The X-Files

Season 8 Episode 1

Within (1)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 05, 2000 on FOX
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Newly appointed Deputy Director Kersh organizes a manhunt for Mulder and assigns Agent John Doggett to head the team. Scully and Skinner go along with the investigation but are warned by Kersh that they will be fired if anything is said about aliens. Scully , along with the Lone Gunmen, surmise that the Bounty Hunter is trying to erase all evidence of abductions and they realize that he may be going after Gibson Praise, who is now living at a school in Arizona. Agent Doggett comes to the same conclusion and his team race Scully and Skinner to the school where they find Mulder trying to kidnap Gibson.moreless

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  • Hey guys have you seen Mulder lately?

    So I've been slow to reviewing episodes of this show so what's been up lately. The story so far has been pretty well, going into 8 seasons I would have thought the story would have been worn out by now. Since we only get about 4-5 or so episodes per season though it isn't as dragged out as one might think.

    I won't get too much into the events that led up to this episode cause that'll take all day so I'll just cover what's here and going forward.

    Doggett is a very welcomed addition to the show as he isn't another double agent like X or Deepthroat. I love the tension between him and Scully. I also appreciate how much Scully and even Skinner have come around on these aliens, its so great to see them accept these ideas because they've seen so much now.

    I'm also very glad to see Gibson come back, he was an interesting story until he simply stopped being used. Some parts of this myth story seem to be forgotten and then revived with little to no explanation and the same applied here but he's back and I appreciate that, was wondering about that little dude.

    Not a bad start even with the new opening credits. The original credits were so perfect but I can see why they thought to change it.

  • Within

    Within was a superb episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama intrigue, and character development. It was interesting to see Agents searching for Mulder. I liked how the story was written and the way every thing played out. The ending was very intriguing as Mulder was sighted kidnapping a boy whom Scully may have needed for her investigation. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!moreless
  • Season 8 kicks off strong

    Well, so far, so good. People refer to Seasons 8 and 9 as "horrific" or "the terrible seasons," mostly because, I'm assuming, Duchovny is simply a recurring actor on the show here. However, people need to remember that as long as the writing of a show is solid, the show can carry on. Although I agree that there were a few times the show could've ended in the previous seasons, I'm looking forward to how Chris Carter and the rest of the crew and cast can carry the story on for another two seasons.

    I'm watching this season at a time when Steve Carrell just recently left "The Office," and while the shadow of his presence still hangs heavy over that show, Duchovny's background appearances in the opening episodes of Season 8 (and the awesome reveal at the end of the first episode) don't remind us of what we're missing so much as act as a way to ease us into a Mulder-less show.

    The episode picks up a day after where we were left during Season 7: Scully, pregnant and worried about Mulder, teams up with Skinner in attempting to figure out where in the world Mulder could've disappeared to. As it turns out, Deputy Kersh, that horrible human being from Season 6, has placed a new agent in charge of tracking down Mulder. He's a man named John Doggett (played by Robert Patrick, the man who is to replace Mulder in these final seasons), a quiet man who is good at his job and tries his darndest to find a logical way to find Mulder.

    The episode is interesting in the way that it immediately makes us believe that Mulder may still be alive right off the bat and that he's escaped from the UFO and is going around sneaking into Scully's house and into the FBI after they've closed. I'm cursed with outside knowledge, mostly because this show has been done for almost ten years now and I've grown up with people who have loved this show when I was still watching Nickelodian. However, that doesn't mean I'm still in the dark a bit. Chris Carter actually does a great job in misleading us multiple times. By the time we get to the end, where we learn that the chess prodigy Gibson from Seasons 5 and 6 may be what Mulder is after, I was surprised at how well the episode flowed from plot point to plot point.

    One thing I didn't enjoy was how Carter tried to make us believe that Mulder has been planning this escape for a long time. I mean, it's clear cut from "Requiem" that Mulder didn't know what he was doing here. He randomly learned about the UFO in the Season seven finale and then when he found out, he walked past the energy field and into the light. It's not as if he was planning his death, and the idea that he was dying is all new to us, the audience, so to learn that he was dying when he's not even on screen for us to hear him respond is a bit of weird storytelling. But putting that aside, we still had a pretty good premiere and a great final moment that I won't spoil.moreless
  • They should have a category for "reverse shark jump."

    "Within" marks the beginning of the glorious one-year reprieve for "The X-Files," and the credit almost entirely belongs to Robert Patrick. John Doggett is a shot in the arm, a welcome dose of new blood for a show that had lost its footing the previous season. With David Duchovny (practically) gone at this point, Doggett steps in, not as a "new Mulder," but as a figure who provides conflict and a new voice to the series. And boy, did the series need it!

