The X-Files

Season 5 Episode 3

Unusual Suspects

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 16, 1997 on FOX

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  • The origin of the Lone Gunmen

    Coming off of a great series defining episodes, we get a fun, somewhat unnecessary, but ultimately interesting episode that shows us the origin of the Lone Gunmen, the occasional guest-stars that pop in every now and then when Mulder and Scully need some type of help hacking into something or need something related to technology. They're fun characters, but I think this episode proves that an entire episode dedicated to them is a little too goofy for a show that is dark like this (although it is nice to see the show not take itself too seriously.. it's sort of like Supernatural doing goofy episodes every now and then).

    We get another episode with no Scully, but we get a little bit of Mulder, who hasn't quite reached the level of cynicism found in the future and hasn't realized the government is behind all kinds of weird things. Let's just say the nickname "Spooky" hasn't quite stuck yet. However, he's nowhere near the lead actor in the episode; instead, he pops in and out while Byers, Frohicke and the long-haired guy who I can't recall the name of look into the case of a woman named Susanne who is being chased after by a government group that she quit because they were going to administer a dangerous chemical to the American public without them knowing. The government is after her, and she turns to Byers and Frohicke to help her figure out what to do, not knowing that Mulder is an FBI agent chasing after her.

    As I said before, the episode is certainly fun.. Byers is a bit bland as an actor, but I've always like Frohicke and the other long haired guy.. they're goofy without going too over the top and can play serious when they need to. I wish there was more Mulder though.. he seemed to just exist to pop in and out and lay naked on the ground.. I really enjoyed the reappearance of "X" though. He was a great character for Mulder and Scully to interact with and his death was a shame, especially considering Laurie Holden is a poor replacement.

    For an episode following such a great myth-arc episode, this was pretty entertaining. I have a good feeling about Season 5