The X-Files

Season 8 Episode 2

Without (2)

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 2000 on FOX
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As the search for Mulder intensifies in the Arizona desert, Gibson Praise leads Scully to believe that she is truly closer to her target. Meanwhile AD Kersh informs Agent Doggett that he has been assigned as Mulder's successor on the X-Files.

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  • Hey Mr. Bounty hunter dude don't be so mean.

    Fast paced and emotional, this continuation from the last episode got the season off to a good standing. Again I love Gibson being back with focus even though we never found out what happened to him, I assumed he just somehow got away with the syndicate being killed off and CSM being well in the state that he is now.

    All the info about what Mulder was doing and how evidence was being destroyed by the bounty hunter isn't something I'm completely interested in, just more story and back and forths, more questions. What I love is that we got a full on conflict with the rebel alien and there's also a feeling that Doggett will come around to all of this much sooner than one would think which is a fresh idea for a change. Mulder being tested on is a hit or miss with me. The circumstances that led him to being bought up to the ship are odd but its exciting to see whats happening to him now even if I don't quite understand it. I assumed they just wanted to clone his appearence for their own personal agendas on earth.

    Anyway lots of action going on here without too much story getting in the way. Love it,moreless
  • Without

    Without was a superb episode of The X-Files and I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing and really well put together. It was awesome to see Scully chasing after Mulder and I liked how Scully worked with Special Agent John Doggett to figure out what was happening. They made a good team but he is definitely no Mulder. I liked how every thing played out and it was interesting to see where Mulder actually was. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Scully and Doggett continue looking for Mulder, with the help of Skinner.

    The second part of the two part season premiere was much better than the first and actually made me excited to see how the show would deal with the loss of Fox Mulder as a main character. I thought Mulder just seemed tired and bored in the seventh season, with only the occasional episode bringing him to life. I suppose that happens when you've been on a show for seven years and over a hundred and fifty episodes. However, for all the hate that the most recent seasons have gotten, I have to say this much about the start: it's great. The mythology arc didn't seem as muddled in the last two episodes and in this one, we finally get an end to that insane bounty hunter that's been around since about Season 2 (although the final moments of the episode give us a new glimpse into what may be happening).

    Things pick up right where they left off in the previous episode, with Doggett tracking down Mulder. However, Mulder jumps off of a cliff and disappears from sight, leading Scully to believe that the Mulder they've been chasing after this entire time is actually a bounty hunter using his shape. Here, we get a fun little arc that follows Doggett slowly coming to (somewhat) believe Scully's claims that there are aliens and whatnot in the world. The bounty hunter has always been one of those Krycek type villains that show up only when the show needs a villain to drive forward the tension. However, here, Chris Carter and co. seem genuinely interested in explaining why the bounty hunter is so interested in finding the Gibson boy and why they want Mulder. That final shot of the episode, with Mulder all hooked up to machines and a slew of clones emerging from behind the shadows is really haunting and leaves us wondering what the heck is going on.

    For the most part, I would say that the introduction of Doggett was done well, and the lack of the Cigarette Smoking Man , Krycek and the Syndicate people actually made the mythology arc easier and funner to follow. It no longer felt like we were being lead in circles. Instead, we get a fun new type of X-Files that still has all the creepiness from earlier seasons but with a new face to it.moreless
  • Is Fox Mulder gone for good?

    By reading many things X-Files-related on the 'net, as casual fan would be made to assume that seasons 8 & 9 pale in comparison to the rest of the series. People back this up by saying that ratings plummeted when Duchovny was no longer a series staple and was "replaced" by the wonderful Robert Patrick.

    Let me correct both of those plights. A good show do not ratings make, and Patrick was never to replace Duchovny, but was meant to be a new cog in the wheel. Given, I have not watched anything beyond "Without," but if the first two episodes are any indication of things to come, then I would venture to say that season 8, at least, could rival seasons 1 or 7.

