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  • I HATE THIS SHOW. Period.

    This it the worst show in history. The absolutely worst!!! Very stupid, not good story line. Oh wow another family spy cartoon. Big deal! Extremely unoriginal, period. There are so many other shows to watch than this piece o' crap. I gave it a 1 because it's at LEAST has pictures. I rather watch my dog sleep than this! A total waste of 30 minutes. Thanks creators of the X's. Thanks. For Wasting 30 Minutes Of My Life! Dang this show is horrible. I didn't expect such a foul show. Ok, if you don't get what I'm saying it's this: THIS SHOW REEKS!
  • I have to admit I like thsi show more and more with each new episode...

    I figured it out, finally. This show is a bad Incredibles rip off, yes we all know that. But it has a couple good and bad other things. First, the charatcters, save Mr. X, all suck. They're taken too much to the extremes (not a pun), as is Mr. X, but that's ok. because this would be a very good show if they got rid of the action stuff. If instead of being an action/adventure show, it was a comedy, it would rock. The writers are funny, this show makes me laugh. But it's not worth watching a full episode to get maybe 2 punch lines when there could be 15 or 20.
  • Since Nick has been making stupid shows, this has to be the STUPIDEST ONE SO FAR.

    The show is pointless and I could not be more pleased that it may be getting cancelled, I don\\\'t care if you disagree or agree with me, but the X\\\'s totally NEEDS A makeover!!!! Put more good stuffs and take out the nonsense. The X\\\'s is just as my review classification says..

    \\\"COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!!!!\\\"
  • This is the most retared show on the air.

    I watched one episode and I thought it was the worst animaited show on the air it makes no sence. I fell bad about watching it. the animation was terrible my cousin who watches Nick crap Eeven hates this show wont last much longer as long as we refuse to watch it. and glow face looks so stupid he dosen\'t look evil he looks like someone on drugs if you ask me I mean nick is coming out with some really sucky shows I mean Spongebob is the only reason I watch nick now or I watch nick at nite.
  • Been there, done that...

    2.0 many times must we see this kind of cartoon?! It was awful, and I mean it! It's about a family of spies who save the world. Oh, how original...NOT! Where has this been done before? Oh yeah I remember! The Incredibles, Atomic Betty, Totally Spies and believe me, even they are better than this terrible show. I don't normally care about the animation because it's the content that matters, but this show just went a step too far with it. The very weird animation wasn't even a good thing! Sorry to insult the fans of this show, but really? This show is just so unwatchable, it's unbelieveable!
  • Why are cartoons getting worse over the years?

    This show is a good example of cartoons going downhill. You'd figure they would be getting better as technology progresses. But this show defies that resoning. First off, the storyline of this show. It's boring, repetitive, and contains little and lame action. The villain isn't all that villainous either. The rest of the characters on this show are not unique and different from many other shows we've seen over the years and their personalities are dead. By dead I mean notexciting, and flat. The animation is less than mediocre and looks rushed. I don't care for this show and I give it a 1.1. The people at the Nicktoon studios are really getting lazy if they're making this junk. Not my kind of cartoon at all.
  • A family of spies. Whoop-de-doo.

    This show is horrible. The potential for a spy family show is high, but this show just crashes and burns. Take The Incredibles, for instance, which isn't a show but was very popular. It was a family superhero plot, and Disney took it and ran with it, and came up with a great product. That didn't happen with the X's. It's cliche, there's bad artwork, do I need to go on? As I've said before, with Danny Phantom and Avatar Nick shows that they have the ability to come up with plot-driven, well researched shows, but that doesn't happen here.
  • Some show about a family working undercover for a secret organization. At the same time they have family problems that are solved the weirdest ways. The X's battle the SNAFU as their mission under Superior.

    This show is an embarassment. It's the 21st century and the animation for this show is poor. Older shows like Angry Beavers and Rocko's Modern Life have better animation than this. It just looks too bleak. Plus the show doesn't make sense. Some of the episodes are just about family problems and teen life purely, rather than action. I don't see effort placed in this show. This show isn't well organized. I'm surprised this show is still on. Catscratch is already starting to disappear. This show doesn't follow its own theme very well. If Nick wants to change their lineup, take this show out and put it on their secondary channel. Also, this show doesn't live up to its name. It's about secret agents doing their you know what, but what they really end up doing is just family and teenage stuff.

