The X-Files

Season 9 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 28, 2002 on FOX

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  • What a load of crap

    ...was exactly what I was thinking as the ending credits ran across my tv.

    What on earth possessed the writers to make that ending? Of course I grunted as soon as I saw that Duchovny was part of the writing team for this one. The episodes he has given us were all dull, uneventful and utterly no x-files (which is understandable given that he himself is all but a believer. But why does Carter let him write then?).
    This one is no exception.

    Even without watching the opening credits (where Duchovny was not credited as an actor) I did not believe for a split second that the disfigured man was Mulder. Scully simply would have known. Also he wouldn't have broken into the X-Files office, he wouldn't have beaten up Doggett, he wouldn't have lied to Scully no matter what. And he wouldn't have run from her apartment. He wouldn't have injected anything into William without discussing it with Scully because he respects her too much.

    So the 30min where the viewer is supposed to be torn between wether the man is Mulder or not were dull (at least for me.) The DNA test was a "perfect match" but Mulder and Spender are half brothers. So that can't be right (seems to me the FBI lab wouldn't make such a huge mistake.) And btw did you notice that Mulder never acknowledged that Cancer man was his father? That he made no objections whatsoever when Scully named her son WILLIAM after his father?
    Then the revelation that he is actually James Spender. ha. What has he been doing these past years when everybody believed him to be dead? (After his account the experiments burned up his skin immediately so he hasn't been tested on for that long) So after Mulder being Christ, his son being the savior and the key for the alien invasion (which version was the last again?) he is now after the injection of a supposedly extra terrestrial material (aka unidentified material) just a normal boy. Hurray! Finally Scully can live a normal life, teaching FBI rookies and coming home to a healthy baby boy. But Alas! he is still in danger!
    Spender has the awesome ability to know that the aliens would never give up as he is the ultimate and only key for their plans. (btw what would they have done if the syndicate hadn't been killed by the alien rebels? Back then the colonization was about to begin and Scully wasn't even pregnant remember?) So logically the only way out is to give up the baby to complete strangers in the middle of nowhere.

    Yeah that's right! The baby that Scully so desperately wanted, the one Mulder, Skinner, Doggett, Reyes hell even Crychek protected from the super soldiers! The one that was delivered by Reyes in a ghost town, where Mulder was led by the Bethlehem star! The baby Mulder went into hiding to protect! The baby every single mythology episode evolved around in season 9! That very baby is better protected by farmers than an FBI agent with a medical degree who knows not only what or whom to protect him from but also the one and only weakness of the attackers.

    Your head spinning yet? Let's wait and see what happens in the next 3-4 episodes and then hopefully this show will end in dignity.