    Agent Dana Scully and FBI A.D. Walter Skinner are now sold out believers, while their polar opposites are newly-appointed FBI Deputy Director Alvin Kersh and Special Agent John Doggett. Kersh nominates Doggett to head the manhunt for missing agent Fox Mulder, which as a pointless search by normal methods, Scully and Skinner understand.

    The key to the search is apparently the resurfaced boy-prodigy-partly-from-another-world Gibson Praise. What ensues is a cavalcade of twists and turns that, in part, made the X-Files famous.

    Many things make this episode memorable: the introduction of Doggett, Scully & Skinner's new outlook, the mystery of Mulder's whereabouts and what he's experiencing, along with the rest of the artistic (the writing, direction, music, etc.) and technical aspects of the episode.

    Will Fox Mulder ever resurface? What kind of shape, mentally and physically, will he be in? All in all, this is a memorable platform from which to jump for X-Files, season 8.moreless
  • Wow. Mulders gone...

    What a great episode, totally loved it. Mulder is now offically gone until episode 15 of this season. The new guy Doggett is beginning to see things that he cannot understand or explain. Scully is fast becoming the believe. They make a weird couple but Agent Scully and Doggett show plently of promise. I love this episode poor only Mulder is being experimented on in a spaceship while Scully continues her job in the X Files. This episode was fantastic, it was well written by Chirs Carter and made me feel like i was actually there. The X Files is still great without Mulder. So don't miss it.moreless
Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick

Special Agent John Doggett

David Duchovny

David Duchovny

Special Agent Fox Mulder

Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson

Special Agent Dana Scully

Jonathan Palmer

Jonathan Palmer


Guest Star

Marc Gomes

Marc Gomes

Agent Danny Mosley

Guest Star

Christine Firkins

Christine Firkins

Thea Sprecher

Guest Star

Mitch Pileggi

Mitch Pileggi

Assistant Director Walter Skinner

Recurring Role

James Pickens Jr.

James Pickens Jr.

Deputy Director Kersh

Recurring Role

Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson

Bounty Hunter

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When Doggett faces off Mulder on top of the cliff and Mulder starts to walk backwards, ready for his fall/jump, there is still a lot of clifftop to go. Yet in the very next shot, Mulder is falling from the edge.

    • 31:56 - Camera shadow visible to lower left, on Doggett's back

    • In response to the goof about the killing of the bounty hunter, X probably meant that a gunshot to the body wouldn't kill it, not a shot to the neck.

    • Skinner is seen to have damage to his eyes due to exposure to the alien blood which evaporates when released. However, later on when Scully shoots the bounty hunter the green blood escapes along with the gas and neither she nor Gibson has any damage to their eyes.

      Response: It does seem inconsistent. I'm wondering if it's because the kill shot had been delivered. If I'm remembering rightly, it's the green stuff that people suffer from when they've shot the aliens in the wrong place and the 'blood' is still alive as it were. In earlier episodes, it didn't seem to have the same corrosive effect when people were stabbed with the needle.

    • Scully saves herself and Gibson by shooting the Bounty Hunter through the neck and he dissolves into green fluid like we have seen before. However, in 'Talitha Cumi' when Mulder finds the metal spike, X tells him it is the only way to kill the aliens and that a "simple gunshot won't do".

    • When Thea goes down into her and Gibson's hideout, how does the trap door re-cover with dirt?

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Doggett: My dad always said it's not who wins or loses... it's who takes the worst beating that counts.
      Scully: That supposed to cheer me up?
      Doggett: I thought so. But then I never did get to see your opponent.
      Scully: And you never will. You still don't believe me.
      Doggett: What I don't believe is how long they're keeping you here.
      Scully: Oh, it's just some things they have to check out... make sure of.
      Doggett: Well, I've got some things I thought you'd want checked out. A.D. Skinner is in stable condition, resting comfortably and awaiting diagnosis and further study. Ditto Agent Landau, his throat. Gibson Praise is right now a ward of the state but I asked for special protections, as I assumed you would yourself.
      Scully: What are you doing here, Agent Doggett?
      Doggett: Keeping you appraised of the case.
      Scully: That's not your job.
      Doggett: It is, actually. And officially. I'm... assigned now to the X-Files. Whatever you and I may differ on, I'll find him, Agent Scully.

