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The X's

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Annie Award-winning designer/creator Carlos Ramos (Oh Yeah! Cartoons) presents a new Nicktoon about The X's, a family of spies who are on the midst of being fired due to their inability to keep their secret identity a secret. The four-member clan is made up of Mr. X, Mrs. X, their daughter Tuesday X, and their son Truman X. They work for the top secret spy organization, SUPERIOR. However, this agency is continually involved in conflicts with another secret spy organization, S.N.A.F.U. S.N.A.F.U. is a wicked group known for its malevolent activities. S.N.A.F.U. is made up of four main members: Glowface, Lorenzo Suave, Sasquatch, and the Scream Queens. Glowface is continually designing and building evil lairs, and The X's continually destroy them. The X's must attempt to blend in with society, or be taken off the assignment, or, most likely, fired from SUPERIOR. But each time they try to blend in, something almost always goes horribly wrong. Nickelodeon Broadcast History: USA (Nickelodeon) - Friday, November 25th, 2005 - PREMIERE NIGHT - 8:00 pm EST, 8:30 pm EST, 9:00 pm EST; Encore airings of the first three - Sunday, November 27th, 2005 - 12 pm EST, 12:30 pm EST, 1:00 pm ESTmoreless
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Fan Reviews (157)

  • C'mon it alright

    I watch alot of the episodes.
  • A Dumb Version Of The Incredibles

    I remember not liking this show very much. The animation never grabbed me whatsoever, and I found the characters to be pretty boring and dull.
  • My favorite character

    This will be my favorite TV show and my favorite character will be Tuesday X.
  • Uh, like, A CLONE OF THE INCREDIBLES!! U have got to notice it!!

    Animations... weird.

    Storylines... ok.

    Originality... NOT.

    I wrote this right after the second half-hour premiere. This might not be as sucessful as Danny Phantom. And I'm not saying this because I love Danny Phantom. I'm saying this because the show needs to be a little more... original. This show is like The Incredibles, if you are not able to see it.

    In general, this is the WORST thing I've ever seen. That list includes Rugrats Goes Wild.

    And with that, I shall continue to look for a store that sells Nickelodeon video games with Danny Phantom in it. (Oh, great, forgot to check Toys "R" Us!!)moreless
  • What are those?


    Plot: Somewhat a rip-off of "The Secret Saturdays" or Kim-Possible.

    Character: They have okay on personality detail, good voices.

    Humor or action value? Huh: I don't understand this show what it focuses about.

    Art: TERRIBLE! MORE TERRIBLE THAN PROBLEM SOLVERZ. Those artists are too lazy to make a cartoon, and should get out and go back to their couches. The animation, is bad too.

    Overall: -5.7. What is this? Are they human? This is worst than Problem Solverz!moreless

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