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Season 8 Episode 1

Within (1)

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2000 on FOX

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  • Hey guys have you seen Mulder lately?

    So I've been slow to reviewing episodes of this show so what's been up lately. The story so far has been pretty well, going into 8 seasons I would have thought the story would have been worn out by now. Since we only get about 4-5 or so episodes per season though it isn't as dragged out as one might think.

    I won't get too much into the events that led up to this episode cause that'll take all day so I'll just cover what's here and going forward.

    Doggett is a very welcomed addition to the show as he isn't another double agent like X or Deepthroat. I love the tension between him and Scully. I also appreciate how much Scully and even Skinner have come around on these aliens, its so great to see them accept these ideas because they've seen so much now.

    I'm also very glad to see Gibson come back, he was an interesting story until he simply stopped being used. Some parts of this myth story seem to be forgotten and then revived with little to no explanation and the same applied here but he's back and I appreciate that, was wondering about that little dude.

    Not a bad start even with the new opening credits. The original credits were so perfect but I can see why they thought to change it.

  • Within

    Within was a superb episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama intrigue, and character development. It was interesting to see Agents searching for Mulder. I liked how the story was written and the way every thing played out. The ending was very intriguing as Mulder was sighted kidnapping a boy whom Scully may have needed for her investigation. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Season 8 kicks off strong

    Well, so far, so good. People refer to Seasons 8 and 9 as "horrific" or "the terrible seasons," mostly because, I'm assuming, Duchovny is simply a recurring actor on the show here. However, people need to remember that as long as the writing of a show is solid, the show can carry on. Although I agree that there were a few times the show could've ended in the previous seasons, I'm looking forward to how Chris Carter and the rest of the crew and cast can carry the story on for another two seasons.

    I'm watching this season at a time when Steve Carrell just recently left "The Office," and while the shadow of his presence still hangs heavy over that show, Duchovny's background appearances in the opening episodes of Season 8 (and the awesome reveal at the end of the first episode) don't remind us of what we're missing so much as act as a way to ease us into a Mulder-less show.

    The episode picks up a day after where we were left during Season 7: Scully, pregnant and worried about Mulder, teams up with Skinner in attempting to figure out where in the world Mulder could've disappeared to. As it turns out, Deputy Kersh, that horrible human being from Season 6, has placed a new agent in charge of tracking down Mulder. He's a man named John Doggett (played by Robert Patrick, the man who is to replace Mulder in these final seasons), a quiet man who is good at his job and tries his darndest to find a logical way to find Mulder.

    The episode is interesting in the way that it immediately makes us believe that Mulder may still be alive right off the bat and that he's escaped from the UFO and is going around sneaking into Scully's house and into the FBI after they've closed. I'm cursed with outside knowledge, mostly because this show has been done for almost ten years now and I've grown up with people who have loved this show when I was still watching Nickelodian. However, that doesn't mean I'm still in the dark a bit. Chris Carter actually does a great job in misleading us multiple times. By the time we get to the end, where we learn that the chess prodigy Gibson from Seasons 5 and 6 may be what Mulder is after, I was surprised at how well the episode flowed from plot point to plot point.

    One thing I didn't enjoy was how Carter tried to make us believe that Mulder has been planning this escape for a long time. I mean, it's clear cut from "Requiem" that Mulder didn't know what he was doing here. He randomly learned about the UFO in the Season seven finale and then when he found out, he walked past the energy field and into the light. It's not as if he was planning his death, and the idea that he was dying is all new to us, the audience, so to learn that he was dying when he's not even on screen for us to hear him respond is a bit of weird storytelling. But putting that aside, we still had a pretty good premiere and a great final moment that I won't spoil.
  • They should have a category for "reverse shark jump."

    "Within" marks the beginning of the glorious one-year reprieve for "The X-Files," and the credit almost entirely belongs to Robert Patrick. John Doggett is a shot in the arm, a welcome dose of new blood for a show that had lost its footing the previous season. With David Duchovny (practically) gone at this point, Doggett steps in, not as a "new Mulder," but as a figure who provides conflict and a new voice to the series. And boy, did the series need it!

    I think Gillian Anderson has always been the more talented co-star on "X-Files," and giving her an actor with his heart in the role to play against raises her game. With Season 4 and Scully's cancer arc, Season 8 is absolutely Anderson's best work on the series. No longer having to try to encourage the disinterested Duchovny, her sparring sessions with Patrick are highlights. We haven't seen Scully this feisty in years.

    It also helps that Patrick immediately jives with the rest of the cast. Mitch Pileggi and James Pickens have good scenes with him, and it doesn't take long for the "Hey, that's T-1000!" shock to wear off and for the viewer to adjust.