    • Kersh: The best I can say is it's lucky it all happened at a hospital.
      Doggett: Very lucky, yes, Sir.
      Kersh: I assume the hazardous materials or chemicals which caused this must have been medical.
      Doggett: That has not yet been determined, sir.
      Kersh: So much here is undetermined... as remains the whereabouts of Mulder. But some of your … facts... like "a man falls from the cliff and disappears..." "An agent has his throat crushed by an assailant who vanishes into thin air." This reads like a piece of pot-boiled science fiction.
      Doggett: You mean it reads like an X-File. But that's what you intended, wasn't it, Sir? When you assigned me to the case.
      Kersh: I'll ask the questions, John. You just give me some damn answers. Don't come back until you do.

    • Skinner: It's okay, I've got him. Gibson.
      Scully: How did you get here? How did you get him out of that room?
      Skinner: We went up through the ceiling. I don't know who to trust.
      Scully: Where is he?
      Skinner: He's right here. They're going to find him.

    • Scully: Hey, if something tries to rip your throat out, I got you covered.

    • Scully: Where's the boy?
      Crane: Door at the end of the hall, with AD Skinner.
      Scully: Are you certain about that?
      Mosley: Why don't you get yourself a visual in the exterior window. The night nurse has been checking the boy every 20 minutes-- he's fine.
      Crane: We have hospital personnel going about their business. We're just laying back, waiting for Mulder.
      Scully: Yeah, every minute that you wait, that boy's in danger. He's exposed.
      Mosley: No one's getting past us, Agent Scully. No one's gotten past us.
      Scully: You believe that, Agent Doggett?

    • Doggett: You knew where the kid was, you knew where the kid was and you wouldn't tell me-- why?
      Scully: What kid? I don't see any kid.
      Doggett: You're lying to me again! Assistant Director Skinner took him from here to the hospital.
      Scully: How do you know that?
      Doggett: There's one thing I know for sure in this case and that's that Mulder is after this boy Gibson Praise. Why? It beats the hell out of me. But when he goes after that kid, my men are going to be waiting for him.
      Scully: Your men... followed Assistant Director Skinner?
      Doggett: Hey, where you going? Agent Scully, where you going?
      Scully: Your men are at the hospital?
      Doggett: They got it controlled. Nobody goes in or out of that building without them knowing about it.
      Scully: How do you know that they're your men?

    • Scully: For someone who claims he's not following me, you sure have a knack.
      Doggett: Hey, you're where the action is.
      Scully: What does that tell you? That I'm crazy or that I'm right?
      Doggett: Wandering around in the desert in the dead of night, you call it.
      Scully: You say you want to find Mulder but you won't do what it takes. You're afraid that I'm right.
      Doggett: I'm not afraid of anything. Except that maybe Mulder's got even you believing in this crap now.
      Scully: You've seen this crap for yourself now. How do you explain what took place today?
      Doggett: Let me ask you something hypothetically. Now, if you were to find him out here or this ship or this alien bounty hunter, what would you do then?
      Scully: I know what Agent Mulder would do. He'd do whatever it took.
      Doggett: You mean lie. Like you've been lying to me. And flout orders like you've done every step of the way on this thing. Is that what it takes, Agent Scully?
      Scully: Give a little, get a little, Agent Doggett.

    • Gibson Praise: He's here. I hear him.
      Scully: What are you talking about?
      Gibson Praise: Mulder. He's somewhere out there.

    • Skinner: This has gone too far, Scully.
      Scully: No. That's what's wrong here. It hasn't gone far enough. I need those car keys.
      Skinner: And what do you think you're going to do?
      Scully: Look, we are being hampered here by the FBI, by John Doggett, by doubt, by our own mistrust. Whatever it is, it is working... as long as we let it.
      Skinner: You told me Mulder wouldn't allow it. Wouldn't let me ruin my career over this. Over him. But what about you, Scully? I mean, my god, you've got even more at stake.
      Scully: I-I can't take the chance that I'm never going to see him again.
      Skinner: Mulder could just come walking out of the dark-- we don't know.
      Scully: Look... we've got one last chance here waiting for us out there in the desert-- Gibson Praise. It may just be who gets to him first.
      Skinner: Get in the car. I'll drive.