    This animation is the worst Ive ever seen.....the humor is stupid and dry, and the plots are horrible

    The whole secret agent superheroe thing is past its prime, and now they get stupid. Bring in lame animation and some bratty kids with terrible humor, it results in a lot of bad ratings from

    Who else thinks this? Everybody!!!!! Ive never met one person to lilke the Xs, and Ive given it about 4 chances. The boy is not smart- the words arent big, but instead what everyone uses....and no way that all of that family would even want to do that.

    How lame. A bad cartoon!
  • Award winning creator or not, we all can make mistakes, but this mistake can be fixed.

    It's animation is fine, but definately not one people are used to or like overall. No lines, just shaeps with color. Voices are predictable and plots are so so. The show had potential, but lacks it and needs work in the design. I know Nickelodoen won't give this show any new seasons, but if this show could start again, there would be a lot it could change. There is also so many other shows with spies in them right now, so it makes yo uthink right away this isa knock off. It has traits of "The Incredibles" movie and other spy cartoons. I don't know if I can reccomend this to people, but I say if they still can, do some changes.
  • Nick is really starting to lose my respect.

    Why? That's all I have to ask. WHY? This is the second terrible show nick has made in a row! Up next is the god for saken Mr. Meaty which is the only show in existence worse than this one. This show has absolutely no point to it! It's boring unfunny, and makes me wanna barf. The only good thing about this show is the fact that it's cancelled. The worst part is, it took Avatar's place in the Friday lineup! Avatar is a wonderful show of godly wonders compared to this useless peice of crap! If this show's on, save yourself from death and change the channel.
  • WTF y did I watch that. It's stupid. (detects something suspicious) OMG!!! CHANGE THE CHANNEL. IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!!!

    Ok where should I start.

    It's about a family of spies called the X's. Yep definitely a ripoff of Spy Kids and the Incredables. Why would Nick pull such crap out of this. Maybe because of that program Oh Yeah Cartoons especially when they made the creator of that show a successful director (which of course has no talent whatsoever) I mean look at that guy's work. It's really boring and stupid, and it's so not worth your time.

    Now I'll explain the genre of the show.

    Animation: *barfs* Ok what the... My five year old sister can draw better than that and OMG why do they have to do it so quick. Try to take your time idiots. Man they have no respect whatsoever.

    Concept: Who thought of the concept a two year old!!!! I really dislike the way they copied Spy Kids Concept and The Incredables concept. The "action" is really boring and it makes me want to change the channel really quick.

    The characters

    Mr. X: Well I don't know him that much that's for sure.

    Mrs. X: Why does her face have to be oval shaped. They should just make it normal like her husband (jeez)

    Tusday X: Yea thank you **** who created a superstar that's even stupid than Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan combined.

    Truman X: He's the worst character in the show, especially when that spoiled brat dosn't even learn a stupid thing about kindness. STFU will you!!!

    Overall: This Show Stinks!!

    Big fat 0 out of 10
  • A horrible and not to mention very poorly animated excuse for a cartoon...

    This show not only sucks but it is a complete disgrace! I mean with its sloppy animations and horrible story line it makes you wonder what happened to good shows like Futurama and DBZ. Most of the episodes revolve around \"the x\'s\" trying to save the world from some top secret spy orginization. Every episode is boring as hell and i really don\'t see how anyone in their right mind can watch this! Anyway i just wanted to say if you haven\'t seen this show yet spare yourself the pain and change the channel, and pray it gets cancelled very very soon!
  • At first I hated it but then I felt like loving it but couldn't.

    The X's is although kinda like a rip-off to The Incridibles but hold it right there , I can find the same things between these and they are...

    1. Both the main villians have a behavior of a kid
    2. Both share the formula ( expect with their work )

    But however it leaves me to the point that it's beginning to not look like it but it is sometimes. The art blinds me with style and everything else is near the core as the overall score is a 5 out of 10 with some problems left behind which is perhaps a bad score to the review and yet I'm still beginning to like it...
  • Nick May Have Gotten Worse, But One Of Their Problems Is That They Keep Airing These Same Boring Cartoons All The Time, When They Have Been Cancelled!! This Cartoon Is Not One Of These Shows, And They Need To Air It More, And I Support That.

