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  • ugh this show is horrible nobody should be posting on its fourm cause you have to be 13 to join and nobody thats 13 would watch thisits badly drawn and is yet another nick show stealing avatar airtime thats way better then this piece of *cencered*

    ugh this show is horrible nobody should be posting on its fourm cause you have to be 13 to join and nobody thats 13 would watch thisits badly drawn and is yet another nick show stealing avatar airtime thats way better then this piece of *cencered* i hope this show gets cancled and all the other shows that always are showing reruns 50 times (spongebob fairly odd parents jimmy nutronshall i continue?)i dont have time to finish my bad review because i have more important things to do then rant about the worlds worst show ever! yes ever nothing in the future or the past was worse or will be worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show is ok but it needs work.

    This show isn't that good. for one thing they only have one enemy. It reminds me of the Incredibles and Spy least I liked those two. It has some of their moments, like all shows tend to do.

    I think the graphics should be worked on. They look really bad. And maybe add some new enemies, make it much more original. Perhaps get better graphics, and think of new jokes. Come on, a coffe table breaking a leg? Must have really fragile leg....and spanish soap operas? A sleepover while the family treis to fight stuff? Actually that reminds me of Atomic Betty....

    Overall, 5.0. Not that good (sucks) but not really, really bad. I just won't be watching it.
  • A cartoon starring Wendie Malick (Just Shoot Me) AND Patrick Warburton (The Tick, Family Guy)???!!! Beam me there, Scotty!

    What a cool show this is, it's funny, it's action packed and the art and design looks pretty sweet. The show is funny in terms of it's a show about a family of spies, who are completely ignorant on how to be a normal family and live a normal life and the only way they can handle it is by the actions of a CIA agent or SWAT team. Yup, everyone in the show is stupid. The bad guy, the mother and ESPECIALLY the father. And I guess the show gets credit because of Warburton's meathead sensibility. The action in this show has pretty much no limits because every member of the family fights and the villain's a total wacko. Recommended for viewers who miss the Tick.
  • The X's are a family that works for a secret spy agency called SUPERIOR. SUPERIOR's arch enemy is SNAFU who's leader is Glowface. The X's must try to defeat the evil SNAFU while trying to act like a normal family.

    This show isn't very interesting. First off, the drawing is bad. They're faces look distorted along with many other objects. This is like Spongebob only on a much lower scale because they both have only one extremely funny character that keeps the show going. In Spongebob's case it's Patrick. In the X's case, it's Mr. X. It can be related to The Incredibles as well only on an extremely lower scale. They both have the same plot line except that the X's don't have superpowers. So, if they make the drawing, which reminds me of Yakkity Yak, better, make the characters and plot lines funnier, and give it a touch of orignality, this would be a MUCH better show.
  • The X's are awsome

    Why does everyone hate the X's?
    its a great show. but i'll admit it does need just a little improvement.but i bet half the people who hate this show never even watched 1 episode..hey when they first premeired Danny Phantom i thought it was stupid then i watched 1 episode and i loved come on X's haters just watch 1..just 1 episode and i'll bet you'll love it

    Im not trying to force you. jus' sayin'
  • A family tries to keep their job as spies a secret.

    I keep calling the X's superheroes, but they're actually spies. Tuesday X is cool, Truman X is annoying and you can relate if you have annoying younger sibs, too. I can tell this show tries to be funny, but I haven't really laughed a lot. Glowface, the leader of villain group SNAFU is probably the funniest character next to the Dad and Mom. So in general, this is an OK show to watch when there's nothing else good on TV.
  • Great show!!!!!!!1

    This show is awesome and funny!!!I don,t even know how people could hate this show.The show has no outline but who give a freakin crap.If you hate this show you have no taste in comedy.I say they should keep this show on the air but,if they even take off Nickoldeon,it does not even mattter if you have Ondemand like me you could watch it on channel 129 qith Ren and stimpy and Invader zim,so whatever go ahead I'll watch it on ONDEMAND!!!!!!!
  • What's with nickelodeon rallying in all these horrible shows?

    Seriously. Take this off along with Catscratch, this is crap.

    I don't like the artwork, it's just not for me. The storyline isn't all that appealing either, it's been done already. Get something new.

    I don't find the humor funny at all. Please, just do us all a favor and cancel it.
  • AGGHHHH my eyes hurt!

    I don't enjoy this show at all. The plot is stupid and I think I've seen this idea somwhere before. The entire family is just too predictlable, the plot of "super family team" has been used alot and was killed by a certan movie (The Incredibles). And thats baisicly what this show is, a cartoon version of The incredibles exept the family has no superpowers.
  • Oh come on, its not that bad.

