The X's

Season 1 Episode 4

Mr. Fix It / Doommates

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 09, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Not that great.

    I thought that "Mr. Fix It" was a pretty good episode, but "Doommates" was terrible! The fact that Mr. and Mrs. X would bet on their own children to see who would last longer with eachother was a terrible idea. Good thing that they made "Mr. Fix It", or I would give this a bad score.

    "Mr. Fix It" was a pretty good episode, it at least had something funny in it. Mr. X trying to fix stuff is a pretty good storyline, at least better than that of "Doommates".

    Overall, I give "Mr. Fix It" an 8.8 and "Doommates" a 4.8.
  • So far the worst episode in this series.

    I really did not like this episode.Why?Well let me explain why I didn't like it.The first part of the episode was about Mr. X fixing somethings around the house.It was kind of boring,because nothing happened.The rest of the family kept lying to Mr. X,by saying things to encourage him.That was kind of annoying.The only time there was any action was when that robot ate Truman and Mr. X tryed to save him.Which was the only part that was good.The end wasn't that great.
    Now I'll talk about Doommates.At least it was better than Mr. Fix It(first part of the episode).We find Truman and Tuesday sharing a room.Mr. and Mrs. X bet that if one them wins,the loser will sleep in the car.The parents give all of these crazy suggestions to Truman and Tuesday,like Truman touching Tuesday's things.Some of them suggestions were good,but others were bad,because that my side/your side has been done before.Also,when the family got obsessed on beating each other or pranking each other,it got painful to watch.The ending is what saved it.I liked the ending,because it made everyone sleep in the car and there's no winner.
    So this episode wasn't as good as others.I hope that the show gets better episodes than this.
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