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  • This show is poorly animated and the storys don't make that much sence.

    it's true. i mean i know they want there to be a new episode every friday but does that mean it has to be poorly animated. and they tried to hard. they tried to make it better then all other shows. and ya know what. when you try to be the best. you will never be. so just stop trying so hard. take your time to make new episodes and the show will be great.
  • The Suckiest Suck That Ever Sucked

    Nickelodeon sad attempt to copy the "The Incrediables" and fail miserably.
    Wow, very original lets get a family who actually are spys that were trying to blend in the public. Not, this is been done before many times and to add the insult, the family are very stereotypical and then there only one freaking villain of the entire series. The animations and visuals are insulting. The comedy is just plain suck that I never laugh once. All the character's characteristics are two-dimensional crap thats trying to blend in with comedy and action. Even worse, its takes away of Avatar's air time, my favorite show, into this crap and the X's adverisement bar that have been interfere the best parts of Avatar that made me mad.
    So please, don't watch this two-dimensional crap and I hope it is cancel for good.
  • This show could be really good but is kinda like any other show, a little better i guess.

    If wanted to The Xs could be PERFECT but it is like any other show with some kind of hero. I like it because it is new and neat and the characters are REALLY cool, especially Tuesday X! She rox my sox. It is pretty good overall because it is popular and people of all ages could really truly get somewhat developed to the show The xs that a lot of people like (hey i need 100 words!) I really do like the xs. Its funny to sometimes unintentionally. I like the xs but it could have the potential to be better.
  • This Show is Pretty Good.

    I Think This Was Great in the Beggining, But Now It's Just O.K. I Like Tuesday X (Even Though They Need Knew Voice Actors) Shes My Favortite. I Like Mr. X to His Pretty Cool. I Think This Show Does Need New Voice Actors and Better Art, But Other Then That It's an O.K. Show.
  • Another Nickelodean faliure.

    This show is SO stupid and it absolutly has no point and worst off it replaced good shows that are only on once a week and we are stuck with this crap hopefully this worthless show will be cancelled and will be forgotten and will never have to be seen by the human eyes again but in other words nickelodean you have made another failure show
  • What the heck? This is a complete waste of time!!

    This IS a complete waste of time.
    Come on.
    Maybe it would be good, but I really don't like the animations.
    And why is there only ONE bad guy? He's really stupid, too.
    He's the only bad guy and it's the same old thing every episode!
    They have to defeat Glowface! Where are the other bad guys and super villians, huh?
    Plus, they seem to have no idea abouta normal life except for one person in the show, Tuesday.
    And why does her hair change all the time?

    I really don't like this show, and if you ask me, there's nothing interesting to see.
  • This show sucks on ice It stinks on Ice I have seen better villians in a Disney show Glowface is retrated! What is the creator a dumbass!? I have seen better!! This showshould be sh

    THIS SHOW SUCKS!!! What kind of (Bleep) peson would waste time and money to create a show so BLEEP ing retrated This show is a pice of Bleep! What kind of Bleeping person doese thos sort of crap. I hope it gets canceld and SOON! This show is a big waste of TIME!!!
  • Wasn\'t that great! They tried to hard.

    Okay, so a family of spies tries to be a normal family, to bad it complete crap! The daughter is a punk, and can\'t pull it off. The son looks like the type of kid that gets picked on, and will do anything for attention. The dad is paranoid, and the mom can\'t b eto nice. This show is basicly a bunch of pretty good shows and movies blended in with a huge pile of crap!
  • There were only two episodes I liked.

    This show can be funny but it's very unoriginal. It's a ripoff of Spy Kids and The Incredibles. The animation is self-explanatory at best. It looks awful and is in desperate need of change. It should be smooth. The voices are annoying, especially Tuesday when she screams. There is no character development. They don't learn one single thing from their mistakesand if you don't learn from you're mistakes, you're doomed to repeat them. Now the villains, they're not even tring to beat these people. They look like bums trying to get a paycheck because they didn't finish college. This show is gonna get axed soon.
  • There's a fine line between comedy and stupidity. This show has crossed it several times.

    The main premise of the show is good: A family of spies fight evil and try to blend in with the populace. Unfortunately, The X's have more things going against it than for it.

    First off, the comedy needs some work. I'll admit that there were some moments that made me laugh a little. But for the most part, I was thinking: "What the heck is the point?" or "Okaaaaay...". Also, making the family a bunch of complete idiots (Well, maybe not Tuesday...she seems to have the most sanity and common sense.) doesn't make it funny. It just makes it look stupid and maybe a bit unrealistic. I mean really now-using weapons in public, flying the X-Jet to places like the laundromat, etc.-people being trained/raised to be spies should have been taught or know more about the commonplace than that. But that's just my opinion. For some people it just makes it funnier, but for others (like me) it just makes it stupid. There's a fine line between comedy and stupidity, and a stupid thing to one person could be funny to another.