    Yes, i heard you the first time...a show about a super-spy family with a really bad cover has been done many, many times before, blah blah..but come on, it really isn't that bad. Its actualy kind of funny, plus the animation is really different, in a good way. Sure its definetly not the gonna be next 'Kim Possible' of Nickelodeon, but its not a big waste of anyone's time either.
  • A family of spies? Ok..I'm bored already...

    I saw the commercial of this show, it looked dumb and wierd. I saw the premiere episode and I thought it was the silliest and most dumbest show aired on Nick. Really!!! Nick once again has failed to air and decent show and they come out with this crap. The producer wanted to make a good new tv show for Nick but came out with crap he thought good. I love nick but hate when Nick just lets people put crappy shows on. I hate this show of its lame characters, plots, and story. This show needs to get of the air fast because It s**ks and noone likes it.
  • The X`s are an amazing family of spies that can`t seem to get along.

    The X`s are an amazing family of spies that can`t seem to get along. Okay, they aren`t the best spies but they are pretty good. They argue over the smallest things. The thing that amazed me the most though was the fact the Tuesday accually played video games with her brother. My sister doesn`t even do that. Over all the show is great not just because of the cool jet but because of the show.
  • Why does everyone hate this show?

    Come on people! The show just started only a few weeks ago and instantly people are hating...The show just freakin started!! Give it a chance!!! It could get better (even though its already good now). The animation may be zany and weird but it doesn't matter on how the cartoon looks...It matters on how the cartoon performs! Just look at Ed,Edd n' Eddy!! The animation may be weird but the plots and performance makes up for it!!! What I'm trying to say is don't judge a book by its cover...Give this cartoon a dang chance along with Catscratch!!!!!! And if you think its copying The Incredibles, its not! Show this cartoon some mercy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • One of my top favorite shows.

    The X\'s is one of my top favorite shows. First I never thought of watching it. I can be over obsessive towards characters belive me. And when my younger brother (he does not know the characters names till I told him) said \"You should start liking \"that red guy\" from The X\'s.\" I gave him a annoyed stare. But in my mind I was shouting \"His name is Glowface! And that is when it started. I watched one episode of The X\'s and fell for Glowface. NOTE: Remember I can become totally obsessive to cartoon characters. To a point that I can\'t stop talking about (insert character name here).

    So my total grade for The X\'s is 10/10.

    And for those of you who hate The X\'s this is for you:

    Give this show a chance! I don\'t want it taken off air all because some people hate it. If it is canncailed I\'d be heart broken so please give the show a chance or start liking it or I\'m going to be really mad.

  • OK what loser cameup with this???

    This really shows Nick's stupidity. and their rivalry with disney. mayb if they made better shows more ppl woould watch it?! Instead of trying to copy something that has already been made by disney. and not to mention a crapy remake! Nick really needs to air the good shows again and make NEW, GOOD shows.
  • Nick's thrid strike: First All Grown Up, then Catscratch, now the X's. A futile attempt to cancel Danny Phantom by ripping off other series.

    In what is a clearly cliche attempt to continue the dominace of a post-KlaskyCsuepo Rugrats series, another series about creature that lives in a pineapple under the see that has jumped the shark, and to continue the removal of whatever childhood children have left --if the advertisements for various products hasn't brainwashed them into pre-teen eMpTyV posers-- Nick came out with two series this year to wheen kids off of animated series and get them to watch the other drek (Drake and Josh, Ned's Declassified, Zoey 101, Romeo, Unfabulous, and All Grown Up).

    If by the third episode of this series you have not had a serious case of deja vu, you have quite possibly have been desensitized by the overkill of flashing graphics and yelling and have probably had to start taking Ritalin for the TV-enduced ADHD.

    The characters are unoriginal: worlds-greatest dad, the always busy mom, misunderstood teenage daughter, the bratty little brother. Let me know when Astro and Rosey get here.

    The bad guys are stupid. No really, they are stupid. A short red guy with a glowing head trying to be another Dr. Drakken.

    If that weren't enought, the misunderstood teenage daughter has three friends that are very similar to the other show the network trying to cancel: a goth, a nerd, and a snob.

    This show seems to rip off alot of other shows just to cancel one show that is way better than this crap.

    Nick needs to keep their hands off Danny Phantom, stop trying to rip of Danny Phantom, the Jetsons, Kim Possible, and the Powerpuff Girls, and stop trying to turn kids into mindless consumers.

    Kids aren't stupid. If the network wants ratings, they need to stop adlibbing the schedule with crappy programming.
  • Just one simple question:How many times has this been done?

