The X-Files

Season 7 Episode 12


Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 20, 2000 on FOX

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  • X-COPS

    X-COPS was a very different yet extremely entertaining episode of The X-Files. I really enjoyed the Cops format and it was great to see Mulder and Scully be initially questioned by the Sheriff's Department. I really enjoyed watching the agents investigate and be filmed at the same time. It was funny to see how they each acted and reacted. Mulder was pleased with the mass exposure while Scully tried to remain conservative and objective since the F.B.I. had nothing to hide. This was a great change of pace for the series and refreshing in some ways. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • so good

    I find that X files is really hit and miss with comedic episodes. I prefer episodes that are entirely serious with 1-2 dry wit lines from Mulder/Scully. OR full comedy episodes.

    This episode was flawless. It proved brilliant satire for both Cops and the X files. In particular, the scenes where Mulder talks to the camera are deep humour... Mulder comes off as absurd and somewhat narcissistic, while poking fun at the Cops format. I also was on the floor when the Deputy was commenting on the sketch artist getting killed with cliche after cliche. And there is nothing better than agent Scully pissed off, sarcastic, and trying desperately to keep it real. "The FBI has nothing to hide". What a terrific episode
  • "Cops" clashes with "X-Files"

    Maybe it's because "The X-Files" has so few classic episodes anymore throughout the sixth and seventh season, or maybe because it's just a good hour of TV.. I'm not sure, all I know is that this episode was one of the better installments I've seen of the show. It was creative and a precursor to the way that certain TV shows would resort to documentary formats for their own shows.

    I loved the way we got a creative new way to follow Scully and Mulder on one of their cases.. it was hilarious to see the way that the cops all were excited to have possible armed suspects, only for us to learn that it was just the two FBI agents. Meanwhile, the thing that they were chasing reminded me of something that Supernatural would do nowadays, which is a good thing.. it kept us on our toes as we tried figuring out where the show was going and who the bad guy would be.

    I also thought Vince Gilligan, Chris Carter and the rest of the crew did a great job of capturing that "Cops" feel without losing the feel for "The X-Files." You still had all the typical push/pull between Mulder and Scully, just in a different format. It was a clever episode, one that's much needed in the show at this point in time.
  • The following is a special episode of the X-Files...

    Now here's two shows that you probably never imagined crossing paths. That is what I like about the X-Files writers they can come up with something new and different and still make people like it. The whole episode just felt like I was watching COPS. I guess I was and I wasn't. The intro to this special episode was very hilarious as well. I loved the "bad boys" music. As I said before the producers and writers just keep coming up with stuff that surprises us and they really keep the show fresh. I think Skinner would have been great in this episode. Great job on this silly episode.
  • A wonderful treat for X-Files fans. Our favorite FBI agents find themselves being filmed for a COPS episode while hunting down a supernatural monster.

    One of my favorite episodes. True X-File/Sci-Fi fans are able to enjoy some good nature parody, this being a prime example. When a supernatural monster attacks the crew of COPS, our favorite FBI agents find themselves being filmed for the series as they track down the monster, before it kills anyone else.

    Everything about this episode is a homage to the COPS series and, to some extent, independent horror films such as the Blair Witch Project. Its funny, but also provides a creepy and well written storyline that works within the X-Files world.

    This episode also features the first gay couple in the series. The interracial gay couple might be in response to previous complaints about how the issue of gender identity was dealt with in 'Gender Bender'.
  • When Good Shows Go Bad

    I'm dumfounded by the sheer badness of this episode, which is easily the worst since Season One's "Space." I'm also amazed by all the love this episode seems to attract. The producers give up ALL pretense of what the X-Files are supposed to be about in favor of a smirking parody of a second-rate Fox reality show. The mind boggles at how this concept got past the drunken party-talk stage to become an actual episode.

    Sure, it's fun to watch Mulder and Scully mug for the cameras, at least the first dozen or so times. Then you realize that the entire episode is nothing more than a goof, a filler episode that is so disposable that Duchovny actually breaks character several times to laugh at the lines he is supposed to recite. Seriously.

    There isn't even any monster to be seen, nor any proper X-File for that matter. Instead, all we get are a few conflicting eyewitness "accounts" of the monster that are about as dramatic as the evening news. We also get a lot of cops running around. Oh, and a couple shots of the full moon. Spooky.

    It's interesting how stiffly both Duchovny and Anderson come across as actors without the benefit of careful setups and editing. Their performances in this episode are just awful, which is saying a lot since they are both very fine actors. I suppose one can argue that it is intended that their performances come across badly, but the acting is SO bad that it pulls one out of the storyline.
  • The X-files go reality TV!

    Now I've come to the conclusion after reading varying different reviews that this episode is like Marmite - you either love it or hate it. Its safe to say (like marmite) that I love this episode and fail to understand (like marmite) how anyone can dislike the episode, the whole concept of it is genius and imo its superbly executed as it takes a very .fictional and unreal story and makes it realistic. I haven't felt so enthusiastic for an episode since the likes of "Jose Chung's from outer space", "The Post-Modern Prometheus" or "Small Potatoes"!