    Though this opening two-parter is still a little too mythology-muddled for my taste, it does mark the show's return over Season 8 to telling strong, scary stories. Gone is the out-of-place humor and the long-bored Duchovny. Hail John Doggett and Season 8 of "The X-Files."
  • The first time Mulder found the truth, but now, he is the truth, that is, when he is abducted.

    This one was a pretty creepy episode, but it was entertaining. I remember seeing Mulder's torture on TV, and I was creeped out nun the less, but I started looking up information, and when I got to a video store at the mall, I begged my dad to let me buy season eight. When we got home we watched it, along with Without(2). This episode started alot of things for me. It even inspired me to make a LEGO Mulder and aliens set. This episode was filled with twists and turns regarding Mulder's abduction. He searched for the truth, only to have holes drilled in his mouth, and a big slice in his chest. Up til' now I've called this season my favorite, but this episode revealed information every step of the way. So I give this episode a 9.8 rating.
  • The plot thickens in a great story-telling complication.

    It's interesting that along with the greatest complication of the x-files series (the disappearance of Mulder) we bring a major plot complication back into the story (the alien bounty hunter). The uncertainty evoked by the ABH in the characters that unknowingly interact with him in the story is indicative of the uncertainty fans begin to feel as the chances of finding Mulder grow even slimmer. "Within" describes Scully's search for Mulder in hear life and in her heart. Doggett's first appearance on the show attempts to undermine what Scully knew of her relationship with Mulder. She only questions herself for a moment and then refuses to play along with Doggett's game. This is a good first interaction between the two because Doggett is a old-fashioned copy who might rely on manipulation a bit more than Mulder and Scully usually do. She sees through this fairly quickly, which helps the respect begin to form between her and Doggett.

    Scully's own personal feelings boil out but only in the privacy of her apartment while trying to call her mother and in Mulder's apartment when we truly see how much Mulder meant to her. The investigation may have a couple of plot contrivances, namely Kersh slipping Doggett Gibson's file, but overall, Doggett conducts the search according to what he knows of how to recover missing persons with only a half-hearted consideration of Skinner's pleas to consider an alternative theory OR Kersh's pleas to ensure that the FBI comes out looking competent and clean. Mulder's illness seems to fit perfectly with CSM's decline in health from "Closure" through "En Ami" and "Requiem." Perhaps Mulder's younger immune system was helping him fight the disease better than CSM's. But he was dying nonetheless. To an extent, this explains his willingness and readiness to accept his sister's fate in "Closure" and to open himself more to Scully in "Theef" "En Ami" "Je Souhaite" and "Requiem/." His tombstone does seem to be a little much and a little premature. But my thought is he just wanted to save Scully the burden of taking care of those funeral type tasks. Kersh's promotion almost seems to hit Skinner at just the wrong time. In "Paper Clip," Skinner wrote off the Syndicate route to power. In "The End" he provided Mulder a platform for his theories and his case against the government. So by Requiem, he had all but ruined his chances for advancement that seemed so promising in "Little Green Men" and even by "Tunguska" not totally gone. But once he accepts Mulder's beliefs as his own, he really does what Scully said and gives them the chance to ruin his career. Kersh is where Skinner could have been and Skinner recognizes this. But Skinner is beginning to accept his new role in things and how much of an ally he can be to Scully. His first task will be to win Doggett over to their side.
  • Specil Agent john dogget is in charge of the task force resbosible for finding mulder but while on the case Doggets life takes a drmatic change forever.

    with last seasons final episode this season sees the a new x-files emerge with no DD. the sole purpose of this episode is to just set up the new story arc and lead role. while some hated the episode others including myself loved it `i found the inclusen of doggets charicter a nice add plus the story with scullys baby and mulders alien story a good touch. it is my faverit premire out of nine seasons i find it much better than last season and next seasons premire and the fx have gone up again in conclusion i rank this episode 9 a ggd episode
  • Mostly a filler episode, dealing with the aftermath of Mulder's disappearance.

    I like John Doggett, he's actually the perfect counterpoint from Mulder, even more rigid and practical than Scully was when we first met her. It's a logical move – with Scully's almost complete conversion to a believer, it makes sense to cast Mulder's replacement in the same role Scully originally held, that of the skeptic. I am a little concerned at the level of hostility in Scully toward him, though given his role in the manhunt, it's not that surprising but hopefully she'll settle down once she figures out he's not the enemy.

    Robert Patrick is a wonderful actor and I think he'll fit in very well with the likes of Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi.

