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    • Quit Your Day Job / Missing Home
      Quit Your Day Job / Missing Home
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      Quit Your Day Job: The moment Tuesday and Brandon decide to "take the next step in their relationship" (i.e.: swap wrist-communicators), Brandon starts acting kind of shifty. Tuesday is sure he’s hiding something… another girl, perhaps? She starts investigating. Unfortunately, the family gets involved, and the whole thing gets increasingly complicated. But soon they find the truth: it’s not another girl, Brandon has been promoted. He’s now a full-on SNAFU villain! And he’s making almost eight bucks an hour! Wow! Missing Home: As usual, the X’s are treating Home Base like dirt. But this time it’s worse – they’ve also forgotten his birthday. Home Base blows up at them, and the X’s storm out to “cool down”. While they’re gone, Glowface steals HB. With all their gadgets and equipment missing, the X’s have to rely on their Superior training to figure out what happened to HB. Eventually they do, but not until they’ve realized how much they really miss Home Base.moreless
    • The Haunting of Home Base
      The Haunting of Home Base
      Season 1 - Episode 18
      It's Halloween, and Truman is super excited. He can't get enough of this holiday. He doesn't know which he likes better, the tricks or the treats. Unfortunately, the rest of the family couldn't care less. What's so scary about ghosts and pumpkins and stuff? They fight scarier stuff every day. Truman decides to show them just how scary Halloween can be, but his attempts to turn Home Base into a haunted house are less than impressive. But soon, Home Base starts getting genuinely scary, and Truman's not doing it. Before long, the walls are bleeding and major appliances are becoming possessed. Worst of all, Mr. X, Mrs. X and Tuesday have turned into horrible zombies! Will Truman be able to figure out what's "haunting" his house and save his family before they eat his brains?moreless
    • Accidental Hero/Untied
      Accidental Hero/Untied
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      Accidental Hero: When Truman saves a baby from a paintball trap that he set himself, he is falsely hailed as a hero by the whole town. Tuesday then sets out to expose him.

      Untied: When Mr. X's favorite tie is ruined, he is so depressed that he drives the whole family crazy, so Truman clones him a new one.moreless
    • Live and Let Diaper/In-Law Enforcement
      The X's find themselves with a difficult assignment: babysitting their neighbors' fussy infant. Later, Mrs. X's parents, who are cops, encourage Tuesday and Truman to follow in their law-enforcement footsteps.
    • Truman Scorned / Y’s Up
      Truman Scorned / Y's Up
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Truman Scorned: Truman has a crush on Tuesday’s friend Kimla. Of course she’s not interested in "a little kid." Truman realizes there’s only one way to get past this "little kid" thing – he has to tell her he’s really an international super spy. Not surprisingly, Kimla doesn’t believe him. What is surprising is that she continues to disbelieve his story even when he sneaks her along on a mission and the truth is right in front of her nose. Y's Up: The X’s long-time rivals at Superior – the Y’s – move into the neighborhood. The Y’s are seemingly perfect – their spy skills are topnotch and, unlike the X’s, they are able to blend smoothly into suburbia. Even Glowface likes them; sure, they kick his butt just like the X’s do, but when they Y’s do it they’re polite. Trouble is, they’re also soulless creeps who are determined to drive the X’s out of Superior, no matter what the cost.moreless
    • From Crusha With Love / Xcitement
      From Crusha With Love / Xcitement
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      From Crusha With Love: A girl from school his been bullying Truman because she likes him. Truman wants to keep her from bullying him, but how?