    I think Gillian Anderson has always been the more talented co-star on "X-Files," and giving her an actor with his heart in the role to play against raises her game. With Season 4 and Scully's cancer arc, Season 8 is absolutely Anderson's best work on the series. No longer having to try to encourage the disinterested Duchovny, her sparring sessions with Patrick are highlights. We haven't seen Scully this feisty in years.

    It also helps that Patrick immediately jives with the rest of the cast. Mitch Pileggi and James Pickens have good scenes with him, and it doesn't take long for the "Hey, that's T-1000!" shock to wear off and for the viewer to adjust.

    Though this opening two-parter is still a little too mythology-muddled for my taste, it does mark the show's return over Season 8 to telling strong, scary stories. Gone is the out-of-place humor and the long-bored Duchovny. Hail John Doggett and Season 8 of "The X-Files."moreless
  • The first time Mulder found the truth, but now, he is the truth, that is, when he is abducted.

    This one was a pretty creepy episode, but it was entertaining. I remember seeing Mulder's torture on TV, and I was creeped out nun the less, but I started looking up information, and when I got to a video store at the mall, I begged my dad to let me buy season eight. When we got home we watched it, along with Without(2). This episode started alot of things for me. It even inspired me to make a LEGO Mulder and aliens set. This episode was filled with twists and turns regarding Mulder's abduction. He searched for the truth, only to have holes drilled in his mouth, and a big slice in his chest. Up til' now I've called this season my favorite, but this episode revealed information every step of the way. So I give this episode a 9.8 rating.moreless
Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick

Special Agent John Doggett

David Duchovny

David Duchovny

Special Agent Fox Mulder

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

Special Agent Dana Scully

Jonathan Palmer

Jonathan Palmer


Guest Star

Marc Gomes

Marc Gomes

Agent Danny Mosley

Guest Star

Marty Zagon

Marty Zagon

Mr. Coeben

Guest Star

Mitch Pileggi

Mitch Pileggi

Assistant Director Walter Skinner

Recurring Role

James Pickens Jr.

James Pickens Jr.

Deputy Director Kersh

Recurring Role

Tom Braidwood

Tom Braidwood


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In the intro to this episode, when the tube is pulled from Mulder's mouth, it appears the same as the one pulled from Scully in the The X Files movie.

    • When Doggett picks up the file on Gibson Praise you can see that part of the number that is shown when he looks at it is 1013 which is Chris Carter's birthday.

    • When Scully points out the location of the last time they saw Gibson Praise, she points to the (real) Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, which is west of Phoenix. In 'The Beginning' the plant shown was the (fictional) Rolling Hills Nuclear Plant, 60 miles east of Phoenix.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Scully: John Doggett... You may as well have introduced yourself.
      Doggett: Well, I was gettin' around to it.
      (Scully looks at him for a moment, and throws a cup of water in his face.)

    • Doggett: How far would Mulder go?
      Scully: How far would he go for what?
      Doggett: The truth. His truth. Whatever it was he was trying to prove... How bad did he need to prove it?
      Scully: It was his whole life.

  • NOTES (5)

    • The name of Mulder's mother is given in most X-Files sources as Teena; however, when the Mulder family tombstone is shown in this episode, her name is spelled Tena.

      The Oxford Dictionary of English Names gives Tina as "...a pet form derived from names like Christina and Clementina, now used as an independent name." Hence, the usual spelling with an i; Teena is a much more recent form.

    • This episode marks the first major change to the opening credits since the show first started with new images, updated photos for David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and the addition of Robert Patrick to the main cast.

    • The titles of this two part season premiere 'Within' and 'Without' is from a line by Deep Throat in the season 3 premiere 'The Blessing Way'. When Mulder talks to him in the dream state, Deep Throat says "Go back. Do not look into the abyss or let the abyss look into you. Awaken the sleep of reason and fight the monsters within and without."

      Addition: And yet it seems odd they titled them this way round, since in the opening episode, the characters are 'without' Mulder, Scully is without someone she cares about so much, and Skinner and Scully must go without their belief in what happened to Mulder, as in not revealing it to anyone. In the second episode, they have an alien 'within', who could be anyone and there is much distrust of who it could be.

    • Agent John Doggett is named after sports commentator Vin Scully's co-commentator, Jerry Doggett. Vin Scully is the man after whom Dana Scully is named.

    • Dedication: In Memoriam - Jim Engh 1961-2000. Jim Engh was a member of the production crew who was electrocuted while filming a scene from a scaffold for this episode. Six other crew members were injured in the accident.