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  • Completely Pointless & Unoriginal

    ~~~Edited to fix some wording issues.

    Actually watching this show wasn't a thought I had in mind at first, but I watched it anyway. In my opinion, I think this show should be entirely redone and they should try to use a better animation style. Maybe 3 dimensional animation would work better.

    I find this series to be very unoriginal.... The X's could use a lot more work. It's got a little promise of being good in its future---possibly, but not enough promise to grab a strong encouraging audience following.

    Every other line spoken is corny and the jokes are extremely sad. Nothing from this show could conjure any amount of laughter in my honest opinion. It's boring. The Incredibles done it better.

    And yet, it's just another cartoon series where the parents are only given last names. Just like The Fairly OddParents and so many others. Is it really so pointless to give all main characters first and last names? How long and how hard could it possibly be to do that?

    Like everything else about it: the plot is somewhat the same to that of The Incredibles. Really not much new to it. Plus naming the kids somewhat close to the names of the kids on The Addam's Family doesn't really help the show much either.
  • C'mon it's not that bad.

    I watch a lot of the episodes and can say it was not that bad as people me say it is, I saw a lot of episodes up till its cancellation in 2006.
  • Classic

  • (in a Michelle Tanner voice) Oh puh-lease!!! (normal voice) This show was just trash!!!!!

    I feel like this show is a rip-off of "The Incredibles" and "The Replacements". I like Snafu and Home base, but not this sorry excuse for a show.
  • Criminally Underrated

    No, The X's was not the most original show ever. No, it was not always consistent. No, it did not always know what it wanted to be. All those things said, this show still got WAY too much criticism for what it was back in 2005-2006 ( i . e . the time mainly considered the point where Nickelodeon went downhill), probably thanks in no small part to the fact that The Incredibles was still fresh in people's minds and everyone was on the "it's not original" bandwagon. I guarantee if The X's didn't coincide with the downfall of Nickelodeon, and it instead aired during the heyday, or heck, even today (when put next to even MORE horrible shows), it'd be viewed in a more favorable light.

    While some parts of the show suffer from some awkward repetition, and some lapses in continuity, the humor is pretty spot on in most cases. The thing is, it's hard to find the middle ground for humor when it comes to shows like this, where the majority of it comes from dialogue. That's not something a lot of kids shows these days do, because many kids don't understand the dialogue or have the attention span to listen to it. That must have been obvious to many of the writers, and that's probably why they had to insert utterances like "Fartmonkeys", said by Glowface and Truman, into the show, to captivate the yougest viewers' attention. But really, when you look past that stuff, much of the dialogue is pretty damn good.

    Voice acting is superb, my favorites being Mr. X, Mrs. X, Lorenzo Suave, and Home Base (all his subtle, "hmm, yes"s and bursts of outrage are awesome). And the art, this is something that people complained about back when this show was on, but in my opinion it's a strong point. Took me a while to realize it, but the art style is actually very unique without being jarring, and to me the simplicity of color in backgrounds (where the backgrounds themselves are pretty damn detailed) makes the whole scene appealing. The show's mix of 2D and 3D is also quite astonishing by 2005 standards, for a show that I can only assume had a very limited budget.

    Relationships between characters change between episodes (refer back to continuity lapses), but they still remain relatively believable over time. While SNAFU's intentions don't really seem to have a point, neither do most bad guys in shows aimed for the family or kids these days; it's just something you can overlook when you learn to enjoy the characters themselves. Glowface is just so helplessly idiotic you can't help but like him, especially in his brief moments of sympathy when he's otherwise evil (yet very childish).

    I recently saw the episode that supposedly never aired, "Theater of War/Breaking Camp", and it felt so good to see what I considered a "new" episode of The X's after over 8 years. It makes me want to try and at least get the show back into the public eye because, let's face it, the show was poorly received back in its day, and because it wasn't the gross-out kinda bad or the hyperactive/directionless kinda bad (just the "boring" kinda bad- codeword for "too much dialogue"), it was quickly forgotten.

    I truly think that if people still remembered this show, new viewers would find it better than others did in 2005.
  • A Dumb Version Of The Incredibles

    I remember not liking this show very much. The animation never grabbed me whatsoever, and I found the characters to be pretty boring and dull.
  • My favorite character

    This will be my favorite TV show and my favorite character will be Tuesday X.
  • Uh, like, A CLONE OF THE INCREDIBLES!! U have got to notice it!!

    Animations... weird.
    Storylines... ok.
    Originality... NOT.

    I wrote this right after the second half-hour premiere. This might not be as sucessful as Danny Phantom. And I'm not saying this because I love Danny Phantom. I'm saying this because the show needs to be a little more... original. This show is like The Incredibles, if you are not able to see it.