    Using the style of a docu drama it really gives the episode a feeling that it actually did happen like a true documentary. For the most part I often forgot that what I was watching wasn't just a fictional story, as it unravelled in a natural and what seemed to be an almost unscripted way. However this brings me to one of the few flaws I found in this episode and that was the Mulder/Scully interaction. Unlike the scenes with the supporting cast (who were all excellent and greatly believable in their roles) DD and GA did not do the greatest of acting when sharing a scene together and I'm putting it down to the fact of having the usual brightly colourful dialogue that they always share in the normal episodes of the X Files. Of course I usually love it, but with this type of episode it didn't quite work, it didn't seem natural, and unlike the rest of the scenes and interactions very scripted indeed, not quite giving the illusion of reality or of the chaotic style of the story, which was the whole intention of X Cops, it was all too polished. That being said there were a few gems between them like Mulder's teasing of Scully's hair - how it would look good as bubblegum pink - and Scully's far from amused silence.

    GA and DDs acting was not a total wash out as they did have wonderful scenes with the other characters. Loved it when the female officer said to Mulder: "What the $^&* are you talking about!?" after hearing one of his crazy theories (something I've personally wondered why no one has asked before) that was great! Scully's annoyance with the camera crew as well was wonderful, I totally cracked up into hysterics after the "The FBI has nothing to hide" line and loved the disgruntled glares she kept throwing their way, that was brilliant from GA.

    Moving on though the actual X files of the episode (the "monster") was again a great idea. Having it kill by playing on your greatest fear was a quite horrific concept and also interesting, especially to see what it would turn up as next, even if we never actually got to see it - which just added to the sense of horror as it was unknown as to what exactly we were dealing with. I think this "monster" while working effectively in this episode would also have been very intriguing in say your average X files episode. Its just the whole idea of fear effectively being the monster which is really clever and original. I always love it when the X files comes up with something original, it reminds me so much of why I love this show. So the "monster of the week" certainly didn't disappoint.

    Overall the episode while having a small hiccup with the Mulder/Scully dynamic, was superb! I've given a 10 on the basis that I came away feeling so entertained by the 45 minutes of television put before me that I just have the impulse to watch over and over again. Its something I'm so relieved to feel once more in the X-files because as much as I loved season 6 and the beginning of this season, I just never had that feeling the enthusiasm. So thank you X Cops for rejuvenating my great love and passion for this show! Its just a shame the episode is followed by "First Person Shooter".
  • Good idea to do it cops like.

    This episode can be considered to be an episode of Cops. The whole episode is film with a handy camera. The isea and the storyline were great, who do they come up with it.

    One thing I found to bad though. I love the way the camera men film thenormal episodes, I think it makes them look even more scary and more mysterious although this episode could be considered as reality.

    I love the way Mulder acted so normal and even talked to the camera's as if he enjoyed it. Scully on the other hand hated the camera and let it show, which makes it hilarious.
  • Scary and inventive. Good to watch late at night on a full moon. Also The X-Files that maybe took the most risks.

    The whole episode was filmed on hand-held cameras. The episode features absolutely no music from Mark Snow. There is barely any time spent with Mulder and Scully alone. And last but not least, you never see the monster they are chasing.

    This episode took the most risks of any other x-file. Vince Gilligan really went outside of the box for this one. The concept of fear incarnate was by itself good enough for a pretty interesting episode. Since, by its nature, you would never see the monster, it made the danger seem more real. The "Cops" flavor adds to this feel. Following "Closure" was going to be a hard task for a standard X-File. Even if it had been followed with a decent stand alone storyline with excellent character development, it would have felt like a let down. "X-Cops" avoids this entirely by taking everyone out of their comfort zone. This was the perfect time to do this because the audience can't set up any expectations. Mulder's characterization was spot on. He loved being in the spotlight and having the opportunity to showcase his passion and the paranormal. Scully is annoyed and we never get a clear reason why. She says she is worried about her reputation and I think this is the first time she has come out to Mulder and told him this since the first season so that felt a little wrong. The guest characters do a great job, and they have to in order to make everything believable in the "cops" setting. The style of the camera work and the fact that you never see what is teriffying the characters mirrors "The Blair Witch Project" in a lot of ways. That's not a complaint, though, since it works out well on The X-Files. 9/10
  • Not as interesting as it thinks it is

    In all honesty, I have never relaly enjoyed Cops, so it's not entirely surprising with how much trepidation I approached this episode. the main problem with the format, after the initial novlety of seeing Scully ducking out of sight or Mulder playing up for the camera, is that "reality TV" is a very distancing medium. It constantly calls attention to itself and reduces the impact of the characters.

    The idea itself, of hviang nothing to fear but fear itself, is not a new one. The idea of the wasp man was fun, though. Perhaps if it had been carried out in another way it would have been more endearing, but by 45 minutes I found it tiresome. How many times do we need to see a boom mic or camera man?

    Nice idea, shame about the outcome.
  • This is probably one the most original episodes of The X-Files from Season 1 to the 9th season!