    Given the givens, most likely he's the alien bounty hunter. Mulder is one of probably two people Gibson trusts and since Gibson is obviously afraid of him, it can't be Mulder.

    Okay episode but I don't like seeing Scully so aggressive, doesn't suit her. Especially toward Doggett, who doesn't deserve it.
  • A good start to the season

    Scully and Skinner begin the search for Mulder, but are hindered by new deputy director Kersh. A new agent, Doggett, leads a taskforce to find Mulder, who himself suffers terrible torture onboard the spaceship.
    Robert Patrick did a good first up effort playing the by-the-book agent in charge of the taskforce. Although he did appear a little standoff-ish, he was genuine in his attempt to find Mulder, and wasn't as bull-headed as Kersh.
    Scully's loneliness without her partner was never more evident, thanks in large part to a brilliant performace by Gillian Anderson and the haunting music by Mark Snow. It was also interesting to see Skinner in the role believer, and his working with the gunmen to find the UFO highlighted the lengths he would go to find Mulder, who he now cared for as a friend more than as an agent under his command.
    There was a lot of action in this episode, and the Skinner/Scully vs. FBI, hunt for Gibson Praise was played out well. Poor Mulder suffered immense torture at the hands of the aliens, and it only added to the sense of urgency of finding him.
    Despite the sub-standard cliffhanger, Within did a great job opening the season.
  • The quest to find Mulder begins.

    From the start of this episode Mulder is still missing, Scully is pregant... is Mulder the father? Also Special Agent John Doggett is put in charge of the task force to find Agent mulder. From the start Scully distrusts him.Doggett is a sceptic he doesn't believe that Aliens have taken Mulder. At the end of this episode Mulder of the shape Shifter has Gibson Praise and is nearing a cliff top. This season opener was fantastic, i loved season 8 personally one of my favourite seasons. Many people didn't like the new guy Doggett but really he is a great charactor. Do not miss this season. The next episode is even better.
  • A wonderful way to set up the eigth season!

    Despise the whol;e fact that Mulder is gone, I thought this was a gret episode. Here you get to see how much Mulder actually meens to Scully. Gillian Anderson did a great job portraying the emotions that were needed. Here you get to meet Special Agent John Doggett for the first time. It wasn't exactly a great way to meet each other, but the mistrust that they had for each other gave the episode flavor. It thrilled me to see Scully throw the cup of water in Doggett's face. Don't get me wrong, I love Doggett, but it added a nice touch to the show.
  • Poor Scully...

    So, we begin season eight without Mulder, and are introduced to John Dogett. Now, I love the character of Dogett, but in this episode, he's just so rude to Scully. Tellin' her she doesn't know Mulder as well as she thought she did, and all he did was read his file. Does that make sense? No it doesn't!

    Dogett wonders why the heck Scully wants to find Mulder so much, and I'm screaming at the TV, "She misses him, you idiot!" I know, stupid, but he should've cought onto it by the end of the episode. Poor Scully havin' to live without Mulder, havin' to deal with someone who thinks Mulder some sort of weirdo.

    "We Are Near" (or as some people call it, "Scully's Theme") is a beautiful song. It's the perfect song to show what Scully's going through.

    I wish we could've seen more of Mulder. All we saw was him gettin' expirimented on in the UFO, and the scene in the desert (although that doesn't really count, seeing as it wasn't really Mulder).

    Overall, this is a good episode, but I wish that Mulder could've been there more (and a kinder Dogett would've been nice).
  • A brilliant opening to the new season 8 - and Gillian Anderson is as good as ever.

    I wasn't quite sure what they would do without Mulder, but the introduction of Doggett and Scully becoming less and less sceptical about what might have happened to her partner are good ways to go.

    OK, I know that Mulder is in the episode, but spending most of his time tied to a concrete toilet in the nude, looking like Katherine Helmond in Brazil, with his skin stretched by goodness knows what (by the way, why is it that even the most advanced beings, doing the most bizarre experiments on people, still feel the need to protect our modesty by having something covering up the nether regions?)

    It's really good to see Scully and Skinner both out of their comfort zones, desperate to say what they know, but denied the option. And it's great to see Scully as the mover and shaker. Pregnant she may be, but she's not going to be a pushover for anyone.

    Great episode.
  • "Within" is poignant, painful, and completely revealing as Season 8 begins WITHOUT Mulder. John Doggett is introduced as well, and essentially, the hunt for Mulder is on as Scully deals with a mysterious pregnancy and the gaping emptiness and impossible


    ..."and life flows on within you
    and without you..."

