a crazy way to end a two part episode, but boy, I'm excited to see where they go next. I didn't like the last two part episode they did, which was the season 3 finale/season 4 premiere, but this is a much better direction to go in.
  • What I'm worried about is you, Mulder. How far you'll go... and how far I can follow you.

    A diplomatic courier carrying deadly cargo involves Agents Mulder and Scully in a dangerous web of intrigue, which leads Mulder on a trip to Russia where he discovers an elaborate test being performed by Russian scientists.

    Tunguska is a pivotal episode in the X-Files series, as it further explores the role of the Black Oil in the show's mythology. Moreover, we learn that the conspiracy of hiding the existence of extraterrestrial life is in fact global and that the Russians are experimenting with the black cancer in prisoners.
    The special effects for this episode are very impressive, I love the way the black-oil worms were made and I liked the last image of Mulder being captured and the black oil worms crawling in his head and through his eyes. I also loved Krycek's return and Skinners reaction. Tunguska is a suspenseful, thrilling episode that should not be missed!

    To be continued…
  • Conflicting Agendas

    The start of another Mythology two-parter and we have lots of good stuff to push the Myth arc forward. Krycek returns and is promptly put into service as everyone's favorite punching bag. Krycek actually seems to have a pretty good grasp just what in the heck is going on and he gives Mulder and Scully some valuable clues leading to the Black Cancer.

    If there is a theme to this episode, it is conflict and duality. Not just the Mulder vs. Krycek storyline, but more interestingly, the intensification of the struggle between CSM and the Well-Manicured Man, which boils over to involve a Senate inquiry (apparently instigated by WMM) that threatens to shine a bright light on CSM's activities.

    I loved the humor of the scene in Covarrubias' apartment. Dressed in her robe and with a decidedly come-hither expression, she offers her help to Mulder as she begins slinking back into her bedroom. Mulder asks how long it will take. "How long do you have?" she purrs. Mulder looks at his watch, which reads 3:12 am. We then cut to him entering his car after what we assume was a romantic moment. The car clock blinks on as he turns the ignition, 3:15 am. Haha! :)

    Finally, we have one of the better, most exciting cliffhangers of the series, as Mulder, his body encased in a mesh of chickenwire, is infected with the Black Cancer. We actually see the worms crawling beneath his flesh up his neck and into his eye socket and head. Chilling!
  • Kryceks back

    ok, so i know hardcore fans love this episose but i think its overated. rocks from mars,slug like thingys, Krycek,russia, men falling from buildings- and loads more stuff, but still this didnt do it for me, the episode seemed rushed. the best part was the fact that everyone beats up Krycek in it. i mean even skinner has a pop at him. but overall i wasnt that impressed with this episode, it was ok, but not as good as some of the other ones. i hope the second part is better! anyways im off now. meah. meah. meah. meah. meah .meah
  • The one where Mulder and Krycek go to Russia

    This show keeps me at the edge of my seat. Once again it was able to impress me completely.

    It was fun to see Skinner, Krycek and Marita back. All three characters are awesome and brought much to the show.

    The episode begins with Scully talking to some men about Mulder’s disappearance, they want to know where Mulder is but she won’t tell.

    Then everything begins before that moment, a man was transporting some fluids and when it gets loose it goes into some guys as a worm kind of creature.

    Mulder and Scully go to some place to capture some men, there they find Krycek who wants there help to make the guilty ones pay. He needs their help to do that and they agree. When they go to the airport they see a man running away with a rock in his bag, he flees but they grab the rock and leave it to be examinated. They believe it’s from Mars and when a doctor looks into it the same fluid comes out and gets into the man and he goes into some sort of a coma.

    Mulder leaves Krycek behind in Skinner’s house where a guy comes to visit during the day, Krycek throws him off the balcony for self-protection.

    Meanwhile Mulder goes to visit the beautiful Marita to ask more about something and she tells him what he wanted to know and that she believes in his work.

    Mulder and Krycek leave to Russia but there they find some place filled with slaves, Krycek can speak Russian but there is something strange about him because the men there seem to like him and leave Mulder all alone. Then some doctor comes in and injects Mulder, when Mulder wakes up he’s captured on a bed and unable to move. The same substance falls on his face and it goes into him.

    To be continued.

    The entire episode was breath taking and very interesting. It continues the wonderful storyline of the oil and develops most of the characters that are brought back.
  • A rock possibly from Mars is found in an airport coming into the U.S. and leads to a death and a lot of questions. The rock begins to spread a seemingly fatal disease, and Mulder travels to Tunguska, Siberia to search for answers on the rocks origin.

    This episode was good and almost humourous for a couple reasons. I liked the reference that the Senator (I think...) used on the Cigarette Smoking Man when he said that the situation would call for more than a good shot; this was obviously directed at the CSM because of his assassinations in his past, the reason he was able to rise through the ranks in the FBI. Also Krycek seemed to get what was coming to him at least in a fraction, with the excessive beatings he recieved from both Mulder and Skinner.

    Skinner himself was kind of cool in this episode, both with the CSM and Krycek; it's moments like those that make me remember why I like his character.

    The Russian goulag was a nice touch to put Mulder and Krycek in since the location was so remote, and using his knowledge of Russian, perfect for Krycek to underhand Mulder. The experiments that were going on inside the prison were kind of a surprise, and I love the fact that there was a two-parter like this in middle of the season.