    This show is about an abnormal family of superheros struggling to fit in with a normal world. A mediocre show with decent plotlines but the Slumber Party one--geez! I think the whole plotline is a bit stupid which brings it up to a 5.4. It's a waste of time because think of all of the shows with this! Like the movie:The Incredibles, or Danny Phantom(which obviously is on Nickelodeon)and so many other shows! But obviously they have to cram in childish jokes like the youngest boy using a device at Tuesday's(the girl's name, not the day)slumber party to make it seem like they were farting. How original on Nickelodeon! These new lows somehow can't seem to get under the limbo stick. This show puts older kids in yawns but keeps younger kids entertained. The X's is mildly entertaining with some pros and cons yet this show can be so far-fetched the dog can't even catch it. As much as I put it down it can be OK at times but we'll just wait and see. But honestly, this show seems like it won't go far. The crude humor is crossed over from The Fairly Oddparents and My Dad The Rockstar.(I mean at the beginning of My Dad The Rockstar when the dad smells his armpit, god!). Nickelodeon should try to get a quality show like Spongebob, which somehow keeps me entertained! Not something that 5 year olds watch and laugh at the constant farts and burps. And just a shout-out to the fading-fast childish Nickelodeon:QUIT IT WITH TEENICK! Is Nickelodeon really so desperate that give in to cheap, been-done cartoons like this? An OK plot yet be more creative, Nick.
  • A family of spys try to pose as a normal family.

    This show wants to be original but it is a total rip-off of "The Incredibles", "Spy Kids" and all of those other shows. I was watching this with my friend because she thought nit sounded cool but I hate it. What kind of last name is X anyway!? If they were smart they would have changed it. I am only giving it the 5.7 because I like the animation style and Wendie Malick as Mrs. X.
  • Its not something I'll watch again and again, but I might watch it occasionally. It could be better.

    Well, this show is a no. I think they need to take more time to make the characters just right and not make everything so cubed. I gave it a chance and said it doesn't have lots of potential. Its lacking something to become a big hit, but i don't knwo exactly what it is.
  • Not the best show but good and interesting!!!!

    I seriously hated he way it looked i watched it because i was home,very bored.And he first episod,i thought it wsas ok but than it got better.I was really suprizd because i thought it was going to suck.Its not the best show in the world,its interesting.

    I only dont lik the animation.It just seems too crowded and stuff.I also think its kinda not interesting for the x's to have one villian hey fiht in verye episode.They win and than he just comes back in very episode but hopefully as time pass,it will improve.
  • The X's is a decent show that can use some fine-tuning. It does have potential to become a good series, but some drastic changes need to be made.

    The X's is the latest Nicktoon and it's about a family of super-spies that live in suburbia. They work for an organization called SUPERIOR and their rival organization is S.N.A.F.U. -- led by the evil Glowface.

    After viewing the first three (six) episodes, I admit, The X's has potential to become a good Nickelodeon series, but some changes need to be made. Firstly, the animation . . . I think it's good for the most part, but it could use work. Most of the time, the backgrounds are just one color. This definitely needs to be fixed. The moon is white -- not green or blue.

    Next, the characters. The characters are totally 2-D and stereotypical. After watching one episode, you could probably figure out their entire personality. They need more depth to them -- give them more emotions and make them more realistic. Also, concerning the characters -- out of the six 11-minute episodes that aired last night, Glowface was the villain FIVE times. He is used way too much. Quite frankly, he's not too great of a villain either. Aren't villains supposed to be evil and sinister? I mean, it's okay to use him for comic relief once in a while, but he should actually be a REAL villain most of the time.

    And finally, the comedy. First of all, cool it with the potty humor. I know it's a Nick show and everything, but it's just gross most of the time. There should be more subtle humor. Also, the show just tries too hard. I admit, there were some funny moments, but they were quickly overshadowed by more poor attempts of humor.

    In conclusion, The X's has potential to become a great show, if taken in the right direction, but as for now, the show is just "eh" -- nothing special.
  • This show is way better than I thought it would be!

    This show is way better than I thought it would be! It has the same amont of laughs as Action League Now, exept with a different kind of humor. My favorite part is when they were fighting the villans and they encounter "some old guy!" Hahahahahahah! Yes, t is not the best cartoon in the world, but if you like superhero/spy spoofs, this is your show!
  • derivative of so many things we've seen before. the x's want's so badly to be like danny phantom, the Incredibles, spy kids and samurai jack. but the art direction of the characters, animation, and writing doesn't even come close to the the show's it's tr

    derivative of so many things we've seen before. the x's want's so badly to be like danny phantom, incredibles, spy kids and samurai jack. but the art direction of the characters, animation, and writing doesn't even come close to the show's it's trying to imitate.

    i can't help but think about the end credits to the incredibles when i'm watching the x's. it's uncanny how obviously similar they look, it's shamless.

    worse still is it's style of comedy, a sad and contrived counterfiet of the many other poorly written shows on tv. it's just more of the same, unoriginal stuff.
  • A show about a family of spies...

