The X-Files

Season 4 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 1997 on FOX

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  • Unrequited

    Unrequited was definitely not the best of The X-Files but it was ok to watch. The story was decent and the acting was great, but over all I just wasn't captivated. I liked the suspense and action but there didn't seem to be any classic moments. It was interesting to learn the theories on the soldier's abilities. The ending was pretty good and I definitely am looking forward to watching the next episode!!!!!
  • Shortest X-File ever?

    "Unrequited" is to Season 4 what "Shapes" was to Season 1 or "Blood" to Season 2: A solid effort, well produced, but unremarkable. It's one of those episodes that you see, and like, and forget.

    The reason in this case may lie in its setting in military circle, often (and here too) fertile grounds for clichés and posturing. There you have the disgruntled Vietnam veteran, the ruthless officers who made him suffer, the contrived comment on a nation forgetting its soldiers, and of course an action-packed showdown where the target of vengeance narrowly escapes death at the hand of the unstoppable (and invisible) serial killer. All of this is essentially "The Walk" (Season 3) redux... which is not a bad thing, just an old thing.

    What's striking about "Unrequited" is its length, or lack thereof. The show clocks in at 40:00 minutes - very short as it is. Now subtract one minute for the opening credits AND the fact that the teaser is a 2 minute clip from later in the episode. How did this comne about? Was the script too short and didn't the producers notice until the final cut? Wasn't there enough time for reshoots? An interesting note about an entertaining, but mostly not so intersting episode.
  • Soldier Of Meh

    Oh no, yet another "disgruntled veteran returns to exact his revenge on the mean old commanders" storyline. They did this at least twice already ("Sleepless" from Season Two and "The Walk" from Season Three). The storyline is even less interesting in this version.

    This is the ultimate filler episode. They reuse the opening three minute teaser sequence UNCHANGED during the final act, which is just lazy writing. It doesn't help that the sequence has all the drama of a square-dance either. There is also an awful lot of time spent showing flags waving, soldiers saluting, crowds cheering, marching bands marching, all of which comes off like so much stock footage and that appears to have been used simply to kill time. As noted by a previous reviewer, the running time for this episode is shorter than all previous episodes, it clocks in at just under 42 minutes. All signs of a writer who has run out of things to say. A thoroughly "meh" episode.
  • An ex- POW goes around killing people who left him there.. oh yeah, and he's kind of invisible.

    Definitely a filler episode of X-Files here. It certainly had it's moments, and while I think that showing the end of an episode and then spending an entire episode showing how they lead up to that moment, it actually made for a fresh dynamic different then the same old "Let's have a random intro with random people that introduces the plot of the episode!"

    The episode starts off as a simple enough idea: a number of ex-military officials are being killed off, and Mulder, Scully and Skinner believe it to be the work of a revolutionary guy who is known for having harsh views. However, things grow mysterious when a man named Nathaniel Teager begins showing up; he was supposedly a dead soldier, but he claims to be a POW who was left behind and that the government is covering it all up out of embarrassment. Teager seems to have a weird ability to disappear that is explained only in the most vague way possible, which turns this into an X-File. Of course, Skinner and Scully look for any excuse to deny Mulder, who has a better track record then them, but that's the way it is, I suppose.

    All in all, the episode certainly was interesting and exciting enough, but it could've been way better. It was short and had some pointless interactions with Laurie Holden's character, a character who hasn't nearly reached the level of X or Deep Throat's characters. They need to actually give her some substantial stuff to do instead of acting as a random place for Mulder to turn.
  • Do you need glasses?

    Unrequited is not my favourite X-file. Im not saying it’s a bad episode but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. It’s all about a prisoner of war that survived, and who is not killing corrupt military figures. The supernatural bit comes in here- he kills them with great ease because he’s invisible. So far so good. But then we have some crappy theory that he kills his victims easily because everyone has a blind spot and just doesn’t see him. The episode has some good acting in , but it just didn’t get my attention. 7 out of 10 for spoiling something that could have been very good.
  • The one with the blind spot.

    Not the best, most interesting or entertaining episode so far by all means and definitely doesn’t stand a chance against this terrific season.
    The problem with this episode is even if it’s well written, the storyline isn’t interesting enough, it gets very slow which makes it a little bit boring.

    The episode begins at a place with a man that fades and no one can see him. That’s the end of the episode which comes back at the end of it again.

    The episode is about a man that makes a trick that people who look directly at him looses him out of sight, except video recorders can catch him on tape.
    He’s a man that was send to Vietnam and was said to be death but wasn’t. He’s here to revenge himself and kill a few colonels, he kills two by putting a card and then shooting them, now he’s after the third.

    I think the special effects were very good in this episode. But it was dragged out to long which looses a lot of interest.
    The man eventually goes to kill the third but is stopped and when he tries to escape he crashes and dies.
    Skinner wants to drop the case but Mulder reminds him that he could have been that guy.

    ‘Unrequited’ isn’t a very memorable episode despite the good storyline. It just isn’t able to grab a lot of interest and is easy to forget. Still, not a bad episode by all means.