    I liked this show from the first time that I have seen it, but I didn't eXpect it to last very long, because of some of the shows that have been on way before it. And I looked at the reviews, and instead of giving the ratings that the bad shows deserve, they state that they don't like this show instead. The X's is much better than those other shows, it is funny.... It is very eXtreme, like the characters are drinking too much coffee, and some characters are more eXtreme than others, like the Dad, and Glow Face, and then there is the tempers of the Mom (I know, I forgot the names of the characters of a TV show again.... ) and Tuesday X. I think that is very cool that they have a living house and I think it is funny that their main rival is crazy. Perhaps that some people should re-examine this show. It clearly has several things about it such as the opening. And another thing about the show is that it has eXcellent sound and animation. Cartoons with eXcellent sound and animation have been around since the 1960s, when Chuck Jones produced T&J, but The Xs also have this, especially when They fly the X Jet.....
  • A really horrible Incredibles ripoff.

    The X's should be X off the air forever because it's so dumb. If this is Nick's Incredibles it looks like they drove off the road drunk. The kid's look ugly and the parents are not as good as regular parents. Glowface looks like a combonation of Red Skull, a monkey, and a lightbub. The other villians are lame. The animation looks awful too. If you want to see spy shows, watch any other spy show except The X's. What the hell was Nickelodeon doing?!
  • kinda fun

    i think of this show half and half its fun but too voilent its like james bond replaced with a wacky family that has weird spy stuff. the jet and fighting are pretty cool but the X\'s always win the good guys don\'t always win. and Tuesday always just fusses about her diary but the bickering between truman and tuesday is fuuny. everyone has their own role the house cleans itself and does most of the work. the mom and dad do some work mostly training well thats my review thanks for reading it catch new episodes of the X\'s on nick
  • Weired, Stupid, Unoriginal, But yet some how Addicting!

    The Xs is Such a weired show! I mean its been done so0o0o0 many time for example it reminds me of

    Danny Phantom
    Kim Possible
    Any Other Show were Weired People Save The world!

    I mean I dont understand how you can be a *Real* fan of this show.

    By real fan i mean some one who is i guess, Goes home every day and knows exactly whats gonna happen and sits on there floor drooling as this show is on. ( i describe Very Very well) But some how this show can hold my attention for 30 min though threw that 30min im saying to my self

    Stupid *pause* Stupid *pause* Stupid (you get the point)
  • There are already shows like this!!!

    wow super heros again. I don't get it. Why waste your time with a show about heros when the other 15 million shows just like it all jumped the shark?? It is so unoriginal and just.. dumb. This show will probably (i hope) be off the air soon. I really want to see new shows on nickalodien but if they are going to be like this show, then I am not going to watch them anymore. Also, the title doesn't fit.
  • It's been done, Nickelodeon.

    Take The Incredibles, subtract the high-tech CGI animation and the cleverness, add American Dad, remove the German goldfish, alien, pop culture and political jokes, add some stupid and unoriginality, and what do you get?

    The X's.

    This repulsive train wreck of a cartoon is basically another one of those "crime-fighting family" shows. The character designs are attrocious, the plots are unfunny and bland, and it's altogether ugly. The dad's basically Stan from American Dad, except not as funny. The kid's have weird names. Truman and Tuesday? Wow, never heard of those before.

    Anyway's this is proof that Nickelodeon sucks now, and never will be the same again. Pity.
  • Finally this show's on! Now I can review it!

    I\'ve always liked this show. A lot of parts had me laughing out loud, rare for cartoons on Nick. Not that I don\'t like Nick, it\'s just that now that Rugrats has ended, Fairly OddParents jumped the shark and is about to end, and SpongeBob jumped the shark, a new series on Nick keeps you on that network.

    I honestly have no idea WHY this show\'s got a mediocre rating. There is a funny villian and a wimpy dad. Even though those are slghtly overused, in some ways the jokes they give are original. This show is truly funny and I haven\'t seen animation like this. While this show reminds me a little of the Incredibles, it\'s okay, because the smallest amount of similar traits.

    Overall, I give this show a 9.0 for it\'s animation and humor. Hopefully The X\'s can be recognized as a good show and last a long time.
  • This show is lame!