    In general, this is the WORST thing I've ever seen. That list includes Rugrats Goes Wild.

    And with that, I shall continue to look for a store that sells Nickelodeon video games with Danny Phantom in it. (Oh, great, forgot to check Toys "R" Us!!)
  • What are those?


    Plot: Somewhat a rip-off of "The Secret Saturdays" or Kim-Possible.

    Character: They have okay on personality detail, good voices.

    Humor or action value? Huh: I don't understand this show what it focuses about.

    Art: TERRIBLE! MORE TERRIBLE THAN PROBLEM SOLVERZ. Those artists are too lazy to make a cartoon, and should get out and go back to their couches. The animation, is bad too.

    Overall: -5.7. What is this? Are they human? This is worst than Problem Solverz!
  • I loved Catdog, and I loved this "garbage"...

    Oh come on. How bad was this show? Catdog was creative, and this show had potential. Lots of it. It was just low-rated, and hardcore animation fans just couldn't take another look at it before criticizing it. Now, from what I remember about the X's, there was a Helen Parr-like mother, a Dash-like son, and a Violet Parr-like daughter, as well as the bumbling Mr. X. Sure, it sounds like an Incredibles rip-off TV show; but I just want people to give the X's another chance and not just mindlessly criticize it at first glance. Same went with Catdog. Both shows were rather well-played in my opinion.
  • I love the show. I think it is funny and original(in the sense that it has NOTHING to do with the Incredibles). The animation may be different but that does not make it bad. I thought the episodes were funny. I give it a 10 out of 10.

    What some people call bad animation is really just animation that is different from the norm of today's animation society. I really enjoyed the X's and love the characters. My favorite part would have to be the voice actors. They are my personal favorite. I have to agree that the first 15 minute episode could have been funnier but all in all I like it.
  • This has got to be one of the worst Nicktoons of all time.

    Many Nicktoons of this decade has failed us and sucked like Fanboy and Chum Chum,The Mighty B,All Grown Up and As Told By Ginger. However,the one that is so forgettable is The X's. This show is about a family who are really spies,and try to save the world from Glowface,a villain who is not even threatening in any way. So this is a rip-off of Spy Kids and The Incredibles. Wow,Nick is really running out of ideas these days. Now,all of the members of the family suck at being spies. The dad is annoying,and that's because he is voiced by Patrick Warburton,the guy who voiced Joe from Family Guy and the stupid cop from Scooby Doo:Mystery Inc. The mom is like the dad. Truman is the only character I liked,despite the fact that he's a bit of a brat. The older sister is selfish,and annoying. Glowface is a terrible villain,who sucks at what he does. But don't even get me started on the dreadful animation. It looks like the creators just drawn and cut out shapes and glued them together. I know that's the animation of South Park,but it's great in that show,but in this show,it looks horrible. Everybody moves slowly,and they look horrible in animation like that. And despite the fact that this show is horrible,it only lasted 4 years. Why?! This doesn't even belong in the Nicktoons category. Overall,this is a bad show,and never should be watched again.


    what looser came up with such a dumb show?! and also, what looser would watch it?! UNORIGINAL, UNFUNNY, BAD ANIMATED, AND NOT COOL. and i thought catsratch was bad enough, but they brought more!! and its boring.

    this show is a complete copy from the incredibles, the spy family and everything. another dumb nick show. *sigh* but i am glad they canceled my dad the rock star.

    and also have you heard some of the "jokes"?! if they are jokes. they are corny and not funny. i dont know whats gotten in to nick. they should go to and see how sucky there shows are.

