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  • Don't leave Tuesday and Truman it was great to have you on Nick!

    I love The X's. Why does it have to be on at night? Why can't it be on more. I wish it was on Nick still at least it's on Nicktoons Network. Why does this show have to be done with episodes. Why can't they have a season 2? With new episodes airing on Nicktoons Network and not nick. I don't mind if it's on the digital channel. All, I mind is it's an awsome show that's on at night usally now a days. It was a great show while it had newer episodes I hope to hsee more I haven't seen in the future. I really wish they might have DVD's of it to.
  • An organization called S.N.A.F.U. is continually trying to cause trouble for the Xs in their plans to take over the world.

    My classification says it all! Complete waste of time due to the fact as it was a complete waste of time, I didn't enjoy it one little bit. I am extremely glad that it is on Hiatus (hopefully it doesn't come back, fingers crossed!). There has been 1 season and 20 episodes. Everything in the show from the plot, the characters and the storyline was very, very shallow. Absolutely no humour at all. This kind of show has been done many times and the villians are very unnoriginal. I hope to never watch this show again. The X's are terrible. Over and out!
  • Its ok.

    "The Xs" is a decent show. It's not really good and not really bad. Ive been watching it since it came out in 2005. I like this show alot and I dont know why alot of people hate it. I miss seing it and I really want it to come back. I dont have Nicktoons Network so I havent been able to watch it since Thanksgiving in 2006. That was the last time it aired on regular Nickelodeon and the Last new episode. It was also my favorite. My favorite character is Truman. His hair is awsome. I wish they (Nick) would show this more.
  • I hate that I like this show! I just can't resist!

    I know everyone says that this show is like an unoriginal, not funny cross between The Incredibles and American Dad, but of course there is still a lot of originality. The animation I find unique from other shows and the characters are hilarious, especially Glowface. Everyone says he hates him because he acts like a five-year-old. That's what makes him funny! Mr. X isn't really a good leader. Honestly, I can see why people hate this show, and that's why I gave this the category "Guilty Pleasure" because I like something that most people hate. Just listen to a few episodes and you may find you like it after all.

    This, along with Spongebob and Ed, Edd, n Eddy, are the three shows that helped me start my show (for more info, look at my blog page).
  • Why does everyone hate this show?

    I like this show. I dont get how come so much people hate this show. its a preety good nicktoon and its much better then alot of shows on Nick like its better then shows like "Icarly, All that, etc..." When the show came out I knew that it was going to probably be good. From the commercials it seemed like it was going to be nice. Im just sad that they ended the series but glad that they just kept the show on Nicktoons Network. The bad part is that they leave it like at 2:00 AM. If you havent seen the show you gotta give it a try because its preety good.
  • the funniest show on nick.

    next to Speed Racer: the next generation and Kappa Mikey, this my third favorite show. some people say Mr. X is an idiot. NEWS FLASH! HE IS! that's what makes him funny! and some people think this show is stupid. i think it is too. but that's what makes it funny. before it really found it's voice, it got canceled. before it got to the best episodes, it got canceled. and before it even got a real fan base, (all together now!) IT GOT CANCELED! you see my point. some people say it's unoriginal. is there another show EXACTLY like this one? think about it. EXACTLY like this one. i didn't think so. now, before you even THINK about giving this show a bad reveiw, think. EXACTLY like this one. now, your turn. on your mark, get set, REVEIW!
  • rip off!

    this show is so dumb! it just a copy of The Incredibles & i dont like that movie either. the villian in this show is really weird lookin too. teh animation is crappy & the jokes are stupid. i dont really like shows/movies that focus on a family of spies. Oh, 7 the villian's name is really dumb(Glow face?!?! they could've come up with somethin better than that) i'm soo glad this show's cancelled! Nick actually did somethin right for once. sorry fans, but the x's is too cheesy for me. it was a disgrace to Nickelodeon. at least i dont have to look at this horrible show anymore
  • One of the best nicktoons from the 00s.

    Of course this dosen't beat the classics (Rockos modern life, Catdog, etc...) but I'm not talking about the 90s i'm talking about the 21st century. This is my 2nd favorite nicktoon from the 21st century, (Avatar is the first.) The comedy is great, and it beats the hell out of all the Nick shows you'll find today. The animation isen't some HD anime style, but I ignore that. I think the reason people hate the show, is because they keep thinking it's a Rip-off of the Incredibles. That's all I hear actually. I don't care about that, and I don't think it's a rip-off of the incredibles because for 1 thing they use Weapons instead of Supernatural powers. I even think they should make a dvd of this, instead of putting 1 episode into the "Nick picks" dvd. Or nick should atleast show reruns of this.
  • Who made this show?