    After 6 seasons of The X-files, we encounter a whole new approach with filming this particular episode "X-COPS" a
    very original 45min. containing a lot of hilarious parts and
    a part of Scully that we don't see a lot.

    This episode is one of my all time favorites because it's
    much more different than the other episodes we have seen.
    There for i give this episode a "9.5" for it's originality.

    I would also like to say that for the ones who haven't seen
    this episode yet, to go watch it, ofcourse watch the entire
    "7th season" of X-Files also, for it is complete.

    I must say that i have been a big fan of The X-files since
    a few years ago and now i am really into it.

    Have fun watching! (again?)
  • An innovative approach.

    This episode standing alone was not the greatest, but the sheer creativeness of the approach was fun enough to keep me interested the whole way through. There were some hilarious gems through, such as Steve and Edy. I thought it was also an interesting way to see how Mulder and Scully would act in front of a camera. Or maybe I should say how DD and GA act like they're aware of being in front of the camera. Scully's reaction to finding the camera men in the closet was classic. I guess the most distracting part of the episode was how horribly unsteady the camerawork was. I appreciate that they were trying to be authentic to the tone of COPS, and I know they used cameramen from the show but I don't know. I think that there's a certain amount of shakiness you need to make an artistic point in film medium, and once you've made that point you can just relax it. It got me dizzy for sure.
  • One of my all time favorites. Heavy on the humor department.

    I like the whole concept of this show. Combining Cops and The X-Files, two completely unrelated shows. But they did it to good effect. I remember at the opening sequence, when the cop and cameraman first heard the "monster," they both turned to run. The cameraman/camera ran straight into a wall. For some reason I found that extremely funny, maybe because it was so out of character for X-Files. I also love Scully attempting to duck the cameras, while Mulder is happy to step right in front of them.
    I loved all the characters they met along the way. Relationship spat, property damage, and I think a drunk too.
    I know this epi was good on some level, because at the time my sister, who couldn't stand The X-Files, thought it was very funny.
  • Good idea but a big mess

    I'll admit prejudice since I don't like Cops and although there were some good moments, I simply felt like this was one of the real failures of this great series. The interaction between Mulder and Scully, particularly when Scully kept reminding Mulder that they were on live television was good. However, as I have already pointed out, Cops is definitely not my cup of tea so it seemed to degrade a series which is head and shoulders above and beyond it. I've seen this episode twice and perhaps I need to have more of an open mind and give it a third viewing.
  • Mulder and Scully arrive investigate strange attacks occuring in Los Angeles while a COPS camera crew records their every move, making Scully feel quite foolish.

    I really didn't expect to like this episode. I was expecting a very silly storyline and lots of cheesy comedy...and that's exactly what this episode delivered. Yet somehow I really enjoyed it! X-COPS was an absolute joy to watch from start to finish. It's totally ridiculous, but it's a riot. It almost feels like an episode of Reno 911! complete with bizarre eye-witnesses, goofy cops, and crazy locals. As a native to Los Angeles, I thought the depiction of the LA ghettos was hilarious...and sadly accurate in many ways. My favorite thing in this entire episode may go unnoticed if you're not paying attention. Look at the pictures on the wall at Steve and Edy's house and you'll see what I mean. =)
  • Paparazzi take note!

    A great episode. Much like when Buffy did 'Hush' and 'Once More With Feeling' they've managed to come up with a knowing storyline that gives the stars a great opportunity to both play the characters and give a nod and a wink to the viewer. Gillian Anderson is particularly good at giving the dirty looks to the camera, but then she is a particularly good actress. David Duchovny is good too, but he seems a little overwhelmed by the 'real' take on things and can't always hide his own almost giggling persona.

    The story is kind of superfluous to the episode in many ways. The 'fear' idea is good, but would probably have been better done in a 'proper' episode. And the two screaming queens - perleeze! Funny for two seconds, but then really annoying and downright wrong. Surely we've come further than this?

    Overall though, a good one.
  • And now for something completely different...

    Shameless network cross-promotion aside, this is ingenious stuff. If we needed any more proof that X-Files was a show that worked way outside the box, here we go. The series' innate and practiced flexibilty is amazing. You can count on one hand the other shows in tv history that could pull off things like this, comedy episodes, and any of the other off the beaten path of formula episodes that the X seemed to do so effortlessly. Great concept for a phenomena too.
    Apart from the embarrassingly cliche and over-the-top gay couple (come on guys, you can do better), this is incredibly entertaining television, gimmicky or not.
  • Bad Boys, Bad Boys...what 'cha gonna do?...

    This episode was extremely funny with a clever plot. I remember when I first turned it on I thought it was an actual Cops episode airing in the place of X-files. I started looking for the TV Guide and muttering a few colorful words wondering why they would be doing that. The other night this episode aired in syndication and I was watching with my hubby. I\'m watching with him and as the cops car turns over in the beginning sequence I can tell he thinks this is a real episode of Cops. I just started laughing when the X-files music came on. It was classic. Also Scully\'s interaction, or lack of wanting to interact, with the Cops cameramen was hilarious as well. It was an episode that came off achieveing exactly what they wanted you to believe...this was an actual episode of Cops.