The X's

Season 1 Episode 7

On Her Majesty's Postal Service / Pinheads

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Pretty good.

    Well, "On Her Majesty's Postal Service" was a pretty good episode, but I expected it to be better. Mr. X being a mailman just doesn't seem right, it seems like he would get a job that's more interesting. But I still think it was a pretty good episode.

    "Pinheads" was the better out of the two. Tuesday just wanted the family to go bowling- and she was determined to do that. It's a good storyline especially that they brought Glowface in. Another thing I like about the episode was that they actually brought a sport into it.

    Overall, this might be the best two episodes so far. I give "On Her Majesty's Postal Service" a 8.4 and "Pinheads" a 9.7.
  • Mine All Mine!

    I liked Pinheads much better than I liked On Her Majesty's Postal Service, mostly becuase of The X's vs. Glowface bowling tournament. I also liked the beginning where Glowface is stealing all those things and he keeps waiting for The X's to show up. This review would have had a ten if I liked the first one more, but it was good overall.
  • Wow, SNAFU and The X\'s are the worst bowlers ever. They were terrible!

    I don\'t really enjoy this show, but I did happen to catch this episode, and the second part was terrific. The X\'s and Glowface are like the worst bowlers in sports history. I wouldn\'t challenge them to a bowling contest if my life depended on it. They are horrific bowlers.
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