    --The Beatles, "Within You Without You,"
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band


    I feel "within you without you" is the overwhelming theme of Season 8, as it deals with Scully dealing with life--both the life growing inside her and her life without Mulder. Indeed, Season 8 does "flow on" without Duchovny, for better or for worse. Having received both Seasons 8 and 9 for Christmas this year, I have ample opportunity to view and review my favorite eps from the last two seasons of The X-Files...and view and review I shall! The Season 8 two-parter "Within" is a strong opener for what proved to be a turbulent yet craftily successful next-to-last season. 1013 did a lot of things I wouldn't have done (Doggett, for example), but then redeemed themselves with a hefty dose of Scully Angst in almost every episode, in addition to some interesting stories, and a sub-plot of Scully assuming Mulder's perspective on solving cases in an attempt to not only circumvent her partner's replacement, but to somehow keep him with her if only in spirit. It's a psychological thing...or something . By assuming a Mulder-esque attitude (aka "believer's" attitude) in Season 8, Scully is not only honoring the X-Files by keeping an open mind, she is also keeping a part of Mulder safe from whatever he might be going through on that Big Scary Spaceship with the Uncomfortable Chair. His ideologies can live on through her, even if those beliefs are at times a little hard for her to swallow. I think it is a really clever device employed by 1013, and because Gillian Anderson is such a capable actress, she makes it work for the character.

    It is in "Within" where Anderson really shines, bringing the audience into that rarest realm of private emotion where neither the audience (nor the characters, I suspect) ever tread. We experience with Scully her first day without Mulder, and due to a crafty amalgam of stellar acting and storytelling, it is painfully and beautifully rendered. Thank you, 1013, for sparing us an annoying time-lapse here. Finally, here are my oft-meaty and sometimes entirely too focussed Random Musings:

    Mulder in utero: The teaser sequence was very effective and handled well. Scully's baby, in a dark place, put there under mysterious circumstances. Similarly Mulder, held in a dark place, put there under mysterious circumstances. The irony is hitting me over the head . The slime tube pulled from Mulder's throat---that little nod to Fight the Future---was not lost on me.

    My favorite scene is Scully looking in the mirror, searching herself and how she will go on. So many emotions play on her face...grief, fear, dread, and when she looks down, and finally looks up again, the resolve, the sheer determination etched on her face, will knock you over. This is the Dana Scully who has endured so much, and she WILL carry on. It was awesome! Just beautifully acted by Gillian Anderson, who embodies this character like no other person ever could. She gives us the meat and potatoes of Dana Scully here, treating a fan base that has starved far-too long on UST and witty puns.

    The choral music which became known as Scully's Theme is artfully done and not overused, as so many seem to think. It is poignant and extremely sad.

    Scully's walk down the hall is terrific, the camera work here could not have been better. Then, things begin to take a turn. Enter John Doggett. Enter change. In the words of Garth Algar, "We fear change."

    Here are some things I don't like: The writers trying to challenge Mulder and Scully's intimate knowledge of each other. First with John Doggett, then with the whole "Mulder is dying and I had no idea" crapola. And that's what it is...crapola. But for the benefit of the show, I play along. Mulder's personality is one I think that would keep such information, probably saying that he had caused Scully too much pain already, etc etc. He only carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, after all. To him, everything is his fault.

    Ok, I got sidetracked . I love Skinner's new role...he is resolute on not selling Mulder out, he knows what he saw and he wants everyone else to know it to. I like it .

    When Scully throws the water in Doggett's face, the amount of makeup Patrick is wearing is terribly evident. That water rolls off him like Black Oil .

    The hope on Scully's face as she re-enters her apartment, thinking Mulder is there, is heartbreaking.

    Scully in Mulder's apartment: Yes! Finally!!! We have a beautiful moment between our two characters, and one of them is not even there! This scene was perfectly written and perfectly acted. As Scully grabs Mulder's pajama top and falls onto the bed, her loss is almost palpable. The girl loves him, get it? Noromos, it's only down hill from here .

    Alien Bounty Hunter Mulder was hilarious...especially that bumfuzzled, goober-like expression on his face in the desert. Pricelesss!!!

    Ok, it rocks on...let me see...Yes, John Doggett is annoying. Puberty was cruel to Gibson Praise...what else...oh yeah, Mulder looked pretty hot in the space ship scenes . And I think the gelatinous UFO out in the desert is a good trick. Love it all!!

    That's about it. I give this one a 6 out of 10. I will see you all in "Without!"



    "You might've just introduced yourself."

    --Scully, "Within"
  • We meet John Doggett and are given no reason whatsoever to like him. The search for Mulder begins, but it takes it's sweet time getting anywhere.