    A very not pretty good show on Nickelodeon.It's not that action because of it's animation and a family that fights crime is a bad idea to make as a show.The villian is very ugly including his head that's a electric head.Patrick Warburton who plays Joe on Family Guy should have this show as a very bad idea for playing the dad of this show.It's very not actiony like that stupid Fairy Oddparents episode because it's very not that cool.I give this show a C not because it wasen't that good,it's because it's really not that bad at making this show.
  • Pitiful.

    Another lame cartoon trying to get to the top. I watched the commercial for this stupid show & i knew i wouldn't like it. But, everyone else is like "Give it a chance. You'll love it." I can't even sit through one second of it. The jokes suck, the action is just flat out retarded, & the dad tries to act like Stan off of American Dad. This show needs to go.
  • Ok this has got to stop.....

    OK, Nick, get a hold of your minds! Stop producing stuff like this. First of all, this show is so dumb. The Animation is very terrible even a 5 year old could draw better than this! Plus the whole plot is dumb. This is the 2nd worst nicktoon alongside with Mr. Meaty witch I reviewed a year ago. I mean its basically a Rip-off of the Incredibles and American Dad! But that stuff was good, this just takes it to a lower level. I don't think this show lasted for a friggin year. Im sorry for all the lovers of this show. And i truley respect them, but this show is just plain dumb. Please nick Revive yourself. Thank God this show was cancelled.
  • Whoa only a 5.6? Man this show is awesome! I always loved watching this great show!

    Bring this show back indeed! The first time i saw this show was when it first premiered which was some day in November. I saw it once and i thought: "Hey this is prety neat!" and i was interested in seeing more! Its a shame this show lasted for only about a year, it is also unfortunate that one of the reasons why it probably got canceled was becasue of the low fan base, and the decreasing score which is now at a 5.6, if it is up to a 5.7 though when i am done with this review though, then that means my rating for this show helped it rise up again! Man i loved this show so much, I remember Mr. X and Mrs. X, and also Tuesday and Truman! I was over at my Grandpa's house when i saw this premiere at (i think 8:00 P.M. was it?) That means it was nighttime. i will miss you The X's, i thought you were a great show with cool characters! Back then in 2005, this show definitely brings back memories. So you will also always be in my memories The X's! This was a great show and i wish it didn't get canceled so soon. Man, well rest in peace, The X's. Spies rule and are so cool!
  • Two words; "what the..."

    On a scale of one to ten I rate this show a negative three(Which is a little off from my actual rating). The animation was poor, I think HiHi Puffy AmiYumi had better animation then this. Although they tried to be funny with different things, it was all quite annoying to watch. What was most annoying was the lack of anything new. It was always the same thing. The same villain begins some evil plot, then the family is called in and they save the day... woohoo. It wouldn't have been as dumb if they had tried to incorporate something new. All in all I just don't like this show.
  • Big Dislike.

    The first time the X's came out, I wanted to see how it was. I didn't find it interesting, and the artwork and stlye is not really good. The plot seems a bit boring, and the characters voices are a bit weird. After watching about five minutes of it, I turned off the television, because I found it boring.

    Even though it was five minutes, I found it a waste of time because I could have been watching something else or doing something else too. That's why I gave it a low score.
  • One of the WORST shows known to man! A monkey with it's brain in it's ass could have thought of something better!

    This is one of the most, apalliong, ouoriginal, repetitve show of all time! First, It's a spy family. Yeah, never thought of that. Second, it's not even remotly funny in any way what so ever. Third, the family can't come up with a good cover for anything. Read the summary, because it's all you'll ever need to know. So leave, leave while you still can people! Escape, escape!!!
  • i used to hate this show.. i never gave it a chance. recently started watchin it on nicktoons network and you know what... its not that bad.

    i used to hate this show. i would never watch it. but i never gave it a chance as most people didnt to this show. i never watched one episode yet i assumed this show sucked. its not the best show in the world and the animation is kinda crappy but still this show is actully okay. im glad i finally gave it a chance but now i can only watch it on nicktoons network because nickelodeon took it off. a lot of people hated this and i can see why. i know i used to hate it before i watched it. a lot of people will say this show sucks before they even watch 1 episode, but heres a message to those people. WATCH ONE EPISODE.. your opinion may change. it changed mine. im not gonna say this show is terrific but its not THAT bad. now martain mystery.. that show is stupid.
  • Yet another cookie cutter show.