    Second, the show's potential is being wasted on mainly being a comedy show. Give us some depth to the show, things like characters that are a bit deeper, suspense, drama, etc. It's not that it wouldn't work fine without all of this, but I just feel that a show about spies would be more, well, epic.

    Well, that's my two cents. If you like The X's, that's cool, but I'm just not all that crazy about them.
  • Meet the X's you're Untypical Family of Spies

    A Family of Spies called The X's working for Superior Save the World from Snafu Led by Glowface and Being a spy Family it's hard Blending in the Sub-Urbs but Mr.X The Father will do anything to Stop Snafu alongside his Family Ms.X,Tuesday and Truman they can Be A Family and Super Spies
  • I absolutley love the x's , there cute and adorable i love truman! hes soo adorable. i like how he acts like a little kid , some-times,he acts like a responsible adult it some episodes, and i can relate to truman! hes my favorite character and tuesday als

    Well what can i say i love the x's and i think there cute and adorable, i love truman x, and tuesday, mr. and mrs. x! and homebase, it is alot like a incredibles spinnoff! i do enjoy watching it alot , even more that any other nick me!
  • A family of spies that try to fit in. Why is Nick bothering?

    The X's tries to be a funny show, but there isn't too much of it. It doesn't have the unique twist that makes you say, "Wow, I'm definitely watching this again."

    On another note, we've seen this kind of show before. It's not identical to The Incredibles, but it's similar enough for me to turn off the TV and rent the movie instead. Spy Kids is another example. This is just another spy show, which Nick is hoping to make some money off of.

    Lastly, the villains are too simple. In "Photo Ops", Glowface was defeated way too easily. It was obvious, and I don't understand how he didn't see it coming. I know it's a cartoon, but that was easily the oldest trick in the book.

    Over all, this show has potential to go at least somewhere, but until Nick does something about it, (particularly the animation, which is an eyesore) The X's isn't worth watching.
  • It's funny at times but other than that, pretty stupid.

    It's OK but it's stupid most of the time. Since the X's fight evil who are pretty dumb to be super villains. I've seen better villains on other cartoons and some are for little children! Anyway, the animation is a bit scary too. To think a bit positive, the show is somewhat funny but not ha-ha-ha funny.
  • A family of spies try to fit in with regular people. "TRY" is the key word there. Mr. X lives by the spy rule book and Mrs. X isn't what you'd x-pect from a mother! The characters are great together and the show stays funny all the time!

    Some shows constantly use old jokes, or keep repeating their own ones. This show is different! It surprises me with a clever and funny comment very often. And its so well thought out! I mean its not a complex idea, but nobody would have thought of it! Also, it has a few great voice talents! It features the great Patrick Warburton(well-known as Lok in \'Tak and the Power of Juju\') as well as Wendie Malick(the track lady on \'Racing Stripes\' as well as Nina on \'Just Shoot Me\')! Those two fit together well! This show is funny, entertaining, and FUNNY!
  • The X's are spys??? I'd say different...

    The X's, hmmmm... where to start? Where to start? Where did Nick go wrong? With everything! The past couple shows on Nick were crud. On to the review. To start off The X's are no where near spys. They're more like repetive super heroes without the powers (or the fun). I hope that was enough to convince you not to watch the show. One the other hand, though the animation is pretty good and has a nice style which is why it got a 4.2 and not a 3.8. There's only one episode where they act 20% like spys but, they do it to find out how to use a washing machine! Go play that worn out James Bond game and completely skip this show. Peace, all!
  • Nick is going down and down

    Yet another boring story that should be canclled. I have had enough of Nick bring us bad catoons like Disney channel. There isnt any good carttons anymore this year but the old classics. Just like Movies these days. Im never interisted in this show. Kids need to watch ren and stimpy season 1 and 2 uncut.
  • Very very riped off it

    Ok.. The animation looks like a bunch of shapes.
    They are such a bunch of ripped off versions of incredibles! I mean really! Pullllasssseee!
    I hate this show.
    It looks like its for ADHD kids (I have a mild case of ADHD- I cant stay still) And it absolutly need to be canceled. Oh yes the creator is famous for the OH YEA CARTOONS. well this is now- we have Danny Phantom for superheros ,
    The chacters on the x\'s are streotypical!
  • A complete waste of time; but the reasons are argumentative.