    This show has been dumb ever sence they put it on the air! What happen to the good old shows like Rugrats, and Hey Arnold! And now they are startng to end all of the good shows on Nick like, The Fairly Odd Parents, and Jimmy Nuetron, and soon to be (in a year)Danny Phantom. I hope this does not put Nick into a big mess, but if it does then all I have to say is that it was there fault for puting these shows on the air. When I say these shows I am talking about: Catscratch, and The X's, these shows are dumb!
  • No no no...

    Oh goodness, where do I begin?? This show is soo...unoriginal! The jokes are only funny to my little cousins (4 and 5) because of the yelling and weirdness. There are too many shows about spies and spy life (Totally Spies, for example), and we DON'T need a another one. Every time I see a commercial about the X's...I pray it will get canceled.
  • *sigh* where do I begin?

    What happened to Nickelodeon?! It\\\'s shows like the X\\\'s that are dragging Nick down, and make me wonder what has happened to cartoons these days??. The X\\\'s originality is zero. Fighting bad guys, saving the world, spies, yadda yadda yadda. The animation is bad. This show is just stupid and It\'s filling the brains of youth in the nation with stupidity.
  • Stop playing this show! It's destroying the brains of innocents!

    I seriously can't stand this show. It's stupid and pointless. I think I might have more fun watching mold grow than watching this show- watching mold definitely sounds more appealing. The only reason this gets the score it does is because it comes on after avatar, and I'm usually in a good mood after watching avatar(and because I'm apparently not allowed to give it a score of 0.1)- a mood that quickly evaporates as the X's comes on.

    In short, this show needs to be stopped before it destroys avatar and the person who made it needs to be given a healthy dose of psychiatry as it's obvious that their brain is broken.
  • dumb

    i can\'t believe this! nick is going downhill with these sucky new shows! please cancel this and catscratch! i mean nick used to have good shows like rugrats and rocko\'s modern life. now they have this crappy show that is a waste of time. these stupid spies that only have one enemy named glowface! i\'ve seen it before and i hated it the minute i saw it! the animation sucks and there is no point to this. i wish nick didn\'t come up with these shows! i mean they can do better than that! i mean i would give BARNEY a better rating than this! cancel this trash!
  • Seriously.Who thought of this?

    Yet again with my"Though it was going to be a good show,saw it,hated it."thing now with this show.Is there anybody in the world whose last name is X?I mean a spy family?That's one of the craziest things I've ever heard of!I went to the International Spy Museum a few months ago and I noticed that most of The X's gadgets are based of the real ones in the museum.Especially the shoe phone.Nick is definally going downhill with the fact they're bringing up bad shows like The X's and Catscratch and the other fact that they're cancelling good shows like Danny Phantom which has only been on the air for a meer 2 seasons.For the record this is a mediocre show that desereves to be taken off the air insted of the good shows as I mentioned.
  • It is so stupid, disagree all you want!

    I hate this show, it is so retarted. How could somebody actually like this show?!?! I don't care if people disagree about this review. But come on, kids are not retarts, that should be watching retarted shows. Kids who watch this show are the kids of tomorrow! They shouldnt be as dumb as a doorknob, and amazingly this show it not helping! Take it off of Nick. I have to say, Nick has many bad shows on air, but this one is MENTAL!!! This show needs to go ! I hate this show, it should have never been created!!! It is SO stupid.

    Do not waste your time watching this show. It is boring and stupid. The writing is unoriginal and corny. The dialouge and the jokes are crummy. Why Nick would allow this on their network astounds me. I can not think of ONE good thing about this excuse for a show. This show makes any other show look good. I can not belive I watched it for ten minutes, I wish I had never scene it. I do not think it could get any worst. This show is just bad. I hope no one ever watches this show. Aren\\\'t there other ways to waste time?
  • It\'s CRAP!

    As of late Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon have been spitting out several new shows, most of which are the same moronic crap in a different wrapper, thus is the Xs a show about a spy family made up of 1 dimensional characters, litteraly the same plots you\'ve seen in 100 other 11 minute cartoons, just with a \"Ooooh it\'s new and different because they\'re spies who are akward when out of their element!\" angle, This show needs to be led to the chopping block and fast, the animation is \"stylized\" in this case that\'s a fancy word for poorly done, There isn\'t a single thing redeeming about this show!
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