  • I'd rather watch CatDog than this garbage

    I thought CatDog was Nickelodeon's worse nicktoon, but then came a show called The X's. The X's is a show about a family of spies that go save the world froman evil villain organization called SNAFU. SNAFU is led by a guy named Glowface who literally has one of those glowing electrical balls for a head (I am not making that up, I wish I was). So the premise would be good, if we didn't see it done a million times before! Totally Spies is a good example, but in the X's case it's just a very bland show and a rip off. The show is a rip off of spy kids (a movie series I do not like at all) and The Incredibles, combine those movies together and put it on the small screen and you have The X's. The plot lines are not too bad, but I have seen better on other shows, but they weren't so boring that it made you fall asleep. The artwork and animation just looks terrible. The animation itself looks choppy from time to time, and the artwork looks like a bunch of shapes that were cut, thrown into a bin, and when they were dumped and it resembled a character, the developers went, "OK, that's good enough." The villain Glowface is just so pitiful and is he really supposed to be taken seriously? He wants to do "evil" (I use that word very lightly) plans like turn the oceans into soup or have a fight between two monuments. What kind of plans are those? As for the X family, they are boring and very bland. Mr. X acts and almost looks like Stan from American Dad. The wife (can't remember her name) to me seems to resemble Mom from Dexter's Laboratory. I don't know what it is, but she almost looks like her and has that presence of her. Truman is just your generic and stereotypical young brother who picks on his older sister. The daughter (can't remember her name either) is generic and stereotypical as well. The only person who was good in this show was the assistant of Glowface. I saw the episode where he took Glowface's spot and he was really evil and could whoop the X's around and not break a sweat. He should be the villain, not the guy who is obsessed with soup and monuments fighting. He was great and was the only redeeming factor of this show. The humor itself is just plainly stupid and feels rather forced onto the viewer a lot, but the humor just sucks in this show. This show is just so stupid and bland. The characters are flat and generic, the humor is terrible, the stories are not interesting, the villain is a joke and has the worse plans I have ever seen. The only good thing in the show was Glowface's assistant, he knew how to be evil and the X's could never beat him up. I'd rather watch CatDog than this junk. Even though I hate that show as well, at least CatDog had some uniqueness and originality to it, but The X's is just a very poor attempt to cash in on successful spy movies or other spy shows. Avoid this show at all costs and let it be forgotten.
  • WTF!!??

    What the f@*k is this? It's a show about a family of spies. Big woop! I could think of something better right now! It's called "Bob killed the X's" Okay so there is this guy named Bob. He goes over to the X's house with an AK47. He shoots them all. He takes all they're cheap technology and melts the metal to make bullets! And he uses them to kill all the other retarded new Nickelodeon crap! Anyways this show sucks @$$, t!tt!es and d!cks! Cancel it now!
  • It's not that bad... If you watch a number of episodes.

    So many just said this is a "The Incredibles" rip-off. I doubt it. Just because they're a family who would save the world from some bastard villain, doesn't mean it's a rip-off.

    First of all; they're spies, not superheroes with powers of such.
    Second; the Incredibles don't have a talking house.

    I can name more if you want. It is a pretty good show, what I don't understand is why does the rating of this show so low, I don't know if that's exaggerated. So, the show is about the life of a spy family, is that even original? Maybe, yes. The story is fine, so as the characters, except Glowface, he's just plain annoying (and a stupid villain, too). The rest is fair, but not bad.
  • Oh my Flipping God!!!!!!!! This cartoon is one of the most pointless things EVER!!!!!!!! It's also like "the Incriebles" and "Spy kids" combined into a ripoff for stupid idiots.

    My 29th review after "Spongebob Squarepants."

    Oh my god!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!! Oh my God!!!!!!!!
    Nick was not that serious to allow this pitful excuse for heroes on their flipping channel!!!! This cartoon is Pointless!!!!! There was No need for this Garbage!!!! I hate this. I hate this cartoon so much. Forget it! This cartoon is Defienely gonna get an F-!!!!!!! Because the reason why I'm giving it anF- is because this cartoon is just no fun and was no need for it AND it's terrbily drawn. Here's the results FOR this Piece of *beep* Cartoon!

    Voice-acting B 7.0/10.0 Good and some funny scenes but mostly corny.

    Animation: F-- 1.5/10.0 That's the worst animation right next to Peppa Pig, and Hi hi puffy amiyumi's Animation!!!

    Graphics: F 3.0/10.0 Poor, Ugly, Stupid, Awful, Pointless, Horrible, No good, very bad Drawing.

    Sound: F- 2.5/10.0 Horrbile music and it's in Low Quitaly. The music is soo bad that the cartoon should have just been slient.

    Dialouge: F-- 0.0/10.0 Pointless and Brainless. I want to kill the X family with a Shocking Cenipete Gun! They should change their last names from the X's to the Pitfuls! (Evil Laughter) Mya! Ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha! ha!

    Lasting Appeal: F-- 0.0/10.0 There is Totally no Lasting appeal to this show because this cartoon stinks!!

    Overall: F- 2.2/10.0 ....Cowabunga.......Cowa-Flipping Piece of dog *beep*!!!! This cartoon had Direea come up out my butt! I had more fun cleaing up Dog pee rather then watching this piece of garbage! I rather dive into a Man-hole full of Sewer rat Crud! It flipping stinks so stinking much it Flipping Stinks like *beep*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't Like it.
    That's the end of my review, I don't want to talk about this stupid and pointless cartoon anymore!!!!!!!!
  • So many haters, so little time.