    Not a "horrible" show, but it just doesnt have a great plot. It's nothing new, nothing interesting, and even the animation style looks second-rate. I could tell that they really didnt put a lot of effort into this show. Whatever happened to people putting effort into the things they create for TV?
  • Terrible, terrible just terrible!!!

    This is the stupidest show I have ever seen. A family spy that saves the world from snafu. All the charaters are dumb and all the plots are terrible. This show is never enjoyable even when Im boring. Im glad I dont see this show anymore. They should put this show it the worst shows ever channel. Why you make new episodes if no one watches it anyways. The voices are terrible especially Truman. Whoever did the voice of him Im sorry for him having that terrible voice. Shows like this could never last even in season 3. When this is cancel, Im thanking Jesus for this.
  • I don't really like this show at all. None of the episodes make any sense! It's the same as Catscratch, just pointless and boring.

    ~"I rated this show a 1.1, and that's only being generous!"~ I don't particularly recommend this show to anyone who's looking for a GOOD show that's decent and makes some sense.
    I can name 5 things wrong with this show (even though I could go on forever!)

    1.Episodes don't have a meaning
    2.Makes no sense
    3.Not in the least bit funny at all
    4.Only 1 Enemy (Boring after a while)
    5.Same theme each episode : Homebase says there's a mission, X's complete it, Gloface whines and complains that he's been beaten again.
  • Change the channel!! Fast! You do NOT want to watch this!

    This show is like Mr. Meaty. It is Over-Funny. Over-Funny is not funny. Nickelodeon did it again. They featured another over-funny cartoon. The X's are really dumb. (I mean the show) I don't know why it's not cancelled yet. I don't even know why they show it. It's really not a good show. If you like the X's, and you tell me to at least watch it. I did. It's pathetic. Glowface (or whatever his name is) is especially ridiculous. He's being over-funny like I said!! It's a really lame show. I strongly, STRONGLY, reccomend you do NOT watch this show. But remember, it's my opinion. And my opinion is that this show STINKS!!
  • so uninteresting

    First of all I have to say that this seems like a cheap copy of the movie, The Incredibles. Also, this has some pretty bad animation. It is rushed through and painful to watch. Another thing is that the fighting scenes are great proof that the show is uninteresting. The villain, Glowface, he is just a loser with a big rid head! i also say that the childrens action show rule applies to this. The hero fights the villain. The hero gets puzzled. The hero finds a way to win and does so. I say don't watch the X's. 1/10. Abysmal.

    This show is stupid, pointless, and show go NO WHERE! I am outraged that this show is getting more recognition than Avatar: The Last Airbender, I mean wake up people they cancelled it for a reason! Stop ruining your brains by watching this. It's not funny or even interesting. Nick has made horrible choices in show productions lately..except Avatar. That was their best bet. By accepting shows like this they will continue to lose ratings. This show should not be watched at all. The characters are unoriginal and it has all been heard before and has all gone in the same direction, DOWN! HORRIBLE!
  • *sigh* typical boring Nickelodeon show. Mr. X, Mrs. X, Tuesday, and Truman are a family of spies struggling to keep their secret identity and face off with a few villains from time to time.

    It might be a good show if it were not for the fact that this type of tv show is too much like Disney\'s Incredibles. A suburban family with a mom, a dad, a sister, and a little brother turns out to be spies/superheroes. Its the exact same thing. The character design is a little sharp and spikey, too blocky for my taste, but the animation is ok. Script writing could use some work and the villains are just plain stupid. Most of the episodes are ok in general, but some of them are completely ludicrous and a waste of time to watch. I\'ll watch this show if there is absolutely nothing else on, but I\'d rather go outside and do something productive with my time. Voice over is good, but not outstanding enough to cancel out the ridiculousness of the show overall. So in my opinion, its just another mindless, mediocre Nick show probably thought up because they had nothing better to put on.
  • The animation killed it for me

    The X's is one of those shows that, just from the animation, you can tell is going to be terrible. It's very inconsistant, and extremely annoying. I mean, what color are Tuesday's hair and clothes?? It's always changing! You'd think they'd try to save it with a storyline, but no, that was worse. Can you say "Incredibles ripoff"? How many shows do we need about a family who has special powers, or is unusual in some way, trying to fit into normal society? It's been done before, don't poison Nick any longer with this crap. All I can say it I couldn't be happier that it's been canceled. It had too long of a run aready!
  • Actually, this show isn\'t too bad. It\'s actually pretty good, but not the best show to come to Nickelodeon. Nevertheless, I think people should sit down and see at least 2 episodes before judging this show.