    • Skinner: Agent Scully!
      Scully: Who are you?
      Skinner: Who am I?
      Scully: Drop your weapon and turn around.
      Skinner: I won't turn around.
      Scully: Just do it! I know how it works-- kill shot to the back of the neck.
      Skinner: Scully, you're pointing your weapon at a friend.
      Scully: Turn around, or I'm going to assume that you're not who you say you are.
      Skinner: Scully, it's me! Skinner! I can prove it. I know your secret-- who else knows it?
      Scully: Okay... then tell me.
      Skinner: You tell me. How do I know it's you?

    • Doggett: This amuse you? I amuse you?
      Skinner: No. It just made sense to me. How you found your way out here. Who led you to Gibson Praise.
      Doggett: You think I was spying on you?
      Skinner: No, but I think our new Deputy Director was. You're being made a pawn in a rigged game.
      Doggett: All right, you've painted me the picture, now put it in a frame.
      Skinner: All right. You've got a good rep, Agent Doggett. You don't compromise, you don't quit. You're a damned good FBI agent-- best of the best. Lot of guys put you in the Director's chair one day. Which is why you've been set up to fail. There's no amount of search and rescue or rolling cordons or eyes in the sky that are going to turn up Mulder. It's just the wrong approach.
      Doggett: It's not a question of approach. It's the only approach I got.
      Skinner: The only way you're going to find Mulder is to give into the truth. To listen to Scully. But even then... say you did find him, even then you lose. You put anything about aliens or UFOs or alien bounty hunters in your report... Kersh will ruin you. I'm betting that was his plan.

    • Doggett: Yeah, this is John Doggett.
      Kersh: Agent Doggett, I'm getting reports from Arizona...
      Doggett: Yes, sir.
      Kersh: ...That you found Agent Mulder.
      Doggett: I'm afraid somebody jumped the gun on that. I saw him, sir, but I...
      Kersh: What do you mean, you saw him? What the hell is going on out there?
      Doggett: Well, we're 'round the clock here. I've got local SAR, a rolling ground cordon and an eye in the sky. We're on top of the situation.
      Kersh: How does the FBI find a man and then lose him in the middle of the desert? 'Cause I'd like to know. Agent Doggett, are you there?
      Doggett: Yeah. I heard the question.
      Kersh: I put you in charge out there, Doggett. Now do the damn job.

    • Gibson Praise: You shouldn't have come. You'll lead them to me.
      Scully: I'm here to protect you, Gibson. I know you know that's the truth. I know you know my thoughts.
      Gibson Praise: I know they took the man you work with Mulder. And now, they've come to take me.
      Scully: The only reason they want to take you, Gibson is because you're a special boy. They want to take you because of what you are.

    • Doggett: A cop sees things. A man drops five stories, dusts his head off and goes back to work. An old lady gets shot point-blank in a Chinese restaurant, plucks the slug out of her egg foo yung. But even if Mulder survives this, what he does then is too much. You got your point of impact there where Agent Scully is standing... clear and identifiable. And a set of tracks here leading down to the wash. Look at these tracks. What do you see? Mulder was running.

    • Doggett: Now, are you armed? Come on, damn it. This is just stupid, Agent Mulder. Don't turn this into a movie. Just tell me if you've got a gun. It's too hot for this B.S.

    • Scully: (Voice over) We live in a darkness of our own making. Blind to a habitant world all but invisible to us. A world of beings traveling through time and space, imaginable to us only as flights of fancy. Who are these beings we dare to imagine, but fear to accept? What dark work goes on inside their impossible machine, cloaked from us by invisible forces? If they know our secrets, why can't we know theirs?

    • Skinner: I don't like pointing guns at pregnant women anymore than I like them pointing guns at me.

  • NOTES (2)