    This nicktoon is really great! People hate it because of it's poor animation that's all. Look pass the bad animation and look deep inside the show. What do you see? An great animated Action/Comedy show! What really bugs me that people say it lacks unoriginality because they say it copies off of "The Incredibles", but the show is nothing like that movie! Diffrence: "The Incredibles" are a secret family of superheroes, "The X's" are a secret family of spies. There are more diffrences, but I don't wanna waste time telling you them. This nicktoon is really funny and exciting! This is a great idea for a nicktoon!
  • Terrible.

    This show may be- is the most appaling and worst show I have ever seen or hgad the dis comfort to have ever watched this show for even 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 seconds of my life! It is a show and movie rip off of the incredibles. It has no plot and each episode or bar bag is terrib;e, hate it! Cancelled! Yay!
  • Here's what I think the working title should be:The Pitifuls

    Ok this show is a pitiful American Dad! ripoff(and AD was actully kinda funny though it's tamer than Family Guy)Award wiinin writers making something like this doesn't give me a reason to like this.I'm sorry Mr Ramos,but this show has got be the WORST nicktoon since Yakkity Yak.ok first we get Super Duper Sumos and Butt Ugly Martians,then we had Yakkity Yak,and now this and Mr Meaty.The animation is bad,the heroes are not heroic nor are the villans villanous.In fact that guy with the glowing head has the personality of a 5 year old.The dad tries to copy of Stan Smith(American Dad)and fails,the characters are clich'ed

    World's Greatest Dad,check
    Always Busy Mom,check
    Misunderstood Teenager:Check
    Anoyying little brother:Check and mate!
  • What kind of loser came up with this?! Superheroes are okay, but this show?! GET!!! OUT!!!

    Is Nick serious about allowing this junk on their channel?!! I wish this show had never premiered! This show also needs to be cancelled... quickly. Don't watch this show! That is, unless you want brain damage from watching it. The first few seconds you watch of this show, it will poison your mind! I give this show a 1.0 for a rating. (Note: This show really deserves a zero for a rating, but the site won't let you rate anything zero for some reason, I don't know why.)
  • More Underapriation

    if you think this suck well your wrong realy it's

    Yakkity Yak that sucks on nicktoons

    people keep saying there classics but realy there not, The episode I like is where Tuseday & Trumen thows a party I think this show desives more credit another season of the X's it a looooooooooot better than Johnny Test

    c,mon give it a chance & you'll love it.
  • A good show to watch while your waiting for something else but obviously a rip off.

    Haha, the x's are such a big rip off that I can't believed they havent been sued yet.

    The incredibles- If you have ever seen the movie then you know what I'm talking about. The X's house is almost the same thing. Same with the family.

    Spy kids: The name says it all nuff said.

    American Dad: Mr.X= Stan Smith. Wow the first time seth macfarlane (creator of AD and FG) gets ripped off.

    Also the animation is horrible. I hate how everything is so polygon looking. At least this show is canceled because all the plots are nothing more then these spies doing all these typical spy things. Well good riddins!
  • Okay, why the hell did I watch that?

    Maybe Mr. Meaty is the worst Nick show, but that has one redeeming quality, it's promotion of meat and demotion of vegans. The X's is horrible, appalling, whatever, with no redeeming qualities.

    The animation is gag-worthy. It's jagged and the holy grail of the standards that animation today. You know what, it makes the Replacements look like the Mona Lisa! The Replacements darn you! And that's saying something! I hate animation nowadays, anime and all. The only good animation left is Spongebob, FOP and Avatar, with a few others. And other greatly animated shows like Danny Phantom, American Dragon Jake Long and Kim Possible are cancelled, so that just leaves crap.

    The acting is, okay, but their wasting it. Tom Kane, Wendie Malick and Patrick Warburton are great actors/actresses, but it is zapped by this mindless excuse for a show. The writing is horrible and the jokes are appalling.

    And it's a complete ripoff of The Incredibles! I loved the Incredibles, but this is downright plagiarism! They are a family that has to keep a secret identity, they have a teenage daughter who wants to live normally and a younger son who loves having his powers/gadgets. The father loves his job as a superhero/spy and their mother is sweet and sensible. Sounds like it, no?

    So waste your time on the Replacements or Cory in the House or even Phineas and Ferb, and save your mind for something else.
  • A Pure Comedy about a family of spies.

    I Admit, I liked this show the moment I saw it. Sure, it's not a good replacement for Danny Phantom, but I'm obsessed with it so expect me to say that. The animation is not the best, but Still, look at Edd Ed'n Eddy! The animation doesn't necesary have to be good for the cartoon to be good. Also people, this show is PURE COMEDY. That's the aim of the show, to make us laugh. While this has many flaws I can list: The Animation being the only one I can think of right now, but the comedy more than makes up for it. While most villians aren't exactly dangerous, Glowface is the funniest Villian ever. There is nothing more Hilarious than the villian. It can improve,though, but since it's cancelled, I'm happy with what we got now. It made me laugh when I needed it, so I like this show.
  • Im not a critic to this show as other people but...