    Actually, this show isn\'t too bad. It\'s actually pretty good, but not the best show to come to Nickelodeon. Nevertheless, I think people should sit down and see at least 2 episodes before judging this show. I had thought negative of this show before I even watched an episode. Then on Halloween I decided to watch The X\'s Halloween special (I enjoy Nickelodeon\'s Halloween specials.). I thought it was ok, however it did change my original opinion of the cartoon. I started liking this show, so then I decided to watch another episode. Liked it even more than the first. Now I don\'t want to \"copy\" what another reviewer said, if I\'m correct, but if you watch this show, it kinda gets better and better each episode. This is why I recommend watching at least 2 episodes before reviewing this show. The show itself is decent. The characters (except the villains) are well done (Truman\'s my favorite character. :D ) and each episode is unique. However the villains (pardon my spelling, if I\'m incorrect), don\'t look great. A guy with a big red sphere-looking thing on his head is NOT a scary villain. In fact, this is bad for the show\'s own good, because I tend to focus, whenever the main villain shows up (don\'t know his name), on that big red sphere on his head! LOL.

    To sum it up: Pros. - Cool main characters
    - Each episode is unique
    - Not the worst show on Nick


    - Not the best show on Nick
    - Vallains in this cartoon need lots of work
    - Maybe some better storylines
  • An decent show not an show that I could rate for number 10.

    The X's is about an spy family.Who aren't really an average normal family.Who can lived an perfect normal lives acting liked an normal family.Who are fighting with the evil glowface snafu.Who is trying to ruin everything.Tuesday got an crush on Brandon who is on the evil spy side.This make the x's an not so perfect normal family.Who can't try to be normal.Personally I watched few episodes of this.But not really an lot.This show is an decent show.Since it is funny and all that kind stuff.Altough the vilians could be more better.It does lack an bit of good vilians or action.So what needs to be better if they had new vilians and maybe new rival spies family something liked that.But that is my opinion.If you liked the x's than its your opinion.
  • Do not like this show end of story!

    Hmmm,Nick used to have good shows like Ren and Stimpy and Rocko's Modern Life but in this so called new generation people are making more stupider shows for children this show for example it's a rip off of the Incredibles and that is getting old nobody i know likes it anymore except idiots in my school such as Nathen Ross and Brad(the two are bullies Nathen and Ross but Brad is'nt)but why this? There's no need for it Truman really annoys me ever since i saw that episode Truman X Super Villain in the USA(when i was in the USA for the holidays)what the hell? don't waste your time watching this annoying show i'd rather watch Incredibles than this pile of crap.
  • The X's is Awesome!

    The X\'s is a wonderful show both stylistically and in writing. The voice talents are perfect. I don\'t know why so many people hate this show. Perhaps it\'s because they\'re used to the usual Nick garbage that has come along. Now lately Nick has had a few quality shows, Invader Zim, Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, Avatar and of course The X\'s. I\'ve also noticed that many view The X\'s as an Incredibles rip-off, where as The Incredibles was more or less a Fantastic Four take-on. The X\'s are spies not superheroes. Kudos to Carlos Ramos for actually making this show brilliant :)
  • Not too bad. Heck, I've seen a LOT worse.

    Wow, this didn't get eaten up by people as I thought it would. I wasn't going to go for it either but after watching a few episodes, I don't think it's that bad.
    I mean, the concept of an agent family has been used a lot before but this one has its own appeal. They certainly have some voice talent behind it such as Patrick Warburton and Wendy Malick. Heck, they even have Doug Langdale ("The Weekenders") as a story editor. The action's pretty decent too. I won't disagree though when I say that the villains do need work on (such as Sasquatche's voice and the character Glowface for starters) as does the animation, as it leaves something to be desired. But overall, not TOO bad a show.
  • Pretty Good.

    I heard about this and i'm like what? They don't sound like spies, it sounds like they're getting divorced! But, i decided to try it, it seemed kind of dumb because they can't even do their laundry! I tried it again and it was funnier, and i enjoy it, most episodes, are super funny too. I enjoy some of the jokes.
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