    1. The art style is enough to cause someone to have seizures.
    2. The parents are complete retards.
    3. The children are... evil? No wait, complete retards.

    There\'s no way that my generation would like this show. It\'s full of a bunch of screwed up shapes that talk about how horrible their dad is feeling or something. There\'s no true plot-line and they are definitely not superhero\'s! What ever happened to batman?

    Bad contract; whoever came up with the X\'s is as bad as Johnny Depp playing Willy Wonka.
  • This show is BAD!!!!

    This show has alot of problems First this show is shiny. It is to bright. Second this show has really bad voice actors. Three what with the hair it's always changes colors. Four The art horrible. And last the plot is stupid. Then why a 3? Because there still new and they need more of a chance.
  • A Cross between James Bond and the Incredibles

    The X's is a hilarious show about a spy family. This show has some pretty hiliarous moments such as the one villian Sasquach whom speaks in the third person. The only downside is that the main villian Glowface has a very annoying voice. The art is actually something new. It kinda reminds me of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. So if you're bored watch it.
  • this was stupid

    Ok this show is just horrible. I mean, I couldn't even watch the first episode without turning the tv off and saying,"Wow that's stupid!" I've heard from some people that they do like this show, but if anyone share's my point of view...I mean this show could be better, but it's just poor.
  • I've only saw one episode of this, but it looks pretty good.

    The X's is about a family of spies that are having trouble keeping their secret. They show how hard it is to keep a secret. They have amazing gadgets, fight amazing space battles, and are pretty darn funny. The comedy is good, but the animation needs fine tuning. Overall, this show isn't as bad as everybody thinks.
  • This is a great show for those of you who like humorous fights, spies, and explosions.

    The show is great on the humor scale, but yet, some of the things in there aren't that good. Like the plot, a family of spies is pretty much the same as a family of superheroes from the Incredibles. The animation may not be that good, but the 3-D animation is pretty impressive. The music can also be pretty funny, but there are several more things on this show that need some tuning. The show, since it has only one main villain, can suffer from monotony, but it's so funny, it can hardly be noticed. I strongly suggest this show to most people.
  • A series about a spy family. Before it even starts, I'm out cold. Boring!

    This is the worst show I have seen in years! Truman is an obnoxious brat who pulls pranks and is a total nerd! Tuesday is just a tenn who is...don't want to know! Mr. X is a gullable nimrod and is obssesed with the stupid "manuel." Mrs. X is actualy pretty good. I like her. Glowface is just a moron wearing a fortune teller ball on his head. This show better get its act up soon or else. If I had to grade this show, I'd give it 39% out of 100 instead of 3.9 out of 10.
  • Relly needs fine-tuning

    This show is about a family of spys that might get fired because they cant keep there identites secret. The humor in this show is average. The graphics uh are somewhat okay. It is unique because its actually about a family of spys and just not one person in the family. Other than that is a okay show.
  • It's not by any means good, but it's not all that bad, either.

    This is another show that's OK that I use to pass the time. I hate the animation, stupid humor, plots, etc. but I do like Truman. He's really funny, cute, evil, and smart. The rest, however, are idiots. This is a rip-off of the Disney/Pixar film The Incredibles, in a way, and doesn't live of to its reputation.

    It's also one of those shows that Nickelodeon thinks is good, but really, it smell worse than 5-day-old rotten eggs. Nick put it before its hit shows: Danny Phantom, Fairly OddParents, SpongeBob, and Jimmy Neutron. Quite frankly, if Danny Phantom had to wait almost a year to have a few months for a better timeslot, then so should've the X's AND Catscratch. Eh...
  • why did I stand up for this crap?

    it's so stupid! It was a rip off of the incredables and spy kids! in a stupider version! I thought it was funny! but it's not! it's so darn stupid! and the son is stupid, the daughter is stupider, the mom is med stupid and the dad is really stupid! this show does need to get off air!
  • it's humor is ok...but the grahics are wayyyyyyyyyy too shiny!

    It's...alright....but it looks like to me this was a spin-off of Spy Kids. Even though that movie sucked. ANyway, back to the topic. It's about a family of spies who go on missions and beat up bad guys. I supose some of the jokes are ok and no bathroom far. just they way I liek it.
  • Well here is an example of a show I will never watch again, even if it's the only thing on. I always turn off the tv or change the channel whaen this is on.

    I really don't get this show. It tottaly doesn't make sense and annoys me so much I just want to leave the room when this is on. It's totally unoriginal and a rip-off from the Incredibles. I know this show is new and the writers and directers are still trying so instead of giving this show a 0.0 i gave it a 5.
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