    The X's is the latest "major Nicktoon" from Nickelodeon. People look at the idea and say "total - of The Incredibles". This being a tv series, this show has much more potential for character-building and I think it just has so much potential.

    This toon comes from Carlos Ramos, Annie Award-winning designer and creator of two Oh Yeah! Cartoons! shorts (which I can't really remember the name of now). I think the animation and character design is definitely something no other show on television has. The characters are inked in far different ways from other Nicktoons, like Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, Avatar, and even Danny Phantom. The only one of the main characters' designs I don't like is Truman. I don't like the bright orange hair and the little dimples and such, it just doesn't go with flow. Nor does his voice...I don't really think his design and voice go together.

    In the three premieres shown so far, Glowface was overused. Even in Danny Phantom they use different villains for each episode mainly. I did find the latest episode (Boys Best Friend) to be quite interesting, and possibly the best out of the entire night. I wouldn't mind seeing Glowface every once in a while, but he has been way overused so far...

    I say this show needs fine-tuning because the comedy in the show, well frankly it sucks. Also, some of the characters designs are overexagerated at times (like Mrs. X when she broke her leg, or Mr. X in that same episode).

    I love the potential for this series though. There's a chance for this show to go a long way, and I am sticking with it at least for the first season.

    Other reviewers if you are reading this, I just ask you stay with the series for a little while longer, and if after say the first season it hasn't improved at all in your mind, drop it. I know that's what I'll do.
  • Spy family, yaddda, ,yadda blah blah. boring and etc.

    this is a total waste of nick programing. The plots are dull , the characters have no realisim to them and the animation is horrible. the kids are steriotypical brats and teenagers. This is a fairly overused plot similar to the plot of the incredibles movie. What is with nick that they keep feeding this boring drivel called the \"next major nicktoon\"
  • Yep nick has lost it alright and I hope they relize it.

    Well,let me start off with this. Its a complete ripoff of the incredbiles. Why, ok let me point out the obvious. Lets see a family that fights crime, is abnormal from everybody else, and tries to act like a family. This is a disgrace incredbiles was such a good kids movie why would they take some dumb ass show and destroy it. I hope nick takes this crap off the air as soon as possbile. I can't stand 1.0 seconds of this monstroustity. Anybody who likes this crud I'm sorry but I just can't see why. This is my opinion so please don't take it seriously.
  • The X’s has potential to be a great show but they need to fix a few things.

    Many people are comparing The X’s to The Incredibles. I fail to see the connection. The two are nothing alike, The Incredibles revolve around the family’s need to work together, while The X’s is just a spy show.

    The characters are generic and aren’t anything you haven’t seen a thousand times before. You’ll figure out each characters personality in about two minutes and won’t see any other sides to them. The show is meant to be funny, not tragic or dramatic. There are several great jokes throughout the show, but they are few and far between.

    If they just work on the comedy a little, this show would be great. But until then only watch it if you have nothing better to do.
  • NOT AGAIN! Nick, what are you thinking? Catscratch, now this? Someone shoot me please, just so i dont have to watch Nick fall out, and sell to CN

    A family of spies? Where've i seen this before? Uh, Spy Kids, i believe, which i actualy liked, but this? this is just plain pathetic. When Nick came out with Danny Phantom, I called them geniuses. When they came out with Avatar, i practically worshipped the ground the creators walked on. After Catscratch I questioned their sanity. After The X's? I'm calling the Wacky Shack
  • Unoriginal, stupid, and definitely doesn't belong on Nickelodeon. Its got Cartoon Network written all over it.

    This show is a waste of time. There are a million other shows out there in the world about a group of undercover spies, why bother making another? Especially Nickelodeon, you'd think they'd have learned thier lesson after the downfall of stupid shows like "My Life As A Teenage Robot,""Kablam," and in a way, "Jimmy Neutron." They all have a general villain or villains and a general hero that saves the day in ever-stinkin-episode. All those shows hardly lasted a year! And now they're trying to throw in this garbage that basically just copies "The Incredibles"!Personally, I think it would save a lot of time and money if they just never made this dumb show. Now if this show were to turn around and show a little reason to be liked, I swear I'll take back everything I said. I admit, there are some succesful super-hero shows. "Danny Phantom" is one, though the animation is poor and some of the characterization is a bit on the corny side, it definitely shows the sucess in its ratings. Basically, I think that the idea for the X's was very unoriginal, and I honestly think that airing this show on NIckelodeon was a bad idea. You could see 2 seconds of the commercial and guess that it belonged to Cartoon Network.
  • Ummm eww!!

    First of all it isn't original at all really. The characters get on my nerve, well at least most of them do, a lot! The animation needs fixing up the most. It's just horrible. This is another show that is just going to hog up space so Nickelodeon won't be able to show some more of its better shows. I gave it a 3 because like 1 or 2 scenes weren't too bad and I've seen worse.
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