    Most of the episodes are depressing, boring, endless, and a complete waste of time. However if you try to give it thought it is not actually that bad. Some of the episodes are actually quite funny and Im a person who usually never smiles or laughs but this show at times made me do just that. I dont know why there were so many bad ratings, I will admit as this show aint perfect it isnt the worst show ever made at the same time. I would give it a 6 because like I said there are some episodes that are terrible and I also do not like the animation it is very dull.
  • Great show. Needs musturd though.

    No, this is not my favorite show, but people look at the animation and think 'Wow, this show looks bad" and it is not all about how it was drawn. Look at anime, are you going to say "oh this isa sadly animated show". No you probably won't. So just watch it and give it a chance. Some of it is funny. Although it did went off air early due to I belive bad ratings. I am not happy about that but at least it had a few episodes. Their are way better shows but this show is not bad. I am DxwithWaffles, and I aprove this massege.
  • I don't get it - why is this show so underrated? it's not a nimick of The Incredibils! it's a p-a-r-o-d-y!

    Without really watching this show , you'd probably think it's just a cheap action adventure seris that nimicks The Incredibils . but if you give it a real look , you'll see that this show is hilarious , totally making fun of super-hero-spies . if there's any resemblens between The X's to The incredibils . it's because it's a pardoy (like a spin-off) .

    The X's live in their own little spy world , almost disconected with real normal life . and they always mix the 2 worlds as they try being a normal family .

    Truman is your average 10 year old boy... that likes blowing stuff up with lasers . Ms X is like your usual loving and caring mom... ecxept the fact she likes training with batlle axes . Mr X is sort of like James Bond , only 50 percent less smart , and 100 percent funnier . and the Teenagegirl is almost normal (probably the mose sane person in the family) . (except maybe from home-base , the tallking mission reporting computer , which is yet another spy parody feature...)

    their perseonalities conflict and that cause alot of chaos in the show . their arch enemy Glowface is a hilarious loser villan . along with his side-kick whho's a british butler (sounds familiar?) .

    the jokes are original , not corny , and most importantly - hilarious . the voice acting is great , very noisy and insane . probably the best voice-acting I ever heard on an animated show . the stories get a little repetable though (it's usually either them trying to be normal type of story - or their perseonalities conflict and make alot of chao - or even both at the same time) . the animation art style took me sometime to get used to . and the action and adventure thing in the show is not bad at all - though it shouldn't be taken seriously because the real point of this show is it's comedy .

    overall this is a great funny spy parody show , very underrated . and I wish there were more episodes to it...
  • Been there,done that

    Obviously this is one of the worst Nicktoons I ever had the displeasure of seeing. Just take The Incredibles,remove the CGI elements,take some really bad drawing style and braindead dialogue,add American Dad and Power Rangers,remove the cussing,morphing sequences and Megazord battles,then add James Bond,dumb it down,put the entire glop in a blender and then ino the microwave for just 5 minutes and you get this. I am well aware that this show trys to be funny without good drawings styles like Cartoon Network's Ed,Edd n Eddy,however it oten falls flat on it's face trying to do that. From the creator of Oh Yeah! Cartoons,I'd expect more,a LOT more. The heroes are cliched.For example Mr X tries to act like Stan from American Dad,and Mrs X tries to be like his wife.Homebase is basically like that alien who lives with them and Tuesday's a typical "teen with issues",not to mention Truman's nothing more than the average annoying little brother.Glowface,he's got the personality of a five year old,his assistant is the only actual villan in the show.I mean what kind of evil scheme is turning the world's oceans into soup or getting the Eifel Tower and Big Ben to fight each other with some sort of lazer that makes them alive? I can't even go forr five seconds without hearing one of the characters say something so braindead I just want to strangle him/her
  • Sure, it's just like the Incredibles, but I still like it.

    I just watched this show today, and well.... I'm not really sure about it. It's okay, but I think it needs to be fixed a little. When I saw this, I thought: okay, the Replacements ripped off this show completely. The family, talking car, strange, adventureous, everything is the same. So, the only thing I saying is that this show is weird, but funny. I haven't watched it much, but, hey it's a first time for everything, right? I don't know anyone who watches this show. They probably never saw or even heard of it. I know that's a problem for some, but I'm only one person. All in all, this show is okay.
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