      Xcitement: Mr. X has a dirty little secret that's locking him away from being a spy and hanging with his family. But what could it be? The family needs help from Glowface so they can get his mind off the secret.moreless
    • Secret Agent Manual / The Spy Who Liked Me
      Secret Agent Manual: Mrs. X and the kids trick Mr. X into giving them stuff they want by rewriting his official spy manual to include the items they desire. The Spy Who Liked Me: Tuesday's first date is with a guy who's too good to be true: in fact, he's a spy working undercover for Glowface.moreless
    • Truman X: Super Villain
      Truman X: Super Villain
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      When the X's punish Truman for hotdogging a mission and blowing up the X jet by selling all his spy gadgets in a garage sale, Glowface convinces the boy to join S.N.A.F.U. His first mission: destroy the X's.
    • To Err is Truman / No More Mrs. Nice X
      To Err is Truman: It is a wonderful day for the X's, because their favorite amusement park is coming to town called Pepe's Lagoon. However, it is a rare treat for the family, so Truman has got to prove that he is good enough to go. No More Mrs. Nice X: One day at Homebase, Mrs. X is ready for action more than ever, and is ready to cause some destruction with her energy, but destroys Tuesday's room, so she takes peace/tranquility classes, but has changed from it. Can the rest of the family get her back to normal?moreless
    • Family Issues / Truman’s Choice
      Family Issues / Truman's Choice
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Family Issues: In their continuous effort to be like "normal families," the X's visit a family counselor to see what kind of issues "normal families" have. Truman's Choice: Truman gets a chance to capture the most wanted villain, which is Copperhead. The family begins to suck up to him in order to get to capture Copperhead with him.moreless
    • You Only Sneeze Twice / X Takes a Holiday
      You Only Sneeze Twice: The entire family gets sick, except Tuesday. The family is under her care. But what will they do when she's called on a mission? X Takes A Holiday: Mr. and Mrs. X go on a relaxing date. But while they're away, Tuesday and Truman throw a party. Then Glowface attacks Homebase.moreless
    • Mr. Fix It / Doommates
      Mr. Fix It / Doommates
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Mr. Fix It: Mr. X continues trying to be a normal dad. He learns that normal dad's fix things, so that's what he begins to do. Doommates: Truman and Tuesday have to share a room.
    • Wealth vs. Stealth/ Wee House
      Wealth vs. Stealth/ Wee House
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      Wealth vs. Stealth: When the X's win a billion dollars, they must balance their new fame and fortune with their spy work.

      Wee House: Sick and tired of being short, Truman builds a small replica of Homebase for him to live in.
    • Mock Tutors / Meddle Mouth
      Mock Tutors / Meddle Mouth
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Mock Tutor: Truman and Tuesday are failing their cooking and tennis classes (Tuesday with cooking; Truman with tennis). So they try to help them with those subjects. Mrs. X helps Truman and Mr. X helps Tuesday. Meddle Mouth: Truman finds the perfect opportunity to irritate Tuesday when she gets braces. He interferes with her braces and makes her act crazy.moreless
    • Photo Ops / Boy’s Best Friend
      Photo Ops / Boy's Best Friend
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Photo Ops: The X's go out one day to get a family portrait so they can act more like a normal family and hide their spy identity, but Glowface's plans start to interfere. Boy's Best Friend: It is Truman's Birthday again, but is frustrated about the X's ruining it by going on misions, this time he gets a puppy. A new villain emerges however, how can the X's stop him?moreless
    • Train Rex/Homebody
      Train Rex/Homebody
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      Train Rex: Mr. X tells Truman to train Rex or he's off to the pound.

      Homebody: In order to carry the X's weapons in battle with Glowface, Truman gives Homebase a body.
    • AAIIEE, Robot / Mission: Irresponsible
      AAIEE, Robot: Mrs. X goes on a mission with the rest of the family, but gets an injury by breaking her leg from Glowface's coffee table, now it is up to the X's to take care of her. Mission: Irresponsible: The X's go out on another mission, but unfortunately, Mr. X causes a dangerous accident by destroying Stone Henge, now Homebase and the X's leader think they are too irresponsible. How will the X's handle their new jobs?moreless
    • On Her Majesty's Postal Service / Pinheads
      On Her Majesty's Postal Service: Mr. X gets a job as a mail man and he likes being a mailman more than a spy. What could the family do to get him back to being a spy?

      Pinheads: Tuesday wants the family to learn how to bowl. Mr. X challenges S.N.A.F.U. to a bowling game, and turns out neither team knows how to bowl. Who will win?

    • License to Slumber / Three Days of the Coin Op
      License To Slumber: Mrs. X arranges a slumber party for Tuesday. But during it, the family begins to fight Glowface. Tuesday tries to cover up the truth of her family. Three Days of The Coin-Op: Truman's unauthorized upgrade of Home Base forces the computer offline for a day.
    • TBA
      Season 1 - Episode 20