    Going into this episode you expect changes. You expect Doggett, and his intial clashes with Scully and everything that Mulder stood for. And you get that. And that's about it...
    This episode, unlike most every other episode, which were always so slickly paced, drags on and on and yet seems to accomplish very little. It puts on the appearance of getting things done, but in reality, aside from introducing Doggett, it's alot of walking and talking without alot of results. I think this and "Without" could have been combined into one episode by trimming the fat and getting to the damn point, and been much better off for it.
    Doggett, whether it was purposeful or not, is down-right unlikable here. And Scully isn't much better. Sure, she's under alot of pressure and stress, but (and I hate to utter this) she really seems like a shrill bitch in "Within." So out-of-character for her.
    Not a promising start to what was already a worrisome season from the word go. Luckily it turned itself around and became, if never a masterpiece season like those before it, certainly alot more consistant and entertaining than this would lead you to believe.
  • A pivotal episode in the history of the show that began to take The X-files in a new direction. For anyone interested in watching this show in conjunction with 'The Lone Gunmen' (the spinoff show that aired at the same time as The X-files season 8)......

    A pivotal episode in the history of the show that began to take The X-files in a new direction.

    For anyone interested in watching this show in conjunction with 'The Lone Gunmen' (the spinoff show that aired at the same time as The X-files season), below is a list of the episode order for both shows as they originally aired. There were a few "in-jokes" and references between the shows during this time, and this list is for those who would like to keep those intact, as they were with the initial airing.

    The X-files Season 8 / The Lone Gunmen

    The X-files 8-1 05-Nov-2000 Within (1)
    The X-files 8-2 12-Nov-2000 Without (2)
    The X-files 8-3 19-Nov-2000 Patience
    The X-files 8-4 26-Nov-2000 Roadrunners
    The X-files 8-5 03-Dec-2000 Invocation
    The X-files 8-6 10-Dec-2000 Redrum
    The X-files 8-7 17-Dec-2000 Via Negativa
    The X-files 8-8 07-Jan-2001 Surekill
    The X-files 8-9 14-Jan-2001 Salvage
    The X-files 8-10 21-Jan-2001 Badlaa
    The X-files 8-11 04-Feb-2001 The Gift
    The X-files 8-12 11-Feb-2001 Medusa
    The X-files 8-13 18-Feb-2001 Per Manum
    The X-files 8-14 25-Feb-2001 This Is Not Happening (1)
    The Lone Gunmen 1-1 04-Mar-2001 Pilot
    The Lone Gunmen 1-2 11-Mar-2001 Bond, Jimmy Bond
    The Lone Gunmen 1-3 16-Mar-2001 Eine Kleine Frohike
    The Lone Gunmen 1-4 18-Mar-2001 Like Water for Octane
    The Lone Gunmen 1-5 23-Mar-2001 Three Men and a Smoking Diaper
    The Lone Gunmen 1-6 30-Mar-2001 Madam, I'm Adam
    The X-files 8-15 01-Apr-2001 DeadAlive (2)
    The Lone Gunmen 1-7 06-Apr-2001 Planet of the Frohikes: A Short History of My Demeaning Captivity
    The X-files 8-16 08-Apr-2001 Three Words
    The Lone Gunmen 1-8 13-Apr-2001 Maximum Byers
    The X-files 8-17 15-Apr-2001 Empedocles
    The Lone Gunmen 1-9 20-Apr-2001 Diagnosis: Jimmy
    The X-files 8-18 22-Apr-2001 Vienen
    The Lone Gunmen 1-10 27-Apr-2001 Tango de los Pistoleros
    The Lone Gunmen 1-11 04-May-2001 The Lying Game
    The X-files 8-19 06-May-2001 Alone
    The Lone Gunmen 1-12 11-May-2001 All About Yves
    The X-files 8-20 13-May-2001 Essence (1)
    The X-files 8-21 20-May-2001 Existence (2)
    The Lone Gunmen 1-13 01-Jun-2001 The Cap'n Toby Show

    ** The X-files Season 9 episode 15 “Jump the Shark” serves as the series finale of The Lone Gunmen. **
  • this episode is just the starting of the season and it contains a good opening.

    ok i personally love the x-files, first, and with that i say that this episode is more like a man i cant explain it. well i like this episode and all and the fact (without being the sequel) but just saying that, this episode expands scully pregnancy and the fact that mulder is not there. yeah he got abducted and all and basically what we c in the show is actually a replacement and not him even though fans want it to be, and for them to live happily ever after and all just try to get it over with, but since scully and mulder are very separated at this time we c agent doggett and he becomes part of the x-files so, as u can c i am not really good at writing reviews lol.